best dog clippers for thick coats

The 10 Best Dog Clippers for Thick Coats (Reviews)

One day you’ll discover that your dog needs a hairstyle. But why go and pay a costly groomer who will charge an arm and a leg for it? When you turn up with your dog’s hair tangled, be sure that they always ask a little extra for the work.

You know your dog is far better than anybody else. So why not cut its hair, and also save time, nerves, and money while doing so. In this case, you can make sure the job is clearly done the way you like, which guarantees that you do it in the most effective manner possible to keep your dog comfy.


1. Andis Super AGR+ Rechargeable Detachable Blade Clipper

best dog clippers for thick coats


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This ultra-quiet, lightweight, and also effective dog clipper is optimal for animals with thick hair. The Andis Super AGR+ Rechargeable Detachable Blade Clipper can be utilized for day-to-day brushing procedures. The Sensa-Charge featuring battery charger can charge the battery completely within an hour, without causing the battery to overcharge. Additionally, the Refresh switch can be applied for recharging as well as reconditioning the battery overnight. One of the most intriguing functions of this clipper is that it is removable and cordless, making it an ideal pet grooming device for dogs that cannot remain still during the clipping.

This clipper has been made to guarantee extended use during its effective work to go through the thick hair of your dog. It includes a 4×4 blade drive to use the additional torque. This product offers as much as 3800 SPM for a great trimming experience. It also features a high-capacity battery pack to provide continuous running within an hour. Offering these functions makes this professional clipper the best grooming device for your harsh-furred family pet.

It is lightweight yet sturdy with an ergonomic design, which is needed for a good dog clipper. The case has additional damage protection, which makes it durable even if it hits the ground.

It is maintenance-free, so you do not have to fret about greasing or oiling its inner parts. The blades are removable so you can conveniently clean or replace them when necessary.

This Andis Super AGR+ Rechargeable Detachable Blade Clipper includes ShowEdge, CeramicEdge, and UltraEdge blades, all of which are top-quality blades that can cut thick hair coat smoothly.

This efficient clipper additionally features a high-grade rotating motor, which is especially good at finding its way through coarse hair and provides precise cutting for a lot of dog breeds.

The battery pack is removable, and it can be conveniently recharged within an hour.

The entire package is equipped with damage protection, ergonomic handpiece, powerful rotation moment, battery pack, a charging stand, # 10 CeramicEdge blade, user manual, and also clipper oil.

Features of this model:

    1. It can function as a corded dog clipper when the ARGC cord block is attached to it
    2. Quick and effective trimming
    3. It offers a firm grip during the grooming
    4. It is remarkably noiseless
    5. Maintenance is smooth without any use of grease or oil
    6. You may need to charge more often for continuous groomings one after another
    7. The replaced batteries may not work as powerfully as the original ones

2. Wahl Professional Animal KM10 2 Speed Brushless Motor Clipper Kit

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This power-packed clipper is famous for its high volume performance. Another terrific choice for your exceedingly furry good friend, the Wahl Professional Animal KM10 2 Speed Brushless Motor Clipper Kit, presents an opportunity to deal with full-body grooming in addition to comfortable use. This clipper has been specifically designed to provide dog owners along with professional groomers an optimal clipping experience using the decreased heat technology as well as power transfer.

The Wahl KM10 dog clipper can endure a continuous use of 10,000 hours! This clipper implies the 2-speed version that runs at 3000 strokes per min and 3700 strokes per min, thus allowing you not to spend a lot of time brushing your family pet. It is ergonomically designed and equipped with helpful speed-control for a consistent grooming experience even for the incredibly shagged dogs. Below there are some reasons why you should go with this clipper to cut your pet’s thick hair.

It has been specially constructed to provide a high efficiency by integrating power and comfort. It also includes Constant Speed Control that offers extra capacity for going through thick and matted hair, which facilitates fast grooming in difficult areas.

To reduce wrist exhaustion, this Wahl KM10 clipper offers premium control and comfort with its lightweight, low-vibration, accurately balanced, ergonomic style. You can use it for a whole day without causing it to heat up.

It comes with two various rates – 3000 SPM and 3700 SPM – both of which can effectively cut abundant hair, making it perfect for full-body cutting. The brushless electric motor technology offers a high torque, along with the durability that makes its work last for approximately 10,000 hours!

The blades are of exceptional quality and also they don’t bog down. Maximum torque is provided with the help of Constant Speed Control function even in hard areas. This helps the clipper run efficiently through the thickest hair. Both you and your family pet will take pleasure in the grooming process with this gadget.

The kit consists of blades of 10 sizes, instructions, and also clipper oil. While the clipper itself is produced in Hungary, the blade is USA made.

Features of this model:

  1. The 2-speed motor provides high SPM
  2. It is remarkably noiseless
  3. It has ergonomic design
  4. Blades can be easily detached for cleaning
  5. Some users reported the plug was a little faulty, but the piece we reviewed was perfect
  6. Wahl is calling it a brushless motor, but sometimes hair still gets stuck

3. Oster A6 Heavy Duty 3 Speed Clippers for Dogs

best dog clippers for thick coats

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Usually, pet owners describe dog grooming as a thankless task, especially when your family pet gets consequently terrified because of the sound and warmth produced by the clipper, and it takes a long time to obtain the desired result. Yet that is not the situation with the Oster A6 Heavy Duty 3 Speed Clipper.

It meets the demand of grooming for massively furry dogs in a rapid and also effective manner, without generating much noise or warmth. It has been specially designed to give the maximum possible convenience to your greatly furry buddy during the trimming. This is a choice that you should seriously take into consideration for your family pet’s straight hair cutting.

It is a 7.5-volt clipper that operates much faster and easier than the majority of other clippers because of its time-saving and one-handed functions. It is also quiet as it features vibe isolators to absorb noise.

This clipper has also 3-speed setups, 12 ft cable, and a faceplate to keep the hair out of the tool. The motor in this clipper is potent and it features three different rate setups at 3100 SPM, 3600 SPM, and 4400 SPM. This ensures that this Oster A6 remains impressive and greatly helpful for trimming thin as well as thick hair coats.

The blades are removable and can be easily cleaned and kept, or potentially replaced with new ones. This clipper features a cryogen #10 blade that is extremely sharp and very sturdy.

This professional clipper is made using zinc alloy technology that guarantees high durability and toughness of the gadget. What’s more, this technology makes the clipper comfortable and lightweight, enabling you to hold this clipper with a firm grip. The power cord has a comfortable pigtail extension for a power filter. This makes the power cord a space-saving additional item.

Features of this model:

  1. It features three different speeds for cutting through coarse and matted hair
  2. The motor is impressively strong
  3. It is durable, comfortable, and lightweight
  4. The high-quality cryogen blades are detachable
  5. It runs quietly and is vibration-free
  6. It remains cool even after being used for a long period of time
  7. It needs an outlet for its power source
  8. The rubber grip material might tend to peel off after being used for a long period

4. WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

best dog clippers for thick coats

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Cutting and trimming your dog’s thick hair is a tedious job. However, some new trimmers are constantly emerging on the market. This makes it less requiring than it used to be. Anyway, this is what you ought to take into consideration.

First of all, the clipper has lithium batteries. So, it outperforms the available battery-powered equipment by delivering the run-time of long continuance. The bright side is, this negates the need for constant charging and enables flawless cutting. Moreover, it is exceptionally smooth and steady. Additionally, its battery is fantastic and also works for a more prolonged period. Besides, it has an extra depth adjustment on the left side, which is a readily accessible part. The construction of the clippers is extraordinarily convenient and also permits a good hold.

The pack itself comes with two setups of blades and also oil for the details to run efficiently. It is worth mentioning that the blades are firm and sharp. For sure, if you have been looking for the most effective clipper for thick coats, this should be your primary choice. It has every one of the highlights of a dog clipper for coarse hair.

Features of this model:

  1. ​Cordless
  2. ​Smooth structure
  3. ​Premium form
  4. ​Easy to handle
  5. ​Slower speeds of operation
  6. ​Too noisy
  7. ​Requires oiling for use

5. Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

best dog clippers for thick coats

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For those of you who need the very best high-quality dog clipper for their thick-coated family pets, the Andis Clipper is the way to go. First of all, this clipper is dark brown, which makes its appearance notable.

The clipper includes remarkable features, making it a leading selection right now. Besides, it comes with a detachable blade, offering you an opportunity to change the blade when it loses its intensity. Moreover, the blade is very easy to clean, so you can use it without having to spend much trouble on maintenance.

Remarkably, the 2-speed motor provides the clippers a powerful strike, allowing it to run up to 4400 SPM, making the trim procedure quicker and smoother. More so, the Andis AG in a protective case is available. The 4X4 blade drive offers 25% power and torque to the blade for quick and simple cutting thick or matted hair. To take care of the device without any problems, the unit is additionally equipped with a detachable blade drive cover. The engine is surprisingly silent, it does not create a loud buzzing that can scare your dog. Beyond that, the construction of the clipper is durable and exceptionally sturdy. Additionally, it is shatterproof, and also can fit like a glove in your hand.

The design is risk-free, so your family pet is not vulnerable to dangerous artificial substances. With help of the 14-inch cord you will undoubtedly be able to relocate these clippers without stumbling or encountering risk. Besides, it does not require too much effort. This set of clippers supports the screw switch, which protects the system from closing unintentionally. What is important, this will protect you from destructive power.

The sectors of this system are made of mostly high-grade materials to guarantee their long life as well as safeguard them from idling or extra amortization. You do not need to oil the parts of these clippers. The detachable blades of ten sizes are firmly fit using the precise pivot factor of the latch of that set of clippers.

Features of this model:

  1. ​Good quality
  2. Easy to utilize
  3. ​Remarkably quiet
  4. ​Robust and solid
  5. ​Affordable costs
  6. ​It’s a shatter-proof
  7. Limited blades
  8. ​The large motor makes it heavy

6. Bonve Pet Dog Grooming Clippers

best dog clippers for thick coats

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To start with, the Bonve Clipper is perfect for ordinary dog owners searching for moderate dog clippers. They are cordless clippers, and they also feature a cord and charging stations. Considering that it is a set of hair clippers, do not think that they reveal no usage and highlight nothing irregular. As an example, the blades are attractive with a high-temperature resistance as well as optimal solidity.

Furthermore, it has whatever you need to groom your family pet as it comes with different blades. Generally, they are the very best dog hair clippers for the money, and you will certainly not discover as much worth for the price as the Bonve Pet dog set.

The much better rotating electric motor offers sufficient power together with quick hair trimming and smooth cutting. You will not disturb your family pet with this quiet electric motor that activates less than 50 dB. Much more so, it comes with a full arrangement of hair grooming device that can deal with the majority of your problems. The charging station gives a steady voltage that does not affect the life of the battery. It is valuable if charging is repeated.

Features of this model:

  1. ​Cordless
  2. ​Robust and high-quality clippers
  3. ​The adjustable and divisible blade
  4. ​Lightweight and comfortable grip

7. Domipet Dog Electric Clipper Pets Shaver

best dog clippers for thick coats

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This device is absolutely among the other elegant kinds of clippers with a 360° design and 3-speed setup. There is also an option of adjusting the fine tuning of the clipper to ensure that you can save settings for any type of hair fitting any size of your dog.

Every one of the blades is made of ceramic to guarantee that you get a sharp, smooth shave each time.

You will certainly discover that there are extra broad combs included so that you can additionally target larger pets and also speed up the time it takes to brush your dog.

This has an attractive LED display that is used to show the settings you have saved, along with a 33 tooth comb that aids in preventing any snags or pulls.

You can be sure to obtain excellent use out of this clipper as it has around 5 hours of operating time. So if you have several pet dogs, this may be a great option.

Features of this model:

  1. Lightweight design with a comfortable grip for all sized hands
  2. 360° charging with 5 hours operating time
  3. 2000mAh battery
  4. Low vibration design
  5. 3-speed shift
  6. The handgrip is built to fit smaller hands

8. Bousnic Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers Kit

best dog clippers for thick coats

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This product can be found at the least expensive set of clippers that you can get on Amazon.com. While they are cheap on the rate, it does not imply that they do not get the job done. That’s why they have made it in my list of best dog clippers for thick coats on the market.

These clippers are whisper-quiet ensuring you that your dog will have an excellent smooth, comfortable experience when undergoing grooming.

It uses a 2-speed setup with a 2200Mah battery to provide you around 90 minutes of brushing time.

If you are trying to find a set of clippers while you are on the move, this is the appropriate selection for you while you will not obtain the very same result as several of the lot more pricey clippers on the list.

You will get a reasonably good job done and also USB charging; you will certainly have not a problem with finding someplace to plug it into.

While these clippers are a fantastic gadget what you obtain, they, regrettably, are not the best choice for you if you have a thick-coated dog.

They are claimed to be tailored for all thickness of coats, yet they do not align with what it states when it comes to the work. Although, there are many other add-on blades that you have the option of purchasing for different breeds as well as densities.

It may be worth trying that on if you are looking for a low-cost option.

Features of this model:

  1. Cheap costing great product
  2. Cordless use
  3. USB Chargeable
  4. International use
  5. Whisper-quiet
  6. Lifetime product guarantee
  7. Not good on thick coated dogs
  8. 90 minutes of use when grooming
  9. Causes slight snags when using with combs
  10. Need to stroke two times to get a good cut

9. Cyrico 3-speed Dog Clipper

best dog clippers for thick coats

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To start with, Cyrico has hands-on experience with incredible quality pet products, and it offers fantastic administration to all consumers. Moreover, they have long been associated with the managing of dog clipping makers, which led to terrific recognition in the market.

Remarkably, the clipper has a rechargeable 2200mA Li-particle battery. This uncompromising dog clipper can operate for as much as 5 hours with a full charging time of only 3 hours.

Such extensive timing is optimal for the skilled groomer. The pet clipper can be used not only as cordless, but also as corded. So, say goodbye to tension for a long time, when working much longer! More so, this dog brushing machine has ceramic blades with outstanding sharpness which produce less heat than the double-hardened steel blades. The working noise of this machine is around 60 decibels and does typically not terrify canines.

Features of this model:

  1. ​Equipped with rechargeable Li-particle batteries
  2. ​Excellent hardened steel brush
  3. ​Produce less heat after more extended working hours
  4. ​Short working hours
  5. ​Limited blades

10. Wahl Arco SE Professional Cordless Pet Clipper

best dog clippers for thick coats

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Technology has started to develop regularly. The clipper companies are setting up as well. At this point, the most effective dog clippers for thick coats are cordless. Long gone are the days of carrying your cable almost everywhere around your home.

It led to the fact that you can use your clippers anywhere. The Wahl Arco SE Professional Cordless Pet Clipper is excellent for a person who seeks an effective cordless dog clipper for thick hair. This clipper for pet dogs with coarse hair is a very powerful one. Most of you might wonder about the charge. Well, strangely enough for the substantial power it creates, it can run a great deal on a cordless mode. So do not stress over them shutting off during your pet grooming session.

No clipper can be the best dog clipper for thick coats unless it is powerful. Thankfully, this clipper cuts at 5500 strokes per minute, which is more than any expert dog clipper. Despite being so active, it remains relatively silent. The blades are sharp and also removable. It is additionally available in a collection of numerous other devices. Combs, cleaning brush, oil, and instruction book are in a set.

Features of this model:

  1. Cordless clipper
  2. Cuts at 5500 strokes per minute
  3. Detachable blade
  4. Great set of clippers for someone who has never done any grooming before
  5. They are professionally recommended
  6. Easy to use
  7. It doesn’t get hot
  8. The body may break if fall harder
  9. There is only one tab that keeps the blade head on the clippers
  10. May get a bit hot if used for a long time


How to Find a Dog Clipper for Trimming Heavy Hair Coat?

First of all, it is essential for you to determine what dog clipper would work best for your thick-haired buddy. Here are some details that you have to think about while acquiring a dog clipper to trim the unmanageable hair covering your dog.

Strokes per Minute: Greater SPM – Strokes per Minute or SPM is a crucial aspect that decides the length of time it can take to trim the hair. For a dog with extreme hair growth, a clipper with a stroke array of 3000-4000 SPM is suggested as it can smoothly cut through a heavy hair layer. Picking clippers with less stroke range than this array would cause uneasy and unequal grooming. Don’t also think about scissors or shearer – the results may be harmful to you or your beloved animal.

Grooming dogs with thick hair

Weight and Hold: Appropriate Equilibrium with Efficient Grip and Light Weight – You should avoid using any clipper that is hefty since it may cause your wrist to feel tired. Once more, a clipper whose grip is not secure will tend to slip out of your hand now and then. All these can potentially create accidents that can harm your pet dog or your hand.

The most effective clipper must be lightweight, with a consistent equilibrium and also firm grip that will undoubtedly reduce the pressure on your wrist and also cut in a safe and efficient way.

Several Rates: High-Speed Spectrum – This is an additional important feature worth trying to find in a dog clipper that works with thick coat of hair. The higher the speed, the quicker will the trimming process end. Your dog will not have to wait for a long time to be free from its heavy furring. Select a clipper that can switch over quickly between low and high-speed ranges, as it will facilitate much better cutting within a short period.

Silent Electric Motor: Motor Needs to Be Noise-Free – In case your pet happens to drop under the nervous category with a tendency to get stunned quickly, choosing a dog clipper with a quiet motor is a must. Noisy clippers can make these loving creatures uneasy, which subsequently makes the grooming process difficult. An appropriate dog clipper will definitely make a minimal sound while efficiently trimming a heavy coat.

Accessory Combs: Comb for Trimming – To trim the thickened coat of your dog uniformly, you will require a proper comb. Combs are readily available in different products as well as blades, but you should try to find the one that will certainly be best suited for your dog. It is also essential that your clipper’s blade and head enable the comb to cut your dog’s hair flawlessly yet securely.

So, now that you understand all the necessary points to search for in your dog clipper let us take a look at the best dog clippers for thick coats for you to make your choice.

Are the Dog Clippers Similar to Human Clippers?

Dog clippers are uniquely developed and constructed in comparison to human clippers. Dog clippers are designed as much more quiet and also low-vibration. Also, clippers blades for dogs must stay sharp for longer due to the quite sensitive skin of the dog.

My Clipper is not Cutting, What Might be the Problem?

Regular factors for the absence of clean cuts of dog clippers are blunt cutting edges, small electric motor, or a dead battery. Dog cutting equipment requires routine upkeep to enable a regular daily trimming.

Do I Need to Maintain My Clipper?

All blades of the clippers require a usual honing as well as oiling. Regular honing extends the life of the blades and helps them preserve their ideal cut. Hone the blades as soon as your animal hair clipper begins to blunt and also eradicate the hair instead of cutting it.

Things to Consider When Buying the Dog Clippers for Thick Coat

First, you need to understand which dog clippers are best for your thick-haired buddy. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a pair of dog clippers to trim your dog’s unmanageable hair.

Weight and grip

You should select a legitimate balance with sufficient grip and low pressure. Likewise, you should avoid using the clippers, which is too bulky as it can make your wrist tired. Once again, a clipper whose grip is not in alliance with your hand will definitely slide out of your hand sometime.

Grooming dogs with thick hair

You should consider just how much weight as well as the grasp of a clipper when obtaining one for your dog. Dog clippers with less weight and also proper grip will undoubtedly be the very best thing for you, as it will be easier to hold as well as make a cool as well as a stunning cut of your dog’s hair. You need to select a valid clipper that has been equilibrium with enough hold and also low weight.

You ought to avoid making use of clippers, which are substantial, because as it can make your wrist tired. It will undoubtedly surprise you at how quickly your wrist can get tired while puncturing that dense fur. This is especially true if you have a large type of dog to the bridegroom.

The take care of demands to be comfy and also very easy to grip. As well as know that a set of clippers without company grasp will usually slide out of your hand sometimes. Obtaining the clippers fall from your hand while you are working would not be excellent, and slipping clippers have the propensity to hurt you or your dog. The very best dog clippers for thick coats will certainly be lightweight and sufficient.


This is one more critical aspect to try to find in dog clippers for trimming a thick layer of hair. Exceptionally, the higher the rate, the much faster the shearing ends.

This is another essential characteristic you must try to find when getting a dog clippers for cutting a thick layer of hair. Individually, the higher the rate of the clipper, the faster the shearing finishes.

Grooming dogs with thick hair

You can likewise check for dog clippers with multiple rates. If your dog has a thick coat, it is a great idea to obtain a clipper collection that has numerous rates. You can utilize the higher rates to cut the mass of the unneeded fur, and the slower pace will undoubtedly aid you in making the dog’s hair look penalty and also tune your dog’s look.

If your dog has stress and anxiety regarding the grooming procedure, therefore it will be essential to finish as rapidly as feasible.


The engine must be noiseless if your pet dog happens to drop under the disconcerting rating, with the tendency to be rightly terrified. Right now, the option of clippers with a silent engine is an outright necessity.

The Clipper’s sound must be marginal, and In fact, it should be noiseless. If the clipper’s music is discovered to be worrying, there will undoubtedly be a tendency for your dog to be properly frightened. Therefore, the selection of clippers with a quiet engine is an overall need.

Grooming dogs with thick hair

A collection of clippers that gives off little noise will go a long way in helping your distressed dog to loosen up. You do not want to distress your dog whenever you go to groom them. Also, it will certainly not be excellent if your dog were to move instantly why you were functioning; it may make the cutting look rough. Therefore, see to it that the best dog clippers you will undoubtedly obtain will undoubtedly be sufficient enough to get the job done while staying reasonably silent.


The brushes are readily available in various products and also dimensions. Nonetheless, you need to search for the one that is best for your dog.

Grooming dogs with thick hair

You ought to get the very best comb for your dog. The combs are available in various products and also sizes. However, you need to search for the one that is best for your dog. Brushing your dog is crucial as well as it is an essential way to keep them healthy and also to obtain closer with them. The level of the brushing they require will depend mainly on their type.

If your dog has a thick layer, you will certainly have to brush him in all-time in an attempt to lower dropping while maintaining them looking great. You do not have to fret that your dog’s layer is too thick to handle by yourself. That does not have to be true. With some study, you locate the very best dog clippers for thick coats, and also this can conserve you a great deal of time while saving your dog from a fair bit of stress and anxiety.

Attachment Combs

To attain an expert looking results on your dog from house, you will undoubtedly require some dog clippers with attachable overview combs. These combs assist you in making your dog’s hair fresh as well as; also, it enhances their coats. It will make your job straightforward if you currently recognize what length you desire your dog’s fur. Many sets occur with numerous length alternatives, and with some guess-and-check work as well as you can find the very best range to match your dog.

Strokes Per Minute

We measure the power of a pair of dog clippers in strokes per min. If your dog has long or thick hair, you have to get a clipper with a ranking of 3000-4000 SPM. If you obtain any rating lower than this may entangle in your dog’s fur, offering you unbalanced results as well as potentially creating pain for your family pet.

The battery

The toughness and buildings of the clipper battery ought to be considered when getting a battery for your thick-haired dog. The clipper needs to surpass the prominent battery-powered devices by delivering up to numerous of the run-time, as well as allows for uncompromised cutting.

To a better extent, it has to be incredibly smooth as well as flawless. And also, its battery must last for a much more extended duration.


The look for the dog clippers for thick coat relies significantly on the simplification of the hairstyle. Trimming the hair in a moist environment is the point where your dog needs it most, because the much shorter the hair, the colder it is.

Grooming dogs with thick hair

We have highlighted the best and less costly clipping devices which contain various blades and combs, brushes, cleaning agents, and even more, and also have remarkable recognition.

Make your point to get one. The very first 3 in this post are the first course and have features that your dog will certainly appreciate.


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