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How To Choose The Best Quiet Baby Hair Trimmer

A lot of parents have faced the problem of cutting their little children’s hair. Various types of clippers and professional saloons can scare your toddlers. That’s why choosing baby hair trimmer is a very interesting point of discussion.

A toddler can become terrified because of the loud noise and vibration of the tool going through their hair. Moreover, the child can be hurt if someone has nipped their skin with the clipper or pulled the hair too much.

Every parent who has thought of trimming their children themselves, should think of applying modern advancements in technologies. One of them is the special quiet hair clippers for children.

Kids hair clippers are designed in a way to produce low sounds and vibrations as well as to work for a long time and be easy in maintenance. Those who have already implemented this idea enjoy using them very much. Choosing a good baby hair trimmer can save your time, money and the calmness of your children.

What Ideal Quiet Hair Clippers Should Acquire

baby hair trimmer

  1. Level of noise

The lower sound the mentioned tool has, the lower vibrations it produces. Little children, especially those who acquire autism symptoms or some sensory problems, have a strong reaction to loud sounds. It sometimes can be so painful that they cover the ears with their hands. Others react with screams or hysterics. To avoid this, the level of noise produced by the clipper should vary between forty and sixty decibels.

If a baby hair clipper has the low level of sounds, it can be used even when your children are sleeping. No noise hair clippers can be a good solution to parents whose children can’t stand a haircut at all. The low sound will actually, be enjoyed by any children and even an adult.

  1. Safety

To be free in moving, quiet children’s hair clippers which are used for small children should be cordless. Otherwise, there is a danger that the silent hair clipper can cut its own wire. Although some baby hair trimmers are allowed to be used while charging, we would recommend you not to stick to that rile but use it without any wires nearby.

The second feature that hair clippers for children should have is serrated ceramic blades. They prevent catching the hair and causing pain by touching the skin. The safety should be provided not only with the blade of the infant hair clipper but also by its whole shape.

  1. Design

People expect that an ideal tool doesn’t have many or sophisticated buttons, just a couple of them for turning on and off, choosing the speed and the cut length. The clipper shouldn’t be heavy or too bulky. It should also be convenient to hold. The last but not least feature is that your hair clipper should be waterproof, so it can easily be cleaned with simple water. It will also help if you drop it accidentally into the bath.

Another important feature is a detachable top – with this thing you will be able to get rid if cut hair easily and without any breaks in the work of the children’s quiet hair clipper.

Baby hair trimmers should also be light enough, so they can be held stiffly for some time without tiredness.

  1. Additional equipment

Good soundless hair clippers usually come with a certain package of accessories. The producers usually add such things as a cleaning brush and a trimming brush, comb guide lengths, maintenance oil, a special storage bag and sometimes even a hairdressing cape.

So we recommend you to choose the hair clipper with a full pack of accessories since they make the process of trimming a lot easier. Of course, there can be a low quality of the accessories which you won’t enjoy, so we think that it will be better for you to look through the additional tools in the shop before buying or look through the reviews concerning a particular hair clipper set.

Top-6 Quiet Hair Clippers For Little Children

best hair clippers for kids

To choose the right baby hair trimmer is not so easy, so we think that it will be better if you learn enough information about silent hair clippers which are available for customers.

Here we have decided to show you six best hair clippers for kids according to our opinion. The list can’t be named as the perfect and obligatory one, so if you have already found an ideal tool for you which is not on our list, you don’t have to change it immediately.

The models which we have decided to mention, have a high quality of design and work, easy maintenance and are worth their price. They are the following:

Elebaby Baby Hair Clippers

baby hair clipper

An important feature that this tool can be charged in several ways. It is supplied with a USB cable which can easily be attached to a PC or laptop, any power bank or a charger. Elebaby acquires the Low Noise Technology which works at around 50 decibels. The producer offers 3 types of guide combs and, therefore, three lengths.


  • You can easily cut the hair

  • The body of the tool is rather convenient to hold it and safe

  • It allows not to spend lots of time on trimming;

  • This kids hair trimmer doesn’t pull the children’s hair.

  • Actually, two guide combs have two working sides, so we can say that there are five various types of lengths in common.


  • The hair clipper is not so quiet from fifty-one decibels and more.

  • You have to be careful when holding the hair clipper since it obtains the plastic handle.

Buysshow Quiet Professional Hair Clippers Set

kids hair clippers

The set obtains an anti-rust titanium outer blade as well as a ceramic movable blade, which offer efficient use for many years. The materials let the clipper stay durable and sharp. The special design is constructed in order not to do harm to the children’s skin. The hair clipper operates up to four hours with a full charge, which is acquired in three hours of charging. Comparing to other clippers features, we can say that this cutter is one of the most long-working tools.

The hair clipper works with a low sound of fifty decibels and a low vibration so the toddler won’t get scared and terrified. There are aso five sizes of guide combs, so the clipper can be used in various situations and for the whole family.

This baby haircutting kit includes such features as a charging dock, two pairs of scissors, thinning comb and guide combs, a special cape, cleaning brush and a special storage box.


  • The set is very helpful since acquires a lot of additional instruments;

  • The hair clipper can be used for children with sensory problems;

  • The hair clipper is cordless and can be charged with a special charging dock.


  • The hair clipper is produced only in black, no other color options are available;

  • The cape is designed of some inexpensive fabric and, in addition to this, is suitable for wide necks.

 Meetcare Baby Hair Clippers

children's hair clippers

The tool has a  specially designed 28 fine-tooth head, which is developed with the use of a patented technology. It helps to avoid scratching the toddler’s skin or pulling their hair. The design of the clipper with its rounded head and sharp corners produced of the ceramic blade, helps the tool stay both sharp and safe for children.

The special noise reduction technology applied in the hair clipper motor produces low sounds and vibrations at not more than fifty decibels. The clipper also has a waterproof body, which even can stay under the water for some time. Because of this you can clean the tool just by brushing under running water. The clipper gets fully charged in two hours.

The cutting part of the device can be detached, which makes the process of cleaning it easier. The hair clipper is suitable for all the types of hair. The age of children who can be trimmed by the clipper is between one month and twelve years old.

The set of instruments include three guide combs, a special cape, a cleaning brush and a special lubricant, the charging cable and a manual.


  • The hair clipper is simple in using and cleaning;

  • The clipper isn’t heavy, which makes its use more convenient;

  • The device is cordless.


  • The attached guide combs are too short;

  • Options for the sizes of cut are limited.

The Yijan HK668S IP-X7 Hair Trimmer

baby hair trimmers

The instrument works on a rechargeable battery, which is environmentally friendly. The battery is fully charged in six hours and provides fifty minutes of operating. It can be used evem when it’s in the charging process. The noise reduction feature gives the opportunity to trim the hair while your toddler is sleeping.

The waterproof technology allows to use it safely when your child is taking a bath and to clean it rather easily.

The set offers three types of various guide combs, an adaptor, a cleaning brush and tonsorial cloth.


  • The hair clipper is used and cleaned without any problems;

  • It is nice to hold in hands and to work with it;

  • The size is also comfortable.


  • Hair is accumulated on its plastic guard, which spoils the work of the hair clipper. It needs additional clean-ups.

Philips Kids Hair Clipper HC1091/70

infant hair clipper

The clipper is widely known for its low noise of 55 decibels and obtains a special blade which has a shorter ceramic cutter and rounded tips. The hair clipper blade is slim enough to be suitable for a toddler’s head. The whole construction of the tool allows to avoid pulling your baby’s hair or scratching the delicate skin.

This set of the instrument includes three combs with fixed length and one ear contouring comb, so you can easily cut the hair around the ears and in some other small areas. The body of the Clipper is also waterproof so you can clean it in the water and you can use it to when your child is taking a bath. The whole set comes along with a nice storage bag.

The hair clipper gets fully charged in eight hours which means that it can work longer than many other clippers. The design of the clipper is simple and it has only one button for operation. The ergonomic design of the handle offers comfortable using. Since children move a lot, the construction of the clipper allows to move it in different directions without any problems.


  • The long life of a battery allows to use the clipper for many years;

  • The waterproof quality if the tool allows to use it in the bathroom and clean it underwater;

  • The zip case is a perfect place to store the instrument and its accessories.


  • There is not many sizes of the comb guides;

  • It can’t be named the really quiet one, although it is quieter than ordinary hair clippers.

Gland Baby Hair Trimmer L-9A

kids hair trimmer

The company which has produced this hair clipper is famous for its green environmental services and baby products. The clipper is widely known for its stainless steel blade and a moving blade made of ceramic with the copper spindle. Movies elements happen to be part of the anti-hair stuck technique, and the materials used in the production of this clipper for a long time use while all the blades stay sharp.

Reminder designed in a way to protect your toddler’s skin from scratches and other harm. The body the hair clipper is waterproof. It includes ceramic blade the charging port and charging indicator and an attachment comb. The charging port allows to use USB and do the procedure with the use of a desktop, laptop or even a power bank. The hair clipper can be used even during the process of charging.

The tool is supplied with three attachments guide combs of different lengths. The age of kids whose hair can be trimmed by the clipper varies between zero and twelve years old. The sound of work is also low as in any other clipper mentioned above come so you bones wake up your children if you decide to trim them when they are sleeping.

All in all, we can say that this quiet hair clipper is safe enough for children because it is waterproof, cordless and quick in its functions.


  • It doesn’t weigh a lot, so it is used conveniently;

  • They is little noise from this clipper, which is not disturbing;

  • It’s also cordless and waterproof, which makes it perfect for use to trim the children.


  • It works a little slower than other hair clippers;

  • There is no range of colors, it comes only in black.

In Closing about baby hair trimmer

Baby hair clippers

If you use any quiet hair clipper it will solve your problems of trimming your children as well as yourself. You will manage to avoid the children’s stresses and traumas, especially if they obtain sensory problems. These children easily get stressed and even terrified because of loud noises and vibrations which ordinary hair clippers produce. Some of them can’t stand a haircut in any cases.

We always have to take into account that special children’s hair clippers are designed with the immense care about safety: they shouldn’t hurt the skin and hair of child, be cordless and waterproof. These main skills make a hair clipper ideal in any conditions.

In addition to this, you will be able to save your time if you learn how to do it yourself at home. In other words, kids clippers can become a very useful tool for all the members of your family.

To choose a baby hair trimmer is rather difficult, so if you are not sure what you need to buy, you can choose one of the models which we have described above. If you don’t enjoy any of the options, you just have to remember that a baby hair cutter should be quiet, light, ergonomic and safe. A full set of accessories will be a good addition.

We hope that this review will be helpful for you, and you will be able to choose your best among children’s hair clippers, save your time and to trim your children properly as well!


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