How To Trim Natural Curly Hair – A Guide For Owners

Curly hair usually looks gorgeous, but it can be challenging in its treatment. Such things as split ends, tangles and kinks make such procedures as shampooing, styling and trimming rather difficult. If you want to do it yourself, the difficulty of the process rises even higher. But after investigating a lot of information concerning curly hair trimming and treatment and looking into experiences of many people with curly hair we have managed to find out that it’s not as difficult as it seems. The only things you need to know are the type of your hair structure and the method which is suitable for your hair.

We have decided to give you some tips which can ease your curly hair treatment. If you learn how to trim natural curly hair by yourself, you will be able to organize your hair treatment in many circumstances and will be able to avoid some kinds of hair damages. Proper hair trimming helps to support health of your hair as well as improves your outer look, which affects our self-esteem. In other words, it affects many aspects of our physical and mental health.

What You Should Know Before Trimming

how to trim natural curly hair

The way how to trim natural curly hair doesn’t have steps which are common for everyone. It depends on many things such as hair texture, length and density, the tools you apply and the products for hair you use. But we can say that there are some things which are important for all curly hair owners.

Before you start trimming, we think you should know the following important features:

  • Choose the ideal time for trimming

You need to think of trimming if your curls look frizzy and can’t hold a style for a long time. In addition to this, you have to take into account the look of the ends of your curls after such a procedure as styling. If they look faded and slim, it means that split ends affect the tips. Therefore, you have to cut several centimeters of your curls to make your hair look better.

In most cases those who obtain curly hair, have to trim them once every eight weeks. Of course, the time depends on the speed of your hair growth. You can also consult with your stylist whether trimming will solve all of your problems with hair.

  • Obtain suitable tools for hair procedures

If you care about the quality of your hair cut, don’t apply household scissors in any case. They can be used in many situations except for haircuts. For hair you should buy a high-quality pair of shears. These instruments provide a neat cut in different angles, which is not possible with the use of household scissors.

Some hair clips will also be helpful.

  • Make a decision about your target length

If you have decided which haircut you want, make sure that you know what length you need. Snipping without the planned length can result in a disaster.

How You Can Trim Your Curly Hair

how to trim natural curly hair

There are several ways how you can trim your curls. Of course, there are no ways which suit everyone, so you need to choose your method through trials and errors. Below we have collected the most common ways how to trim curly hair.

You can choose and learn one or two methods how to trim natural curly hair, or, maybe, you have already worked out your own, therefore, all the other methods seem not essential to you. However, we believe that you need to know several of them in case something changes.

  • Search and destroy

If you need regular maintenance, you can think of the search and destroy method. Its main feature is that you don’t chop large swaths but prune your hair. When you take a bath and then make your hair dry. Some strands can spring out, but you can snip them as well as other annoying curls.

In addition to this, this method helps to get rid of damaged parts. Try to snip short and always check on the mirror your haircut after every two-three notches. We think that you won’t be happy about some strange length.

The perfect time for doing the procedure is after you have taken the bath. Such things as dirt and used products have already been removed, and the look of your curls will show where you have to trim them.

  • Trim wet hair

If your curly hair is not very thick, you can try to trim it when it is damp or wet. The moisture in them helps the strands to cluster together. If you comb it, you will be able to trim it more accurately.

When your hair is wet without dripping, divide it into sections and take one of them. You should pull it a little bit and snip some part.

You should keep in your mind that because of the water inside your hair will look longer than when it is dry. So the best decision will be to leave some length allowance and see how your hair will look when it is dry.

But we have to mention that for very curly hair this method won’t suit and the result can be horrible especially when you have never done it before.

  • Trim dry hair

When your hair is densely curled, you can try to trim it in a dry condition. You should remember that some layers of your hair won’t align as they will do when your hair is wet.

We believe that every person should know their curl patterns. With this knowledge you will be able to stick to the proper type of treatment.

Dry trimming is also suitable if you want to avoid snipping your hair too short.

  • Straighten your hair before trimming

Some curly hair owners choose to straighten or blow-dry their hair for a more accurate cut. This method is rather popular since it’s easier to work with straight hair.

When you have straightened your hair, you should divide it into sections to ease trimming. Cut each section half an inch. If you need to trim the hair shorter, do the next round of cutting half an inch. You should follow this scheme in order to avoid cutting too short. Keep in mind that the hair will puff when it comes back to its curly look.

This method is perfect when you just lessen the length. But you should remember that frequent straightening damages the structure of your hair.

  • Twist and braid

This method is suitable for those who have too thick and puffy curls. First of all, you divide your hair into sections, then you braid it, and later snip.

    In order not to cut your hair too short or inaccurate, try to trim it per one-fourth or half an inch for one time and make sure that all sections are equal in length. Try to make sections rather thin, so you will make a neater cut.

This kind of trimming is ideal for people with short curly hair. After the procedure you just have to unravel your braids and see what you managed to do.

  • Trim per one curl

Some people with curly hair cut each curl and not a section. When you use this method, you don’t’ disturb the natural cascade. This manner also prevents the hair triangle from happening.

After trimming each curl be sure that the total look is enjoyable.

What You Should Do If You Have Curly Hair

how to trim natural curly hair

If you want to know how to trim natural curly hair, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind during the process. They can help you to make a neat cut, save the texture of your hair and avoid any types of hair damages.

You should practice the following things on a regular basis if you want to be satisfied with your hair cut:

  • Trim your hair regularly

Curly hair often has split ends which need to be trimmed regularly. If you aren’t able to do it yourself, you can hire a stylist.

It is healthy to cut your hair once a couple of months, especially when you use different products on your hair. In this way your hair can get rid of substances left by a product on the ends.

  • It is better to section your hair before you start trimming

You need to do this if you use any trimming method except the search and destroy one. When you section your hair, it makes the process more organized and prevents cutting too much.

You will enjoy your haircut only if it’s accurate. You can use some hair bands and clips which will make the procedure even easier. You should keep in mind that they sometimes ruin the natural look of your curls, and they can also cause a problem if they get stuck in your hair.

  • Choose the hair products you use more properly

You should think several times about what you are going to apply. If you have a little trim and need styling, put the product on your hair when it is upside down. It will add some volume and help to avoid sticky hair on top.

For sculpting the curls creams will be very helpful since they put additional weight as well as moisturize your hair well.

  • The best way us to let your hair flowing naturally

A lot of people with curly hair are ready to say that the best trimming is done in natural curls. But we suggest that if other methods such as straightening suit for you, you shouldn’t change them. We also want to mention again that there is no method which is suitable for everyone.

  • You need to apply wide-tooth combs

Fine-tooth brushes and combs won’t do good to your curly hair since they ruin the curls and make styling disastrous. You need to obtain a wide-tooth comb in order to save the natural flow of the hair.

What You Have To Avoid With Curly Hair

how to trim natural curly hair

Some things can be horrible for your curls and spoil your hair for a long time. We think that to know how to trim natural curly hair you definitely need to know what you shouldn’t do to keep it healthy and good-looking.

We have decided to reveal several features which can result in a hair disaster. They are the following:

  • Dry shampoos are not suitable

Such kind of shampoo and other dust products will spoil the look and the quality of your curls. These products are ideal for silky hair.

For your curls you may use a suitable moisturizer or any other oil-based products.

  • Avoid pulling the kinks

If there is a tangle in your hair, never try to pull it with a comb since it can harm your scalp and hair.

In order to get rid of the kink, you should apply a little bit of moisturizing oil for hair and step by step untwine it with your hands. This will help you to solve your problem without losing your hair.

  • Don’t choose hair products which have silicone

Although silicone is thought to be not so healthy, it can make your hair shinier. Of course, it can’t happen with curly hair because of its texture.

  • Be careful with your towel

Swift drying of your hair with the towel will damage the structure of your hair and your curls. Such type of hair drying, actually harms any type of hair, not only the curly one.

First of all, you can use pat drying. After that you may choose to let your hair drip dry or apply a low dryer set for a low level of heat and blowing. If you want to trim your hair wet, just let the moisture drip.

  • Avoid brushing or combing when your hair is dry

It may sound strange after the advice above, but, in fact, brushing dry curly hair can cause tangles. You can just use your fingers to fix your curls by running them through your hair.

What Else You Should Know

how to trim natural curly hair

We have described almost every important moment which you need to know if you seek the information how to trim natural curly hair

  1. The usual trimming period for curly hair takes from six to eight weeks, but it depends on the hair structure. If the tips of your hair look unpleasant, then there is time for a haircut. It will help to get rid of destroyed parts of your hair and make it look better.

  2. Some people prefer to cut their curly hair when they are straight if they just want to reduce some length. But mostly curlies enjoy trimming their curls when they are flowing naturally, so they can instantly understand what result they will get. We just have to mention again that you can choose what you prefer.

  3. If you acquire naturally curly hair, we recommend you to use a clean towel made of anything but cotton for patting it dry, and then you need to let your curls drip dry. In addition to this, you can apply a blow-dryer, but a heat setting should be low in order no to do harm to your hair. But if there is enough free time, you can let your hair dry in the air, which is the perfect solution for your curls.

  4. You should always remember that regular trimming increases hair growth. Apart from this, it helps to get rid of hair damages, which makes your hair healthier.

  5. How to cut your curly hair, it’s up to you. Dry trimming is more suitable to see the results quicker and to see how it affects your total look. Meanwhile, you can trim wet hair if you wish to hold the strands together.

In Closing

how to trim natural curly hair

We have found out that trimming curly hair can be done yourself if you have chosen the right method and tools. Above we have described some of the possible ways to take care of your haircut.

You should always take into account the texture, length and density of your curls. They define which method is suitable for you. Always keep in mind the aim of your hair trimming – it also helps to choose what to do.

We recommend you to take proper care of your hair, which will make your total look better as well as support your health.

Try not to do all the things mentioned earlier which can damage your hair or your haircut. If it matters to you, it’s better to spend more time trimming accurately than to do the work quickly but unevenly. We always have to remember that the quality of our look is very important for our self-esteem and our inner world.

If you are still scared or not sure about trimming your curly hair yourself, you always have the opportunity to go to a professional stylist who will do everything right and quickly and can even give advice concerning your everyday hair treatment.

But we do hope that our article will give you a helping hand in the process of trimming your curly hair and all the mentioned things will make the whole process easier and more enjoyable!


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