10 Best Hair Clippers and Accessories for Black Men for Home (Review)

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There’s more to best clippers for black men than meets the eye, especially when you know for sure what’s inside of it (like its electric motor), its blades, its accessories, and its overall convenience of use. Finding the one that perfectly meets your demands isn’t like picking a needle out the haystack – not really – however, it can be a challenge unless you understand what you are trying to find.

That in mind, here are some things to take into consideration before your purchase.


1. The motor

Never underestimate the significance of a hair clipper’s motor because it can make all the difference in how well it functions and the length of time you’ll utilize it.

The bottom line is that a more powerful motor is going to do its best, whether you’re an expert barber or somebody who prefers to cut his hair at home. Budget motors usually do not have the stable power you require to get clean, close cuts, and make it more difficult to acquire the exact hairstyle that you want.

Hair clippers for men

Also, more affordable motors tend to wear out faster than more expensive models.

But be careful that the clipper and also powerful motor that you pick doesn’t have a tendency for overheating – particularly if you’re a professional barber who spends long hours cutting hair.

Rotary, magnetic, and pivot motors are the three most common types of clipper motors.

Rotary motors

Rotary motors feature an even amount of power and blade speed, which means that the power and blade speed are the same. These helps to make a clipper much more flexible in terms of the range of cuts you can make.

Magnetic motors

A magnetic, or universal motor, is an electromagnetic motor that operates on AC/DC. It’s typically capable of putting on a high speed, and in addition to that is lightweight and compact. Its main downsides are the following: it is more inclined to wearing and tearing with regular usage, and it is noisier than other types of motors.

Pivot motors

Pivot motors are quite potent, but tend to have a lower blade speed. They’re suitable for usage on thick or wet hair and a lot of professional stylists prefer them.

2. Blades

A clipper’s blades are of similar importance with its motor for a lot of reasons, not the least of which are the preciseness and ease of cutting. If the blades are not so sharp, it can result in pulling the hair and also makes it harder to get the particular hairstyle that you want.

Typical materials utilized for hair clipper blades include stainless-steel and carbon.

Carbon, or high-carbon, blades are typically self-sharpening and, hence, stay sharper for a longer period of time. If you’re trying to find a blade that needs little maintenance, then carbon could be the right option for you.

Titanium is another blade material and stays near to the top position speaking about quality, but generally comes with a higher price.

You can also purchase clippers that have ceramic blades. Among the most important benefits of ceramic blades is that they do not heat up during longer usage. Yet ceramic blades are more fragile than steel blades and also much more expensive to replace.

3. Accessories

Most hair clippers come with plenty of accessories. While the sheer number of add-ons doesn’t always indicate an exceptional clipper or trimmer, it can assist you in accomplishing the style and look you like.

Among the items that usually come with a hair clipper are blade guards, comb attachments, clipper oil, a charging device – they are the first to come to mind.

4. Length settings

Take a note of the various kinds of length settings a clipper has before you purchase it; it will certainly help you to understand whether the clipper is capable of doing the job you need it to do.

Besides, consider its guard and comb sizes available. Generally speaking, the more alternatives you have the better, especially if you’re an expert barber or stylist. The variety of length settings the clipper has is a great indicator of its overall versatility.

Hair clippers for men

However, even if your clipper doesn’t include a set of guards – in other words, it doesn’t have a wide range of length settings – you can usually purchase them separately.

5. Ease of cleaning

Many clippers enable you to cleanse them in a wet way, i.e., you can rinse them under the faucet with water after you’ve stopped using them. Wet cleaning takes much less time than cleaning your clipper with the special brush that usually comes with it. However, it’s all a matter of individual preference. You can eventually use both.

6. Ease of use

A lot of aspects are included into determining exactly how easy a clipper is to utilize, in particular, its weight, its design (usually a matter of comfortable shape), and its grip. In general, the lighter the clipper, the easier it is to maneuver with it. Still, you may intend to choose a clipper that’s robust enough to last for a very long time – particularly if you’re a specialist who utilizes his or her clipper several hours a day.

Next off, let’s move to our reviews of the best hair clippers.


1. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

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An extra-wide curved blade feature of this clipper makes it a suitable purchase to cut through the thickest hair by yourself.

Features of this model:

  • Easy self-haircut tool
  • Availability of 9 size of combs
  • Rechargeable battery with 40 minutes of cordless use
  • Includes hand-held clipper, cleaning brush, pouch, and oil

This single device is useful to utilize at home without going to a barber or stylist for routine cutting sessions. Its ergonomic design with stainless steel blades in curved shape is ideal for fitting closely to your head, covering the maximum area, and cutting through thick and thin hair.

The comfortable grip lets you hold it for as long as 40 minutes after charging it for 4 hours. It can be easily cleaned and maintained for serving for a long time.

The experts can make the best use of it as it can operate in its both corded and cordless mode with nine different size combs to obtain the ideal look. The hair cutting experience becomes more exciting with a variety of accessories available. The downside is it takes quite a long time to get it charged in comparison with other clippers.

2. Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Hair Clipper

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A budget-friendly clipper is a must-have of a trusted brand in terms of its time-proven quality.

Features of this model:

  • Whisper quiet capable pivot motor
  • Works effectively on hair of literally any type and length
  • Ergonomic design for simple handling
  • Availability of 4 guide combs
  • Blade guard, lubricating oil, as well as a cleaning brush are included

This special, widely approved clipper has many reasons to purchase. The first of them is its powerful motor, which aids in cutting through both wet and dry hair without making any noise. It cuts the densest areas of hair seamlessly with a single pass. The lever for its Cryogen-x blade is convenient enough to regulate the settings and to pick the needed length for working efficiently. The curved surface and ergonomic design make it the best clipper to hold securely.

It comes with four guide combs that can be adjusted according to your demands. The power cable lets you utilize the clipper regularly and successfully. Blade guard, cleansing brush, and lubricating oil are also included in this pack to make it totally universal.

Apart from these advantages, its flaw is the blades which can go blunt quickly. This model also gets heated easily and needs to be cooled down before you use it again.

3. Wahl Elite Pro

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The Wahl Elite Pro hair clippers boast a great durable design that makes it a favored choice for both professional and also at-home cutting experience. Thanks to the brand’s precision blades, it cuts hair as much as 40% faster than a basic clipper, while keeping the blades sharp for longer period. The blades come with a 5-year warranty, while the clipper itself has a lifetime warranty – so you understand it’s been built to last.

Those who purchased and checked these clippers discovered that the secured fit attachment system of the combs was a lot stronger than standard designs, and liked the large and easy-to-read nameplates on the combs.

Features of this model:

  • Includes a premium plastic storage case
  • 8-foot power cord for more maneuverability
  • Self-sharpening precision blades made to remain sharper for longer

4. Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

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The Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit is among the very best cutting kits offered on the market. It also will not break the bank to make you look most beautiful. Since these clippers can be utilized to cut hair all over the body, they also supply higher versatility.

Those who bought and reviewed these hair clippers appreciated the color-coded guide system that makes it very easy for inexperienced users to keep in mind which brush refers to what hair length. Some reviews mentioned that the blades required oiling after every usage, which can be a bit of a headache for somebody. There have also been remarks of overheating with this system, yet that can be resolved by using it in shorter sessions.

Features of this model:

  • Self-sharpening precision blades created to stay sharper for longer time
  • 6-foot power cable
  • Adjustable taper lever for effortless blending

5. Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

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The Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper is a well-built device that is truly timeless. It is beloved by professional barbers for its powerful motor that can cut through wet or thick hair just as effectively as the thinnest hair. Its long-lasting case can endure the accidental falls that can inevitably happen during a busy day at the salon.

Users appreciate that the blades of these clippers have antimicrobial finish and remove easily for thorough cleaning between the cutting sessions. For as much power as the motor gives, those who bought and checked these clippers noted that the motor was surprisingly quiet. While it is more robust than those of similar versions, many people mentioned the high quality of the clipper.

Features of this model:

  • 9-foot power cord for the raised maneuverability
  • Perfect for those who are new to barbering
  • Includes detachable blades, blade guard, lubing oil, clipper oil, and a cleaning brush

6. Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Personal Haircutting Kit

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This Wahl Self-Cut Personal Haircutting Kit has a compact size and is also expected not to let you down in terms of power and capability to cut all lengths of hair.

All of it starts with a powerful electric motor that helps clients get a smooth, no-snag cut with every use, even if they have heavy thick hair. Its self-sharpening precision ground blades also contribute to its total abilities to achieve a clean cut every time.

An additional plus is that it is a professional-grade grooming device that is ideal for home usage and typically suggested as a perfect clipper for do-it-yourself home barbers. It has every little thing you need to obtain a superior cut at home, consisting of:

Features of this model:

  • A clipper that has a soft, comfy grip which provides exceptional control during the cutting
  • Twelve accessory guards that help to remove failures that may arise during a home haircut
  • A flexible taper level that helps clients to get a precise shorter cut
  • A clipper blade cover
  • 2 hair combs
  • Blade oil and blade cleansing brush
  • A practical storage bag for effortless transportation

The Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Personal Haircutting Kit allows you to achieve the style and length you prefer and additionally makes it easier to deal with sophisticated jobs such as cutting around your neckline, ears, or sideburns. The set also includes colored guides that assist you all the way through the cutting and trimming process step-by-step.

7. Panasonic ER-1611-k Professional Hair Clipper

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The professional barber can instantly transform anybody’s look with this clipper. It is rechargeable, capable of providing approximately 50 minutes of work and has an improved cutting capacity.

Features of this model:

  • Both cord and cordless operation
  • Requires 60 minutes to charge
  • Offers 50 minutes of cutting
  • Twin voltage clipper

Frankly speaking:

The developers of Panasonic have come up with this most modern design of the clipper in which the advanced battery and longer operation make it a remarkable device. Reliable battery performance allows you to clip any client’s hair without taking a break to recharge it. It can work on hairlines and behind the ears, without any trouble.

The specific cutting option with the X-taper blade shape helps cutting on a larger area, capturing the hair on the go and clipping it immediately. The adjustable control dial at the front can be turned in combination with the selected attachment comb. Additionally, there is a LED display lights for charge level and also battery condition, allowing you to know when to plug it in for charging. The expert innovation used in this clipper accomplishes this lightweight gadget with a streamlined body design.

8. Andis T-Outliner Trimmer With T-Blade

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A high-grade trimmer, which features steel blades with great teeth for unparalleled excellence in styling!

Features of this model:

  • Perfect for dry cutting
  • Geared up with close-cutting T-blade for precision at the edges
  • Contoured housing with a high-speed motor
  • A powerful magnetic motor which creates no sound
  • Premium carbon-steel blades for more extended durability

This Andis trimmer is simply one of the most preferred trimmers among the barbers, stylists, as well as consumers all across the globe because of its high precision blades and superior quality.

The fine-cutting teeth and T-blades allow accuracy in cutting and also provide precision at the complicated areas such as the back of the neck, beard and mustache and behind the ears. The trimmer features a heavy-duty eight-feet cord, which enables ease of use.

The premium tool reaches desired results in much less time and with less noise. The carbon-steel blades are hardened enough to ensure long-life cutting. The only drawback of this trimmer is that it works relatively well only on short hair and can not cut long hair. As the equipment is created specially for shorter hair, it also guarantees that it won’t damage the skin even if it is operating as close as possible to the scalp.

9. Philips Norelco Beard & Head Trimmer Series 5100

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A versatile trimmer features double combs to clip long and short hair.

Features of this model:

  • Clipping combs for both long and short hair
  • Includes a body trimming comb
  • Inbuilt 17 precision length settings
  • Completely washable for a simple cleansing
  • Could be used with or without a cable

The stylish trimmer is created for an effortless even cut for a stubble look. The recently incorporated hair lift comb is designed to enhance the effectiveness of the steel blades for an efficient one-pass trim.

The long and short hair clippers are provided to complete the sides of the hairstyle. It additionally features a body comb, which allows the user to cut the hair to any needed size. The clipper comes at a terrific price, making it a perfect home clipper.

The lithium-ion battery aids the clipper to operate longer hours continuously and also charges more quickly than the common batteries. Being a cordless clipper, it is a perfectly portable device, which you can take anywhere you go. The clipper features self-sharpening blades and also a 180º rotating head, which guarantees the ease of use even at the most difficult areas.

10. Andis 5-Speed Hair Clipper Kit

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The best clipper kit is here for all kinds of hair structures. The professionals can show their flight of the imagination by styling their client utilizing this 5-Speed clipper.

Features of this model:

  • Rotary motor for heavy-duty cutting
  • Reduced blade heat and rubbing
  • Made in the USA
  • Detachable blades
  • Easy to clean and utilize

Particular details:

All the hair salons and professional stylists need to own this clipper as it has a variable speed settings for working on all types of hair structures. The speed settings are saved in five configurations, and when you have turned off the clipper, you do not need to keep in mind the last mode you had worked with. This offers better control while working with high densities of hair.

It works efficiently with Andis UltraEdge, CeramicEdge, and Oster 76 blades that can be detached, replaced and cleaned in a proper way. Apart from this, the blade can be attached to the clipper by giving a slight press with a thumb. This is just how a clipper starts working effectively. It can be transformed into the cordless option, enabling the higher performance of the stylist.

Being light and compact in size, it is portable and becomes the ideal companion to take with you any place you go. The blades have to be replaced occasionally when different lengths of hair are to be cut.


There is no shortage of add-ons that can improve your hair clipping experience, as well as for maintaining your clipper in good shape. Right here are a few of these accessories.

1. Clipper Guards: Wahl Professional Premium Black Cutting Guides

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Clipper guards may or may not be included to your clipper kit depending on the model, although most part of clippers includes them. Guards are attachments that fit over the clipper’s blades while ensuring that the blade cuts at a consistent, even length.

For instance, you can get Wahl clipper guides that fit all full-size Wahl clippers. They vary in size from 1/8 to 1-inch.

2. Clipper Oil: Andis Clipper Oil

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Maintaining your clippers in good condition for a very long time requires the regular use of lubricating oil. You should use a small portion of oil each time you utilize the clippers – both before and after if necessary – and 2 or 3 drops in between the blades should be enough.

Many clippers come with clipper oil – typically in a small bottle that lasts for a couple of months. You can later buy more oil from the supplier, but you can likewise buy a product such as the Andis Clipper Oil that is available in a 4-ounce bottle and is compatible with all hair clippers.

3. Clipper Spray: Babylisspro Barberology All in One Clipper Spray

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In some situations it is a must that professional barbers applied hair clipper spray because it disinfects the blade between usages to stop the clogging and spread of bacteria that may gather on it. Clipper sprays also aids to lubricate the blade and to prevent the progress of corrosion.

4. Cleaning Brush: Scalpmaster Clipper Cleaning Brush

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Most hair clippers come with a cleaning brush that helps to get rid of hair residue after you’ve finished cutting and trimming.

5. Storage and Carrying Case: Casematix Buzzer, Clipper, T-trimmer Storage Case for Stylist or Barber

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A hair clipper storage case enables you to organize your clipper and all of its accessories in one place, while additionally protecting them from damage.


Cutting Your Own Hair

Whether one wants to be beautiful or not, cleanliness and neatness are required by all. Haircutting is just one of the essential grooming tasks for guys, which they can not ignore, unless or until somebody is interested in growing his hair to a long ponytail. But seeing an expert barber every now and then can lead to significant expenses which often feel like a total waste when one can afford a professional hair clipper inside your home.

Hair clippers for men

Today, plenty of hair clippers are available in the market, which satisfies different requirements and works with all types of hair to help people in achieving their preferred styles with not much effort at home. These stylish and easy to use hair clippers require no prior knowledge or skills and are able to offer incredible results in less amount of time without much expense.

Essentialities to Cut Hair Personally

Cutting down hair is undoubtedly a cheaper variant than going to a professional barber every time. Still, it demands a couple of things to be remembered before intending to cut hair by yourself. The elements which one requires before cutting one’s own hair embrace concrete and abstract things to aid you in acquiring the desired look.

The very first thing which one needs to cut hair is an essential tool for cutting. The market provides a range of choices to aid people to cut their hair at home. From a pair of scissors to hair clippers, and from hair trimmers to razors, one can choose between these depending on personal preferences. Generally, a pair of scissors or a highly effective hair clipper is the most popular option with people.

  • A pair of scissors, which one intends to purchase, should be little cuticle-nipping scissors, which minimizes the threat of huge errors. These are simple to handle, have short blades, and aids to thin the hair down quickly for the novices. You may also like to have a thinning shear to texturize your hair or thin it out.
  • A pair of scissors has to be completed with a thin comb to reach perfection. A thin toothcomb is the best tool to cut hair, which enables you to part hair thoroughly and hold hair that needs to be cut.
  • A premium quality hair clipper is the next option, which a man requires to cut his hair down at home. The hair clipper should be purchased according to the hair kind as well as the possibilities it supplies. A hair clipper, which features various guards and blades, is preferred for the beginners to guarantee simple start and security.
  • Hair trimmer is an additional necessary tool to be accompanied with hair clippers, as these are designed to supply extra finishing at the sides for a cleaner cut.
  • A person needs to have two mirrors before beginning a haircut; one of them needs to be in front and the other one to be kept in hand to check for accuracy and neatness.
  • Apart from these, one should have a haircut apron to cover the body, a comfy chair to sit in, a vacuum cleaner or a sweeper available to wipe the space, an ideally lighted room for best results and, what’s most important, a peaceful place where no one can disturb you during your home cutting session.

How to Use Hair Clippers at Home

After having put together all the essential tools and items for a haircut, the great job begins. Before beginning a haircut, one has to decide which style of haircut would suit his appearance, and after having selected the design, the process can be started.

Hair clippers for men
  1. To start with, the person needs to pick the guard size according to his hair length and texture. Every clipper comes with different attachments to cut hair to wanted lengths, so selecting the perfect size for different areas in advance is a must. Typically, people choose to cut the sides shorter than the top. Size 7 or 8 are the biggest guard sizes and they leave about an inch of hair on the head, while size four or shorter shows the scalp, which increases the vulnerability to sunburn.
  2. The following action is to dry hair. It is not recommended to cut wet hair to prevent the rusting of blades.
  3. Set the guard for the center of the head and hold the clipper with the blades facing downward. Start working in the direction of the hair growth to catch more hair at one go. There is no need to keep a fast pace to avoid pulling hair or hitting the scalp. A slow-moving speed ensures security, a comfy cut, and a high level of smoothness as well. Try to cut all the hair in one go by going smoothly and gradually.
  4. Once the large part is clipped off, the guard could be removed to turn the clipper on. Now is the time to clean up the back of the neck and the areas around the ears very carefully and slowly to avoid any cuts. For perfect cleaning, the clipper needs to be moved to the descending direction from the hairline to ensure smoothness. Also, cut a line at the edge of the sideburns to reach perfect evenness and start clipping off the rest of the hair growth thoroughly. One can additionally use a hair trimmer to make finishing at the edges.
  5. Finally, clean off the clippers utilizing the brush and hair oil that is generally included into the package.
    Enjoy an easy and smooth haircutting and get ready to step out in public happily.

Clipper Techniques to Tapering Hair

A tapered hairstyle is one of the most popular haircuts for guys. To attain this hairdo, one needs to have complete knowledge of how to utilize hair clippers for home use.

  1. First of all, one should know about the guard numbers and also their sizes. The ‘# 4’ guard is a 1/2-inch guard, and it cuts down the hair to 1/2-inch length. The lower you go picking the guard numbers, the lower is the length of hair left. Typically, for a tapered cut, the edges need to be tapered with a smaller size in comparison to the top of the head.
  2. Once the hair is cut to a starting size, tapering begins. If you start with a # 4 guard, then you have to proceed gradually to the next level # 3 to create a taper and so on. Using a scooping move, the hair must be clipped to keep gradual progression to the scalp. The progression keeps going on till you achieve the desired length at the edges, which stays in full sync with the overall hair length.

In general, to have a smooth and clean tapering every time, clippers must be washed and cleaned after every use to maintain the sharpness of the blades for a longer run.

How to Properly Maintain Your Clippers?

Proper cleaning and upkeep is a typical procedure for a lot of things in the world and hair clippers is no exception. Especially if you have bought them for a pretty penny, they should be maintained regularly to ensure good results for a longer run. Proper cleansing assists in keeping it from rust and dust on the blades, maintains the blades and guards sharp and also preserves the motor effectiveness.

Cleansing the clippers after every usage protects the hair as well as scalp from future unintended pinching and pulling during the next cutting sessions. Clipper brushes, as well as oiling, are the most common methods of cleaning, which help to guarantee safety and hygiene.

How to Clean Hair Clippers?

Some necessary cleaning and maintenance recommendations are enough to make sure that hair clippers remain in working condition for a longer run. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to ensure that these procedures are done regularly.

How To Clean Hair Clippers
  1. The blades need to be thoroughly cleaned up with a brush or the cleaning kit, which usually comes with the package. All the nooks and crannies can also be cleaned up with a stiff brush to prevent any dirt accumulation or rusting of the blades. All the hair residues must be removed to prevent damage to the blades. You can also blow off the blade area just the way birthday candles are blow out to clean the blades.
  2. The adjusters or the snap-on clips which allow cutting hair in various lengths end up being grimy after regular usage. Cleaning them properly after every use helps to keep them neat and tidy. Wash them in hot soapy water and scrub them with a fabric to clean off all the dirt for further usage.
  3. The blades must be adjusted ideally straight every time. Holding the clipper sideways and looking down at the size of the blades assists to check the adjustment. If any of the blades are crooked or lose, it can lead to nicks and cuts, which do not help the smoothness or neatness. Such blades could be aligned with a screwdriver to wiggle them back into place.
  4. Oiling is a required issue to guarantee the efficient and smooth working of a hair clipper. Applying the oil every time before using preserves the level of smoothness of the blades and also prevents them from breaking down. A few drops on the corners in the center will be enough to smoothen the operation.
  5. If the owner maintains the hair clipper well, then changing blades must not be an issue. However, in case the hair clipper falls unintentionally and the blade’s teeth get damaged or cracked, after that, new blades can be easily placed in position, if there is an extra blade available.
  6. The expert barbers should make sure to spray the blades regularly to protect the client from possible burns. Spraying additionally assists in sanitizing the blades and also secures hygiene for clients. It also helps in reducing wear and tear on the blade and keeps it away from rusting.

In case you buy a premium clipper, the responsibility to tidy and maintain it doubles. When it comes to caring for your hair, ensure regular cleaning to keep the devices working in a perfect condition.

Sharpening the Hair Clippers

The hair clippers often come with self-sharpening blades, which never need manual sharpening. They demand a good cleansing at regular intervals and also function well for an extended period of time. However, speaking about manual honing, you will need the following tools for an effective sharpening:

  • A screwdriver
  • A small brush/toothbrush
  • Cleaning product
  • A sharpening stone
  • A magnet (optional)

To sharpen the hair clippers, unscrew it with a screwdriver and detach the two blades from the clipper. Then, tidy the blades using a brush to remove off all the hair, debris and also dirt to guarantee cleaner honing. The next part is to utilize the magnet or hold the blades securely in hand to hone them on the sharpening stone.

The grain of the sharpening stone can vary in the level of its coarseness, so before honing the blades, you need to check to which degree the blade of your particular clipper can be sharpened. The generally accepted value is 4-6000. The blades are then run facing forward across the stone for 6-12 times till the demanded sharpness is achieved. The procedure is repeated for each side to attain the appropriate sharpness.

As soon as the blades are honed, they are reassembled to the clipper. Then you should oil the blades and turn the clipper on for about a minute in order to prevent any pulling or clogging of hairs.

Oiling the Hair Clippers

Oiling the hair clippers guarantee smooth operation for a long time. Regular oiling protects the blades from a breakdown and provides cleanliness and neatness of haircutting. To oil a hair clipper, you have to put together:

  • Clipper oil
  • Clipper brush
  • Towel

To start with, you have to clean up the clipper before oiling the blades to make sure the inner parts and the surface are free from any hair, particles, and dust. Using a brush and a towel, thoroughly sweep out all the excess from every part of the clipper.

Oiling The Hair Clippers

To apply oil, turn the clipper on to make the oil get right into the blades. Apply oil on the top and sides of the blade and pay attention to the area in between the blades. Keep the clipper on in operation for 20-30 seconds to allow the uniform distribution of oil. Finally, turn the clipper off and wipe off excess oil to prevent it from getting onto the hair.

The maintenance of the blades, as well as the clipper in general, is no less important than the clipping itself. So, do not ignore these necessary procedures to provide long life and durability to the clipper.

What are the Best Hair Clippers for Men with Black Hair?

The hair color is very important. Expert barbers are well aware of this fact and that’s why understand the demands of black hair color and see to it that the right clipper is chosen for black hair.

Hair clippers for black men

Hair of black color is supposed to be treated differently than hair of other shades for multiple reasons. The black hair is thick, dense, coarse, and curly; as a result, the clippers that are needed to deal with such hair are expected to be of different efficiency and functionality than other hair clippers.

The hair clippers created for black hair comprehend the texture and thickness of such hair and provide a clean and close shave, which is desired. The clippers that people select for black hair should have the following features:

  1. Several brands, including OSTER, Philips, and Wahl, provide proven models on the market, which are known to be suitable for black hair.
  2. You will need an extremely long-lasting clipper, which can cut black hair without emerging problems even if it used for a prolonged period of time.
  3. A highly effective motor works well on black hair and also offers the wanted design of haircut in less time.
  4. The blades of the hair clipper must be sharp and strong enough to go through the coarse or curly hair steadily.

To sum it up, when it comes to cutting black hair, the hair clipper should be chosen carefully as it does not just have to achieve the purpose of cutting thick and coarse hair, but also need to be potent enough to take care of the scalp and enable effortless motion on complicated shapes.

How to Differentiate a Hair Trimmer and a Clipper?

For advanced grooming and also a cool and put together look, the trimmers and clippers work in tandem at an expert hair salon. Also, the specialists that know their differences, as well as common customers, choose to get both for personal usage. Mainly both are related to the function of cutting hair, yet there is a distinction in the means of their work.

Hair clippers for men

Hair Clipper and Its Usage:

A hair clipper is a more essential tool with larger width and length, which is created to cut hair, which is longer in size and higher in volume. It is often used at larger areas of the body, such as the head for reliable usage. It carries out most of the tasks in terms of cutting hair and having a new hairstyle. These are the very first necessary devices, which a barber starts with to cut hair together with scissors and other typical cutting tools.

Hair clippers are also great to be utilized on spots with a more significant number of hairs for the preferred hairstyle. It cuts out a great amount of hair at one time and can also be used on the parts of the body where too much hair is located. The blades utilized in the clipper could be readjusted depending on the amount of hair to achieve the preferred length.

Hair Trimmer and Its Usage:

A hair trimmer is also mainly made to cut hair; however, it is used to obtain more precision to reach cleanliness. It is generally used for the in-depth work, which is needed on the edges such as the back of the neck, around the ears, around the sides, beard, and mustaches. It usually comes into play after the hair clipper to offer extra finishing to work done by the clipper.

Hair clippers for men

These tools are designed to provide more focus and precision in haircutting and work on the areas, which take some doing to shave off little pieces of hair. It goes close to the skin and is recommended for shorter length of hair. With a little effort, the area gets cleared out properly to make a hairstyle look completed.

It is typically smaller in size and could be utilized for sensitive areas of cutting. A trimmer needs to be held much more carefully to avoid any nicks and cuts as it gets closer to the skin, so its handling and usage is a technique to be practiced.

Home Clippers vs. Self-Haircut Clippers vs. Professional Clippers – What to look for

While clippers are usually versatile enough for self-haircut, home use, or personal use, there are differences and reasons for which you could select one or another depending on how exactly you plan to utilize them.

Let’s take a closer look:


Maybe the most significant difference between clippers created for specialists and the ones designed for self-haircuts and home use is the price. You should be ready to spend a little more for hair clippers if you’re a professional because it represents a financial investment in your work.

The higher price of expert clippers is connected with various elements, including features that make them resilient enough to withstand the hardships that come from hours of use in a professional hair salon or barbershop.

That’s not to claim that it’s OK to skimp on and purchase low-cost clippers for home use. “You get what you spend for” is an expression that’s still up to date these years.


Preferably, clippers that work best for expert-grade usage should be relatively light-weight. After all, a professional spends long hours with a clipper in hand, and a more massive clipper body can cause hand and wrist fatigue.

A lighter clipper is practical for home usage and self-haircuts as well, mainly when you take into account that a do-it-yourselfer usually spends even more time cutting their hair than a well-seasoned professional would be cutting a client’s hair.

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Additionally, an ergonomic shape – both for pro and home/self-haircut clippers – is essential, both to reduce the pressure on your hands and also to offer far better control when cutting hair.


Both professional and self-haircut clippers might feature a power cord or be suitable for cordless use, or both. Professionals require a longer power cable to help them move around the salon as well as their clients. A longer cord isn’t always a drawback to stay-at-home barbers, but remember that you may have restricted space depending upon where you cut your hair (let’s say, in the bathroom or another room of smaller size).

Cordless clippers give a lot of benefits but make sure to check the battery’s power capacity before you buy it. Professional clippers commonly provide more runtime than clippers made for home-usage.


Hair clippers feature a broad range of motors with differing levels of performance. Experts typically choose a clipper with a more powerful motor that helps them work faster as well as get a cleaner cut. A set of clippers with a less powerful electric motor is not likely to cope with work needed for a barbershop full of clients.

Clippers for men

No matter what motor you chose, whether it’s for expert or home use, you’ll wish to seek one that offers all of the powers you need without overheating. The different types of motors include rotary, magnetic, and pivot, although the latter two aren’t generally considered as appropriate for specialist use.


For pros, the more add-ons the better – whether they’re various sized guide combs, blade guards, lubing oil, cleaning brushes and so on.


Generally, expert hair clippers make it much easier to create various hairstyles and used for creating designs that help provide a haircut with more polished look. Home-use clippers may be a bit less flexible and also not as helpful for maneuvering with complicated hairstyles.


Whether a hair clipper is corded or cordless doesn’t have much influence on its general performance. That is, just how it trims and cuts your hair much more relies on some other factors, such as the quality of its blades, the accessories that come with it, the efficiency of its motor, and so on.

Nevertheless, the decision to utilize your clipper in cordless or corded mode is a crucial one. And also there are positive as well as negative aspects in using both of them.


Cordless clippers are, if nothing else, practical to use. After all, you don’t need to contend with a power cord – which can obstruct – and also you’ll have higher freedom of moves. You can even utilize a cordless clipper in the shower providing that it’s suitable for wet as well as dry use.

In general, corded clippers and trimmers offer more power than cordless clippers, which isn’t to claim that cordless machines do not have enough zest to get the job done – on the contrary. Cordless clippers tend to be less potent – although not every one of them – the longer you utilize them.

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A cordless clipper operates on battery power, which suggests you’ll have to charge it once in a while when the battery runs low. How long a cordless clipper runs before its demands charging differs in every particular model, but many of them offer approximately an hour of continuous runtime before it’s time for a charge.

Cordless clippers include a charging stand or a cord that is connected with an electrical outlet. For how long the clipper needs to be charged also varies from model to model (as well as from brand to brand). As it has been mentioned in some of our previous reviews of the best clippers, many samples come with a quick-charge function that provides enough power for a single trim or cut.


One point you don’t have to worry about with a corded clipper is the lack of power. It gives a constant source of power as long as you have it connected to an outlet.

The downside is that the cable can get it your way, and it restricts movements to some degree; nonetheless, many corded clippers feature long cords (approximately 8-feet and more) that provide you plenty of space to move around.

Another benefit of a corded clipper is that you can always rely on it if you are in a fuss the early morning.

If your cordless clipper is out of power, or you need to give it a quick-charge for one trim, it can mess up your morning schedule. With a corded machine, you always know that it can make you a company whenever you wish it and also for any amount of time.

7 Tips for Using a Hair Clipper for Men

Whether you’re an expert barber or a do-it-yourselfer, getting the most from your hair clippers needs a little bit of know-how and also the appropriate strategy. Below there are some tips for using your clippers the proper way.


Start the process by giving your hair a good wash. Cleaning your hair makes it easier to brush – you are expected to remove any tangles or snags – and guarantees that it does not have any unwanted waves or bends.

You can leave your hair wet for the time you’re clipping it, and lots of barbers sprinkle some water on dry hair before cutting and styling it. However, you can try it on your own on dry hair to see whether you get the same results as you do while clipping it wet.


Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the numbering system for your clipper’s blade guards. The numbers refer to the blade guards, which identify the desired length of your hair and, overall, the smaller the number the shorter the length.

Note: You can utilize several guard lengths to create a style such as a fade. For tapered designs, you or your barber can begin with a bigger size of a guard and work your way down to the shorter, or even the shortest one.


People who intend to do their hairstyle themselves should have a towel or barber’s cape around their neck to avoid the clipped hair from falling onto their clothes. If you’re doing a haircut in the house, you might wish to take down a plastic sheet or something else to catch the fallen hairs.


It’s time to get started once you’ve chosen the appropriate length attachment. The best place to start is the base of your head, and also you must go up towards the top of your head. Tilt the head a little ahead and rest the clippers against the back of the head as you cut.

Apply pressure as you cut towards the top and ensure you have a firm hold on your hair clipper all the time.

It’s usually best to cut against the direction of the hair growth to get a more even and stable trim.


Once you have finished the back of the head, you can proceed to its sides. Begin at the base of the sides, as you did with the back of your head, and move upwards. Be careful to pull the ears out of the way so you can move your clipper around and also behind them in all directions.

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Again, work in the opposite direction of the hair natural growth. Keep in mind: If you have trouble identifying the hair’s growth patterns, run your hand through the hair in each direction to feel which way gives you the most resistance.


The best way for cutting the top of the head is to start at the forehead and move in the direction of the top of the head while complying with the hairline. As with clipping other parts of your head, go slow and stable to capture as much hair as possible with every pass.


When you’ve completed the basic mass of the hairstyle, it’s time to proceed to the final details that can transform a good hairstyle into an excellent one.

Detach the length guard and hold the clipper upright with the blades perpendicular to the skin. Utilize the clippers to regulate the lines around each ear as well as the hairline at the back of the neck.

To tighten up the hairline, slightly press the clipper’s blades to the skin (in the place you want the hairline to end) and move the clipper downwards for a clean and smooth cut.

You can follow exactly the same process for correcting the sideburns and also for styling other facial hair, including beard. However, we’d suggest using a beard trimmer for this purpose to get the most effective results.


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