how to use a trimmer

How To Use A Trimmer – Detailed Manual For You

How to use a trimmer? To keep your beard looking neat and tidy, you need to take regular care of it: wash it, comb it, style it – and trim it. In the latter case, you have two options: either go to a barbershop and use the services of a professional, or learn and learn how to trim your beard yourself. For a complete treatment you will definitely need a machine for trimming the beard. Everyone will be able to master this simple mechanism after a little training.

And after evaluating the result, you will realize that all the costs and efforts are more than repaid.


how to use a trimmer

The design of hair clippers is not complicated.

Most models (both amateur and professional) include the following components:

  • Bodies – they are made from a rather fragile plastic, so they crack quite often.
  • Batteries and power supplies – they can burn out due to power surges or stop holding a charge if improperly stored. In any case, if you actively use the machine battery should be replaced at least once every two years.
  • Nozzles and knives are the most popular spare parts that the owner may need even a fully serviceable device.

In addition, every craftsman’s kit should also have consumables, such as grease for the hair clipper or disinfectant spray for the knives. Yes, the price of quality products from this category is very high, but this is the case when you should not save money.


how to use a trimmer

Machine nozzles are plastic combs of different lengths. They can be narrow or wide, single-sided or double-sided. The more accessories are attached to the machine; the more haircuts can be performed with it.

The peculiarity of such accessories is that they can be both built-in and removable. In addition, there are universal attachments that fit any hair clipper, and there are unified, which are designed only for a particular model or series of devices from one manufacturer.

The attachments allow you to create a variety of hairstyles with different hair lengths on different parts of the head. With their help it is possible to create very popular today among young people drawings on the temples or the back of the head.

According to the purpose of the nozzles for hair clippers are divided into:

  • Universal, that is, those that can be used on almost any haircutting machine with a suitable head width. Such attachments are very popular and have a low cost.
  • Specialized, that is, nozzles that fit only certain models of machines, such as the Zelmer 39Z013. Using them on other devices can lead to the failure of the device itself or a poor quality and painful haircut.

In addition, such important accessories are divided into several groups, depending on the length of the step of the haircut, that is, the height of the hair left. The more exactly these attachments in the set, the greater the number of different haircuts can be created. In most cases, hair clippers can have from four to seven nozzles in three-millimeter increments: 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 21 mm. Some manufacturers offer even more nozzles. The size of the smallest of them is 1, 55 mm, and the largest is 3.5 cm.

And do not forget that the nozzles are subdivided into several other groups, depending on their direct purpose:

  • Nozzles for the direct cutting of hair. These are the accessories, which are subdivided into groups depending on the height of the haircut.
  • Accessories designed to correct and trim the beard. They differ from standard accessories by their size and width of the combs. They are suitable for almost all modern models of this device.
  • The shaped ones are actively used by hairstylists in recent times, as they allow you to create bizarre patterns on the head. Sold both as a complete set and individually. Suitable for almost any hair clipper.
  • Using a special filing attachment allows you to give short hair a beautiful and natural look. Such an accessory is used at the last stage and with its help the hairs, or rather, their tips are cut at different lengths, which gives a beautiful and most natural look to the hairstyle.
  • Tapered accessories. Such nozzles are suitable for certain models of machines and they are used to cut eyebrows, moustaches, and sometimes to remove hairs in the nose or ears.
  • A polisher is a special accessory that is used to correct haircuts with split ends.


how to use a trimmer

Hair clippers, as well as moustaches and beards, are cleaned after each “session”. If used infrequently, the tool should also be treated before the procedure. If the blades are dirty, they can trap hairs, disrupting the hairline and ruining it.

You should clean the blades with a brush before lubricating the clipper. It is usually included with the device. If it is not there or you lost it, suit any, with soft and thick bristles. From the blades remove the remains of hair and styling products. Then the surface is wiped with a soft damp cloth or tissue, and only after that is lubricated – see the description of the procedures below. Aftercare is complete, the tool is thoroughly wiped to remove the excess product, and put it away for storage.

Oil must not be poured over the entire surface. If oil is on the entire comb, hair particles will dull the sharp edge faster. The lubrication procedure is done according to the manufacturer’s instructions for the appliance. For it, use an oiler or syringe with a needle and apply the product one drop at certain points:

Two drops on the side with the teeth – at the edges, where the blades are in closest contact;

  • one drop in the middle of the serrated side;
  • two drops on the knife “heel” – where the blades adjoin closely.

Then the product is evenly distributed over the surface, gripping the body of the machine. Lubricant for hair clipper protects the working parts from corrosion, prevents breakage, the appearance of extraneous noise, as well as:

  • reduces friction between working parts during operation;
  • reduces the degree of heat – the blades remain safe; the metal does not suffer from temperature fluctuations;
  • cleans the surface from impurities that the working parts “collected” during shearing – it is necessary so that the protrusions do not clog, the power of the motor does not fall, and it does not burn out together with the fuse;
  • reduce wear and tear, blunting rate of blades and increase the working life of the device;
  • increase the comfort of cutting – lubricated parts will glide over the hair without jerks, softly and accurately.

Don’t neglect this step when caring for your machine, and it will last you a long time. Now let’s find out how to use a trimmer.


how to use a trimmer

Do you think that only professionals with special education know how to cut a beard and can do it correctly? Personal experience proves the opposite. It’s scary only at first, but then everything turns out fast and cool, like a cool barber, and the most important thing, at least for me: the machine is always at hand and you do not have to pay anything for self-service.

But let’s cut to the chase. So, what does it take for your beard to go from mussed and shapeless to well-groomed and stylish? All you need are the right tools, enough time for quiet work and confidence in your abilities. If you follow the advice, it will work. Beard trimming with a machine is carried out in several stages. Before you cut your own beard with a machine, you should properly prepare, and this is the first step.

How to use a trimmer? To shave the beard you will need:

  • A room with good lighting – it does not have to be a bathroom, you can also work on the balcony on a sunny day;
  • A comfortable mirror, preferably a three-leaved mirror, but if not, a wall mirror and a small portable one will do;
  • All the necessary tools for the beard: a typewriter, various attachments, sharp scissors and a razor just in case.

Also, before you cut your beard, you need to think about where the cut bristles will go. If you work in the bathroom over the sink, you need to close the drain with a plug. If in another room in front of the mirror under the lamp, the floor should be covered with oilcloth and the total absence of drafts, otherwise it will be necessary to collect hairs on all surfaces more than one month.

Before you start working with a machine, get acquainted with fashionable haircuts.

Before you cut your beard with a machine, you should wash and dry your facial hair thoroughly. If your hair stays even a little wet, instead of a neat beard, you risk a bold asymmetrical cut with differently oriented hairs. Wet hair is longer than dry hair, so getting it to the same length and length you want is difficult, because you simply can’t control the outcome of your actions. After drying you can expect a very unpleasant surprise.

Before you start shaving, make sure the trimmer is working safely and correctly. Then you can proceed directly to shaving, taking into account certain nuances of the procedure. If you wear a hairstyle with a long beard, the shortest nozzle should not be used immediately. It can shave the beard naked. To shorten the hair as much as possible, use nozzles with numbers 2 or 3.

The process of shaving should be carried out so that the flat part of the nozzle fits tightly against the skin. You should move smoothly in the opposite direction to the hair growth. There remains the last step – to shave the remaining stubble on the chin. To do this, the nozzle is removed from the machine, and all manipulations are performed with trimmer blades. To get rid of the vegetation finally, it is recommended to use a safety razor.

How to use a trimmer? If you’re all set, here’s how to cut your beard step by step:

  1. Wash and dry the bristles with a comb and comb them thoroughly from top to bottom, starting from the ears.
  2. Make adjustments to the tool. If you do not have any experience with beard trimmer, make sure you choose a bit longer brush head than you need, because this way you won’t cut too much off.
  3. Now we switch the device on, lift the chin and start shaving the neck. At the same time visually mark the line to which you need to remove excess hair. Here just here it becomes clear, what the laser marking is so convenient – you just focus on it and accurately work with a machine, all neatly and accurately.
  4. Move the machine strictly along the hairline – then the bristles won’t get broken and pulled.
  5. Now, if you have a mustache, treat them. Change the nozzle on the exact or go to the razor and scissors. We start to work under the nose and gradually descend to the corners of the lips. The most important thing here is not to hurry, to control all your movements carefully in the mirror and to remove hair symmetrically. Scissors carefully trim those bristles that grow over the upper lip.
  6. After all these steps, move on to working through the entire area of the beard. The movements should be smooth and calm. The most common mistake that all beginners make is to focus on one area. You should not do this, otherwise, you risk getting a noticeable spillage. If it seems that the hairs are cut unevenly, it is better to interrupt the work and pass over the suspicious area with a comb. Then it will be immediately visible which of them need to be trimmed – it’s best to do it with scissors.
  7. Finally, the top part of the beard, i.e. the cheek line, is trimmed with a razor or a machine with the nozzle removed. Beginning from the ears and gradually descend down to the chin.

This, in fact, is all. Turn off the device, do not forget to remove immediately all the hairs stuck in the blade – for this you need a special brush, then the blades are easy to clean and at the same time do not blunt.

Now check the results again and correct any mistakes with the razor and scissors if necessary. Not so good? Do not rush to grab the machine again, although the temptation is almost all beginners: all want to shorten a little more here and tweak here. Most likely, you are only imagining the curvature. If there is one, it will be corrected in a couple of days. Next time it will be better. Although, if everything was done according to the instructions, you won’t have anything to complain about.

In addition to this, facial hair needs extra care, as follows:

  • the beard must be combed at least twice a day, using combs, brushes and combs with natural bristles; the direction – always along the growth line; combing helps to activate blood circulation and hair growth due to the massage effect;
  • while combing use special cosmetics and oils which will nourish the hair from the inside adding beauty and strength to it; for men who smoke it makes sense to use a small amount of aromatic oils which will beat back the unpleasant smell;
  • styling a beard is a necessary action to keep it neat and tidy; to avoid dishevelation different cosmetic products are used – fixing foams, gels and mousses, special balms;
  • at great lengths it is allowed to capture with a ribbon, elastic band, special clips;
  • curly hair is best processed with hair wax, choosing a means of strong or medium fixation;
  • wax or foam for styling do not forget to treat and mustache hairs, over time, the created shape will become habitual for them, and they will not stick out.

The trimmer is easy and convenient to use, but if you do not know the working conditions of this technique, you can encounter such problems as poor quality shaving, the appearance of rashes on the skin, ingrown hairs. Let’s list the main mistakes that lead to these troubles, namely:

  • wrong choice of nozzle – the part should be selected taking into account the existing and desired hair length;
  • using nozzles for the minimum length of bristles – they are not necessary;
  • trimming hair in the direction of growth;
  • the trimmer is located above the base of the hair;
  • loose fit of the head;
  • rushing and sudden movements when working with the device, leading to various injuries;
  • the skin and vegetation have not been properly prepared before treatment;
  • the device is used to remove hair on the neck, this operation should be performed with an electric razor or a machine;
  • change the angle of the machine during the procedure.


Well, now that we’ve sorted out all the hair trimmer options, we want to give you some great options of really worthy beard trimmers that you can buy in our days. If you’re still thinking about buying a trimmer or want to replace your old one soon, here’s a selection of a small number of notable models that will be great helpers for you and will make your decision about which trimmer you should get today easier. We’ve picked different cool models with different sets of useful trimming features, which is what makes them unique. You might find a trimmer that will enrich your imagination and help you come up with new stylish hairstyles for you and your clients, if you’re a hairdresser.


how to use a trimmer


Let me tell you right away, there are newer and more advanced models. On their background ER-GB60 perhaps loses a little, but its price is now lower than on similar novelties, and with their tasks he copes well.

So, in order, the main advantages. The trimmer works from the mains and from the battery. Charge holds for a long time, it is enough for a few dozen shaving beards and mustaches, I did not count exactly. No complaints to the sharpness of the blades, shave easily any bristles, and after a few years of quiet operation is not blunted. The cutting height can be adjusted with a convenient wheel. The set includes oil for the lubrication of the blades. I think that if it is not lubricated, the life of the cutting mechanism will be significantly reduced.

It is very convenient to store the trimmer in the attached zippered fabric case, in which in addition to the trimmer itself you can put a brush.

The main thing I didn’t like was the increased danger of cutting without the attachment. In the instructions, this feature is designed to achieve a minimum shaving height. Any unevenness, skin folds, mole-like formations, encountered on the way the blade is likely to be cut, as the blades are very sharp, the teeth are sharpened and gnawed instantly, even without pressure. The trimmer is made in China, but it is very high quality, without any faults, obviously under the strict control of Panasonic.

  • The blade does not cause irritation when touching the skin
  • The design is very attractive due to its smoothness, the trimmer looks really stylish
  • Possibility of cordless operation, which makes the model portable and mobile
  • Excellent grip even when wet
  • Thirty-nine assorted length settings to cut hair more precisely
  • The case is glossy and not protected from fingerprints after use, which are quite difficult to erase
  • There is no indication that the battery is about to run out. It would be nice to have at least a small LED indicator


how to use a trimmer

The cordless beard and mustache trimmer is slightly larger than most similar devices. At the same time, the blade width is 38mm instead of the usual 25-30. Because of its size it can be used as a hair clipper, but with limitations, as we will discuss later. The manufacturer itself positions it as a trimmer, as evidenced by the inscription on the box and the instructions for use. The trimmer is from the medium price category. It is delivered in a box, which corresponds to it, with a minimal package. In addition, only oil for lubrication and a brush for cleaning are included. A little bit missing some nice little thing like a storage bag, but it’s true that this is more common with the purchase of more expensive models. Right away I want to pay attention to the fact that the trimmer is charged not through the usual power cord, but when installed in a special “stand” with a very specific connector. With a dead battery the possibility of using the device is simply excluded. Moreover, the charging time according to the manual is as much as 8 hours! When you start mowing, you need to be sure that the remaining charge is enough. The shearing length is regulated by a swivel mechanism in the range of 1-20mm in 0.5mm increments. The blades are “45 degrees sharpened”, in our case the manufacturer in no way announces any exclusivity like “Diamond sharpening”. The blades are stainless steel, the device can be used in the shower, cut hair with shaving foam, wash the working parts of the machine under running water after use.

The GB370K offers you nineteen different length settings that let you control the length of your cut hair. Each setting is within 0.5 millimeters of each other, so you can be more precise when using this product. Changing these settings is easy – you just need to turn the dial, which is already built into this product. This product is also equipped with sharp blades that make it easy to cut your hair.

  • Very minimalistic, yet cute design
  • The handle is rubberized and highly resistant, which guarantees an increased safety and ease of use
  • Product of very good quality
  • Robust, withstands a long time of use
  • It is nearly inaudible during use, so you are unlikely to disturb anyone’s peace or rest when using this clipper
  • The dial could be placed better, its current location is not ideal and can sometimes be inconvenient


how to use a trimmer

You didn’t make a mistake when you read that subtitle. This trimmer really does have the resemblance of a vacuum cleaner. But don’t rush happily running out to use it to clean the whole house, the power of the local vacuum cleaner is only designed to clean the remaining hair from your body after trimming your beard. This brand has always been known for its breakthrough technology, and this model is a great indicator of that distinction. Just appreciate this beautiful built-in vacuum cleaner that will let you forget about the hair dropped after your haircut. Most users have written in numerous reviews about actually finding less hair around them after their haircuts. So, if you are always too lazy to clean up after your haircut and want to make it easier for yourself, this device will fit perfectly into your daily routine.

The most interesting thing is that when we were selecting models for this article, we were surprised to learn that this is a unique trimmer that you can buy in today’s market, as it is the only one that offers you such a feature – a pioneer in its field. We don’t deny that such an example will fall into the crosshairs of many other manufacturers, but so far their feeble attempts have not come close to this model. Perhaps if you wait a little longer, a cheaper model from another manufacturer will come along.

  • This trimmer has a great design that stands out and looks truly appealing
  • First of its kind – only vacuum trimmer available as of writing
  • Grip is comfortable, allowing for firm grips that don’t slip
  • Easy to clean
  • Less cleanup after shaving!
  • Because of the vacuum feature, the battery does not last too long
  • May be slightly noisier than other trimmers due to vacuum feature
  • More moving parts means more possibilities of something breaking


How to use a trimmer? Above we have taken apart all the points on how to cut the facial hair with a trimmer. The hair should become thick enough, for which you should use waxes, balms and soaps in your care. A successful trimmer and proper handling of the device while shaving or storing will ensure a beautiful face without redness or inflammatory areas.


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