how to use electric trimmer

How To Use Electric Trimmer – Detailed Manual For You

We all often shy away from things like talking about our bikini area. So that you can tidy up and make sure you look great in your bikini line, we’ve put together this guide for you on trimming your bikini line without the annoying bumps. Among other things, we’ll detail how to properly use an electric trimmer, and you’ll learn about three cool trimmers that we recommend you purchase if you’ve already thought about it.

How to use electric trimmer? Cutting the bikini area is not suitable for all people. There are those who believe that pubic hair should be natural and not worth the hassle to cut it. But if you love haircuts, then our guide is created especially for you.


Most women, according to surveys, groom their pubic hair for personal hygiene. There is another reason that is often cited – it is a preference for sex. Although it occurs in a large number of women, statistics have shown that women around the age of 45 most often prefer shaving. If you do it right, you can get your bikini area trimmed regularly. Doctors across the country confidently say that even if you do it every day, it won’t harm your health. You’ll just have to follow a number of simple rules to avoid inadvertently injuring yourself during this process.


how to use electric trimmer

To make sure your haircut goes without unnecessary bumps and accidental cuts, here’s a proven method to which you can add something of your own if the occasion arises:

  1. Before you start cutting, let’s make sure your electric trimmer is fully charged and ready to go. If the charge is low, some trimmers have a quick charge feature and you will only need fifteen minutes to make up for this loss. In addition, make sure that your blades are shiny and polished. Some electric trimmer models require pre-lubrication before use, this too should be considered in advance. When you’ve checked the device, put on a trim limiter of the length that suits you best at the moment. Most women choose a perfectly smooth shave, which makes sense. We advise you to buy a cordless trimmer. It’s easier to use, easier to get into places you can’t reach, and some models are easy to clean up after use.
  2. If the hair in the bikini area has already grown long enough, it does not hurt to work with scissors to remove excess hair. Believe me, it will help you a lot and make it easier to trim later with a trimmer. You can also avoid unnecessary mess. Just please make sure that the scissors you are going to trim your hair with are only used for hygienic purposes. They should be washed both before and after the haircut, preferably with a special detergent.
  3. Now it’s time to take a nice relaxing bath with warm water. This is very useful, because this will make the hair much softer, which will contribute to an easy haircut. The water will also open up your hair follicles, and this is a very important point when you decide to cut your bikini area. You will need about ten minutes of bath time. After your bath, use a pubic hair conditioner before wiping your skin dry.
  4. After that, we recommend exfoliating. This will remove excess dead skin and prevent sudden ingrown hairs, as well as give your haircut a very neat look. But, if this is your first time deciding to cut your bikini area, it’s a part you should ignore at first. Only after a few haircuts you can take up this matter, because your skin will gradually get used to it. Also, this step is necessary if you want to keep yourself as safe as possible from irritation and rashes.
  5. If you decide to use a wet trimmer, it is worth using a shaving cream. There are many of them, but we advise you one that is specially made for the bikini area. They are sold everywhere. If your trimmer is dry, then dry your bikini area. Please note that the trimmer model, among other things, has a direct impact on the entire trimming process, especially its efficiency.
  6. How to use electric trimmer? Now you have prepared your skin, so you can safely start the trimmer and start to drive it over your bikini area. Remember that you have to cut or shave in the direction in which the hair grows. If you try to do it differently, you will feel an unpleasant pain on your skin. This is how you can ruin the stubble. To make trimming easier, don’t pull the skin particularly hard. This will allow the trimmer to move over the skin surface more comfortably. You don’t want to put too much pressure on the blade while trimming. Trimmers are designed so that the cutting angles will always adjust to the curves of your skin.
  7. After you’ve done all the necessary procedures, you should draw a tub of warm water again and go to rest. Why is this so important? Because if you don’t, the ends of your hair can curl up inside and grow into your skin. Five minutes of rest will be enough for you, then wipe your skin dry. Don’t forget to wash the trimmer blade and attachments under slightly warm water, this is a very important hygiene issue.
  8. When your skin is completely dry, rub baby oil into it, exactly in the places you just cut, so you can protect yourself from getting a nasty rash. If your skin is very sensitive, we recommend body lotion or aloe Vera. We advise you to cut your hair every day so that your skin gets used to the process. Above all, you will get used to it and it won’t take you too long. Remember, it’s always worth checking your trimmer. Using it often creates the possibility that after a year it will no longer be as effective.


how to use electric trimmer

In addition to our detailed guide that you may have read above, you can also apply some of the following tips to better trim your bikini zone hair.

  • Do not use a man’s shaving lotion. Men’s shaving lotion will burn very badly when applied to the bikini area after cutting it. It is worth noting that the manufacturers of these products only make lotions for the face, so they are in no way intended for use in the bikini area. We advise you to consider options such as baby oil or gentle lotion.
  • You should choose a trimmer that works for you personally. No matter how you handle the trimming process, it’s unlikely to produce the expected results if your trimmer doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. We advise you to get one that can fully meet all your needs. Choose carefully between a dry trimmer and a wet trimmer. If you still don’t know which one suits you best, there are many trimmers on the market that combine the functions of both models. On top of that, you’ll want a trimmer that is durable, meaning it can last a long time without needing to be recharged. If you have the money and ability, opt for a trimmer that is fully washable. Since you will most likely be shaving in the bathroom, the waterproof feature will protect your device from burning out the electronics inside.
  • Take your time during the haircut, no one is chasing you anywhere. If you rush through the process, you can easily get bumps, wounds, blisters and rashes. Be careful not to push the blade in any way. To learn how to cut your bikini area competently, it may take you a few cuts. But like any other job, regular practice will quickly lead you to perfection.
  • If you have sensitive skin and decide to get a haircut, we urge you to be careful. It’s especially important for you to properly prepare your skin for the haircut, before the trimmer touches it.
  • Don’t try to improvise with the blade – it won’t be your best decision. It’s a bare and fairly sharp metal that can easily injure your bikini area if you do something wrong. The blades themselves can cause damage with ingrown hairs and a rash that appears. It’s best not to touch your bikini area until you have a good trimmer.
  • Before you bring your tool to the skin on your bikini area, don’t forget to properly condition your skin. You need to allow your pores to open with warm water, which is why we recommend you take a bath beforehand. Remember that if you pull your skin lightly, the blade will glide over it more smoothly. You will also be able to prevent cuts and ingrown hairs. People with sensitive skin should definitely perform a moisturizing of the bikini area. This will enable a smooth trim. Remember that no matter what, redness and itching after the first time is common. By doing a few trims, you’ll get your skin used to shaving. Regardless, if the itching becomes constant and does not subside, we advise you to make an appointment with a dermatologist.
  • If you just decide to cut your bikini area, wait until it is completely dry. But for those who want a smooth shave, you should lightly moisten the desired area with warm water or a special cream. Once again, we’d like to remind you of an important thing. Do not try to save money by using shaving cream, which is applied only to the face. This can cause irritation, itching and even a rash. Although known cases where this action did not affect the skin, but here it all depends on individual body perception. We advise you not to take any chances.
  • When you perform a haircut, do it in front of a mirror, so that periodically to look at your bikini zone. It is unlikely that you yourself will notice all the details, so a regular mirror will help to detect flaws in the haircut.


Many women today are using electric razors instead of a regular razor, and there are several reasons for this:

  • there is practically no irritation from them, even on the most delicate skin;
  • if you have a good selection for your own needs, the whole procedure does not take much time, and the effect lasts longer;
  • an electric razor for women cuts the hair, rounding it off, so it gives the effect of softness, not prickliness when it grows back;
  • it’s almost impossible to cut yourself with an electric razor.


how to use electric trimmer

This razor is praised by a huge number of women, it is quite easy to find in today’s trimmer market and this razor is absolutely safe. It has very sharp blades and a special thin film that glides smoothly over your skin while using the device. This trimmer also carries special flexible swivel heads that are very convenient to use at home. There are also models that come with a retractable trimmer with a bunch of attachments that are suitable for different purposes, from trimming your bikini area to your underarms. The blades in this trimmer are made of hard stainless steel, yet they are hypoallergenic and will fit perfectly in a grooming kit for people with sensitive skin. In addition, the trimmer is washable, and it’s also compact and works wirelessly in your bathroom, which is quite convenient.

It can also be compatible with one hundred and ten to one hundred and twenty volts. The only thing we found bad about it is the long charging time, so keep a close eye on the charge of this device. But even despite this flaw, it’s a great option for wet and dry haircuts. Even if your hair is already a certain length, this trimmer is still perfect for your purposes. We didn’t find any jaggedness or irregularities. The trimmer is quite easy to maintain: simply remove the head, open the faucet and rinse it under warm water.

·        The presence of a special film that adjusts to any curve of your skin

·        You can safely wash and get rid of wires in your bathroom

·        There is a version with a retractable trimmer, which is rare for this price category

·        If you happen to damage the foil on the device in any way, it will cut your skin like a knife through butter. So make sure it’s intact before you cut it.


how to use electric trimmer

Another razor we would like to recommend to you as a bikini zone trimmer. This is a moisturizing point trimmer razor that is perfect for just about any skin. This trimmer has five blades that can follow every curve of your body and have a smooth glide while cutting. So you’ll reduce the chance of irritation, unpleasant itching or rashes, and avoid an unnecessary visit to the dermatologist. The biggest plus of this trimmer is that it’s waterproof. You can use it right while taking a bath and not be afraid to keep this trimmer near water.

It comes with a very handy adjustable hairbrush that has four options to customize it to your liking. We also liked the cool design that combines two different trimmers in one device. There’s something else that sets this trimmer apart from many others in this price range – it’s a water-activated serum ejector. It allows you to moisturize your trimmed area every time you touch your skin with it. This trimmer also has amazing precision while cutting your hair. It comes in especially handy if you have sensitive skin.

·        Two trimmers for the price of one plus cool design

·        Serum ejector feature is a gift for your delicate skin

·        Five blades that easily adjust to any curves

·        The service life of this trimmer is not more than two years, but its price is not too high. For that price, the other models can barely last at least one year.


how to use electric trimmer

Our last but not least helpful tip is the women’s precision trimmer. Take a look at it: do you see its most important difference from other trimmers in the same price category? Instead of large blade heads, it has narrow vertical blades that are quite small in size. Such a design allows you to use this trimmer on the whole body, and even for the bikini zone is suitable in general ideally. Included with this trimmer are two eyebrow combs, which are useful for you to build the shape and more detail. You won’t believe it, but there are even attachments for places like your ears and nose.

If you are constantly on various business trips, this trimmer will be your best friend during any trip around the world. However, we must warn you that this trimmer is not at all friendly with water, unlike the others that we advised you within this article. Despite this, the upper part is quite easy to remove, and this already makes it quite easy to clean the device after use. It holds a charge quite well without recharging. Despite its low price, it can easily beat the competition of some expensive models, and this is the best recommendation for it. It also doesn’t make as much noise as most trimmers in this price range.

·        A special narrow design, the convenience of which is felt almost immediately. All it takes is one haircut to realize what a big plus this is.

·        Despite its low price, it performs like a much more expensive haircut.

·        Keeps its charge long enough without needing constant recharging

·        There are some complaints about its use, but it serves its purpose


How to use a trimmer? Vegetation in the bikini zone – a huge problem for many members of the women. What are not going to modern women for the sake of a smooth attractive skin in such a delicate place: vaksir, laser, shugaring, depilatory cream, shaving loom. But not only are these all time-consuming, they also require an impressive outlay. And many of these procedures are incredibly painful and even dangerous. And to go to the master will not dare every girl. But, fortunately, science does not stand still, and today in the care of a man can do without the mirror, water and even soap. And all thanks to an ordinary trimmer, which helps to get rid of excess vegetation in a few minutes in the most delicate areas. Unlike the well-known trimmer, it can do the job in a painless way. With its help, you can not only remove vegetation in the bikini area, but also to create unusual intimate designs. The main thing is to find the right tool that will 100% cope with the task at hand.


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