Side swept bangs

How to Cut Side Swept Bangs Step by Step

We all know this urge to change something in ourselves, by ourselves, with our own hands, at home. Usually, this urge strikes when we are still little and have the whole world to explore, but sometimes we can face it in a more sophisticated age, with our own understanding of beauty and the way we see ourselves. If this is the case, there are some ways to make the self-make-over pleasant and actually get quite stunning results. Here we will describe how to cut side swept bangs step by step.

Side-swept bangs are the most popular choice; they look easy to make, they are fancy, you do not need much time styling them – sounds like a perfect thing! But if you have ever tried doing them on your own without consulting professionals or at least YouTube tutorials on how to cut side-swept bangs at home, you know better than anyone – these guys can break it or make it. Side-bangs are a good way to fresh-up a hairstyle you got bored with but not to the extent to change it completely or to hide a large forehead. If you feel like trying them up, we have gathered several tips for you on how to cut side swept bangs step by step to use to make the experience most pleasant.

Cutting side swept bangs step by step

how to cut side swept bangs step by step

Step 1: Let’s rock and roll

To cut your own side swept bangs, like any other bangs, you need to devote some hair for it first. Decide how far the line of the bang should be (and, respectfully, how much hair you are willing to give in), and comb the hair to the front. Please note that you only need the part of your hair that falls right in the beginning of your eyebrows, all the rest should be put back and tied together with the rest of the hair. Both sides of your face should be framed identically, and the hair put in front should make a straight line above your forehead.

Step 2: Hold it tight

Make sure you comb the hair to the front very well, so it goes smoothly down without any knots. You should also avoid snags as they can affect the length. Hold your hair close to the tips with your index and middle fingers as you would hold a dollar bill.

Step 3: It’s showtime

Time to cut! We suggest using haircutting scissors that are sharp enough to make a delicate cut and not damage your hair ends. With appropriate scissors, you will need to make a diagonal cut. Pay attention, because it’s extremely important: the very essence of side swept bangs is to have the diagonal cut, and it is also the right way to make them, and make them look good. To make the process easier, you can start cutting as little as a quarter of an inch and follow by gently trimming little by little until the desired length is reached. Make sure as well to cut diagonally on the same side of your dominant hand – the same hand with which you will sweep it.

Do not forget to constantly check the length in the mirror, ideally with every snip, to avoid cutting shorter than you plan to. If it looks like it’s finished, but the length is still too long for you, keep trimming with love and attention. Keep another thing in mind: shorter hair is lighter than long one, thus it naturally has more volume next to the roots. If you need to choose between two lengths or simply are not sure if the length you chose would look good on you, take a little longer in the beginning, and once you have the new length on, see if it works well. After all, you can always cut more if you feel like it.

how to cut side swept bangs step by step
Side swept bangs

Step 4: Keep it going

This stage is devoted to touch-ups – that fancy thing the hairdressers do that does not seem to make any impact, but everyone continues doing it. It is because these touch-ups are the perfect way to frame your new bangs and make them look lighter and more delicate than a bold cut.

With the desired length reached, hold your hair with two fingers just like you did before; but this time take it mid-way. Hold the scissors vertically and go cutting little parts of the tips of the bangs. Try to make cuts with the same distance from one another and definitely do not place too many cuts too close to each other, it can damage your perfectly aligned cut from the previous step. The main advice here would be: better less than too much.

Step 5: Own it!

Congratulations, you are done with the whole cutting process! All you have left to do is to sweep these bangs to the side and see if you like the results. If by any chance you don’t, please feel free to repeat steps 3 and 4: cutting and touch-ups. Just remember to go with baby steps to avoid cutting too much.

Some pieces of advice

Make sure to have the right equipment

As we said before, the right scissors matter, and not only because they look fancier and more professional, but because the other types of scissors – paper scissors or nail scissors – are very likely to make inaccurate and rough cuts, not to mention leaving split ends after the procedure. Even if it is the first time you decide to cut your own hair at home – in fact, especially if it is the first time that you decide to do so – we strongly recommend buying a pair of hair-cutting shreds.

Sure enough, these will cost way more than the paper scissors you can buy in the next-door shop. However, you don’t need the most expensive and professional ones to make great bangs! Just make sure that they feel comfortable in the hand and that they are sharp enough to make a clear cut.

Straightening can help with the length

Even though straightening the hair is not particularly necessary for cutting the side swept bangs, it will make the process way easier for you by providing more accurate length. It will also allow all the hair to be perfectly aligned and stay cool in between your fingers during the process.

Another important point, never cut the bangs on wet hair. Wet hair is heavy and looks longer than dry hair; not only it is easy to mess up the length, but the form when the hair dries up may end up being different from what you imagined.

No need to hurry

Hurry and rush never do anything good in any job, unless you are an athlete. Cutting bangs, though, requires concentration and a fair bunch of attention. Check the length and angle every time before snipping, stop every two-three snips to check if the things are going the way that you want them to go, check the length from time to time, and generally enjoy the journey. It is actually true not just for bangs, but any haircut you will probably do in the future.

The second part of the “no hurry” policy is to go slow on length too. Take it easy and go for longer than you want as a final result at the beginning and little by little increment lengths. But never, please never snip all at once. (If you want to see how this can turn out, find some DIY bangs online videos with people tying their hair together and snipping it once with scissors. It hasn’t turned out pretty even once.)

how to cut side swept bangs at home
Side swept bangs

Make that line perfect

Sectioning is the most important preparation part because at this stage you choose how much hair will go into your bangs and how they will look once you tie the rest of the hair into a ponytail. A perfect line will help you have the precise length in the result, as well as the overall neatness of the haircut.

Take the rest out of the way

In other words, for the process make sure to tie back the hair that you do not need to cut. It will give you some freedom of movement without the risk of cutting something that was not supposed to be cut or the possibility of losing that perfect line that you set for the bangs. And yes, it can also be very frustrating to have the rest of the hair in the way, when you have to stand there with your arms up caught in the cutting process.

If not sure, leave it alone

You did your best, but these bangs don’t look exactly the way you saw them in your wildest dreams. Have some faith and some patience, and give it some time to “sit” and adapt to its new conditions. With a little time, your bangs with adjust themselves to the new length and get their natural position.

Although, if a few weeks pass by and the bangs are still not quite aligned, you would need to seek the help of a stylist. Some professional touch-ups should be enough to save the situation and get rid of the excess length.

No weighing down

Even though short hair is lighter than long one, there is no reason to intentionally weigh it down too much. Such looks give out an impression as if the person was licked by a cow, and it is not the most pleasant fantasy one could have. A little combing and a nice lift should do the perfect job, but you can also apply some hairspray or volumizing one to support the lift and keep the natural look. At the same time, try to avoid making them too stiff.

Preparation matters

It goes well for any kind of job, but cutting your own hair it is especially important; after all, it is a big step, and you wouldn’t want to regret it. And the best way to prepare, besides buying the proper equipment, is doing the research – asking some hairstylists you know, consulting those who already cut their own hair on their own. It will give you some perspectives and tips we might have overlooked, but also will help you keep your expectations realistic. Because let’s be honest; it would very unlikely be a salon-quality result, especially if it is your first time cutting your own bangs. In any case, just fretting about how to cut your own side swept bangs would not be enough; the action starts long before you take scissors into your hands.

It would be also a good idea to avoid cutting your own hair right before any big events. If something goes wrong and the haircut fails, fixing it would be the last thing you would want to do before the event. We also suggest having a Plan B, where you state what, how, and where you will do if your own work will not end up satisfactory. A good Plan B can sound like this: if I do not manage to cut my own hair the way I like it I get an appointment in the hair salon X on the date xx/xx/XXXX and it will cost me $xx. (When you are scheduling an appointment do make sure to mention though that you would need adjustment, not a full haircut; unless it is the case.)

cut your own side swept bangs
Side swept bangs

All in all

Cutting your own hair can be thrilling and exciting, but many things can go wrong. Let it not discourage you; after all, practice makes perfect, and there is no one to make your mistakes for you. It would be up to you to make them, get hurt by them, and hopefully learn from them.

Make sure you read thoroughly the steps and remember all the tips, get some proper equipment, and run your research, and you should be good to go!

Please also note, that if you have wavy, curly, or coily hair, side swept bangs would not work as well for you as for straight hair. In these cases, we suggest you look for some haircuts that would work particularly with your hair type.


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