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The 10 Best Horse Clippers for Body Clipping and Legs (Review)

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Have you taken your horse for a great workout and later see that its coat is sweat-soaked after the work session? A horse’s coat is thick, so it takes a very long time to dry it, especially if a work session was considerably long. This means that they will undoubtedly feel cold later on. That is why it is reasonable to use the best horse clippers to clip the hair of animals that you frequently take on workouts.

Equines have a thick coat, and their skin produces oil in the wintertime. This helps them to stand up to the chilly or wet weather and to hold the comfortable temperature. However, it could be undesirable if the horse if constantly perspiring after an exercise. To see to it that your horse stays in good condition, it is best to clip its hair regularly as part of the routine care.

Today we offer you an overview of the ten best horse clippers for body clipping and legs. We hope you will like it and find it useful.


1. Wahl Professional Arco Equine Clipper

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On the first place in our list we have the Arco Equine Clipper from Wahl. It’s a lightweight cordless clipper that makes horse trimming a really fast and simple job. Due to the fact it is cordless, you can quickly cut your horse while on ranch.

Features of this model:

  • Among the significant features of the Arco is its 5-in-1 detachable blade, which permits you to rapidly and effectively work with practically any kind of coat. It’s also capable of running without a stop for approximately 80 minutes while demanding only 75 minutes of charging time.
  • As a high-quality product made by Wahl, which is among the most widely known brands speaking about hair clippers, you can undoubtedly rely on the Arco’s efficiency. It’s powerful enough to trim even such complicated areas as fetlocks remaining quiet enough: something which is truly useful for keeping noise-sensitive pets relaxed.
  • Apart from that, the 5-in-1 blade can conveniently readjust between 9-10-15-30-40 length. With the Arco’s ergonomic design, you can comfortably hold it in your hand, which provides you maximum secure grip. It additionally prevents you from having shoulder and wrist exhaustion.
  • In this package there are additionally four accessory guide combs, blade oil, cleaning brush, DVD with instructions, battery charger and charging stand, and a storage case.

2. Andis ProClip 2-Speed Clipper

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The AGC 2-Speed from Andis is versatile and also long-lasting clipper that includes both low and high speeds, making it ideal for providing your horse with total grooming. Apart from that, its pride is a quiet operation, which is especially advantageous for keeping your noise-sensitive animals calm.

Features of this model:

  • The clipper comes with an additional adjustable UltraEdge blade, which allows you to trim your horse’s hair with outstanding effectiveness and accuracy. Besides that, you can rely upon this blade’s resilience and durability. It also comes with a special chrome finish, which guards it from corrosion, giving you an unparalleled remedy that can last for several years.
  • What’s more, the Andis ProClip 2-Speed clipper’s blade is also detachable to allow for simple cleaning and adjustment. The clipper is compatible with any CeramicEdge, ShowEdge, and UltraEdge blade. It also works perfectly well with Oster A-5 blades.
  • What is also worth mentioning about this clipper is its two-speed rotary electric motor, which is valuable for its exceptional performance. It allows you to achieve precise cutting of your horse’s hair. The only caveat is that it’s not cordless, for this reason, you’ll maybe have to face with a possibility of cable tangling. Nevertheless, the 14-ft long cord is sturdy, so you do not need to bother about any damage.

3. Oster Clipmaster Clipper

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Developed for thorough clipping, the Oster Clipmaster is a lightweight tool that allows you to get the grooming work done quickly and conveniently. It’s optimal for use on large animals, including horses, llamas and sheep.

Features of this model:

  • Among the attributes of the Oster Clipmaster is its variable speed setting, which ranges from 700 to 3,000 strokes per minute. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy a reliable trimming. Apart from that, it also features a flexible tension knob so that you can accurately readjust its blade, and also a cool-running motor that runs silently.
  • What is also great about the Clipmaster is its sturdy housing, which is lightweight yet shatter-proof. Consequently, you don’t have to fret about any damage as a result of a fall as it’s made from a durable and long-lasting material. Also, it’s a sturdy clipper that’s meant for efficient and stable cutting.
  • Though it doesn’t look as grandeur as other several models on this list, it is an exceptional clipper when grooming your horse’s coat is demanded. The package consists of a cleaning brush, a top and a bottom blade, grease, a long-lasting case with blade compartments, and an additional intake screen.

4. Oster Golden A5 Grooming Clipper

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The Oster Golden A5 is a clipper that’s created for fast and simple cutting. It’s a 2-speed tool that permits you to adjust the speed effortlessly using a switcher. It’s a bit larger as contrasted to the options stated above. Regardless, its 12-ft cable gives outstanding maneuverability when grooming your horse.

Features of this model:

  • Thanks to its detachable Cryogen-X blade, you can expect this clipper to last for long. Besides being resistant to rust and corrosion, the cryogenically treated blade is also developed to be fairly heavy-duty and durable.
  • If you need an affordable clipper that can get the job done for you, then you might consider opting for this one. It’s an economical alternative that is durable, resilient, and also perfect for usage not merely on your horse but on some other pets as well.
  • To sum it up, the Golden A5 is a popular clipper with people who own a little horse. It’s durable, has the right amount of power, and also is top quality as well as other popular products from Oster. Nonetheless, it can get relatively warm during the operation; for this reason, you have to cool it regularly.

5. Wahl Show Pro Plus

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Next on our list we have the Show Pro Plus from Wahl. It’s a medium-duty clipper that’s excellent for trimming the face, fetlocks, bridle path, and ears of your horse. In addition to that, it can also manage with light body clipping.

The Show Pro Plus includes a single-speed feature with 7,200 strokes per minutes. This permits you to get a quick yet effective trimming to keep your horse look its best at all times. At the same time, its adjustable taper lever lets you set the blade size effortlessly. There are three different blade sizes to select from: # 10, # 15, and # 30.

Features of this model:

  • Measuring only 15.8 ounces and weighting 6.5 inches, it is a lightweight portable clipper. Although it’s not cordless, its 8-ft long cable is quite enough to provide you the maneuverability you need while brushing your animal.
  • The whole package includes a face brush, which lets you remove any dirt, sweat, or hair quickly, an educational DVD giving you the details on how to groom your horse correctly, and several other devices.
  • In conclusion, the Show Pro Plus is no doubt an excellent choice for light to medium-duty clipping. However, keep in mind, that it’s not perfect for use on animals with thick hair. That’s why, you’ll perhaps wish to use this as an additional clipper.

6. Andis AGC2 Super 2-Speed Clipper (green)

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So far as concerns animals, in particular horses, clippers, Andis is famous for top quality, power, and resilience. The Andis AGC2 Super 2-Speed Clipper is specially designed for grooming of large variety of pets. This means you will not have any problems with body clipping your horse and at the same time with brushing something like a Pomeranian. It’s detachable blades, option to combine it with interchangeable blades, and shatter-proof housing system make this sample one of the best overall horse clipper.

Features of this model:

  • Cuts through thick coats effortlessly, while remaining relatively quiet.
  • It’s certainly quieter than other clippers of the same power and size, so it’s a good option if your horse is sensitive to noise.
  • You can quickly switch or replace blades, which let you handle both body clipping and also delicate touch-ups working with the same clippers.
  • The clipper is compact and light enough to hold it with one hand without being a bodybuilder.
  • The blade mount needs regular cleaning under and around it to keep the device running well.
  • It’s still a great idea to pause from time to time and apply a coolant spray.
  • It does not come with a storage and transportation case.

7. Oster Variable Speed Clipmaster

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If you need power and precision, you’re not the only one. The Oster Variable Speed Clipmaster is made to manage large tasks (e.g., clipping an entire barn) without compromising the expert quality. This clipper is a total workhorse, and also it’s our choice for thick hair.

Features of this model:

  • Super heavy-duty, these clippers are developed for cutting through dense coats effortlessly. If you’re clipping a horse with thick hair, consider opting for this model.
  • They’re useful enough for full body clipping of many equines and precision cutting before you are ready to go.
  • It’s an excellent choice if you’re body clipping heavy breed horses.
  • You get what you spend for: high quality, power, and longevity.
  • The shatter-proof body protects your clippers in case you drop them.
  • Variable speed settings and also a 3″ head assists you to get the job done rapidly.
  • Includes a durable storage case, oil, and a cleaning brush.
  • It’s a valuable financial investment, so if you are on a tight budget, it might be out of your spending plan.
  • Boosted power suggests more noise, so this isn’t the clipper for you if your horse is extremely sensitive to the noise of clippers.
  • It has a much more substantial and bigger housing system (13″), so be aware of the fact that the job may be tough. It’s not the best option if mobility is your main concern. The size and weight also make it less maneuverable for precision jobs (e.g., face, ears, legs).

8. Double K Industries Groomer’s Edge Power Clipper 401

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If you don’t need body clipping and wish just to do some regular grooming, the Double K Industries Groomer’s Edge Power Clipper 401 could be the perfect option for you. It’s quite easy to work with it, however, you may need to get used to it first.

Features of this model:

  • This clipper boasts as much as five times the power of standard clippers, which is a lot.
  • The variable motor system feeds power to the clipper itself without the risk of overheating.
  • Cutting through thick, matted, or damp hair of big equines is not a problem.
  • You can wall mount the electric motor if wanted. It also has an additional security chain.
  • It remains silent during the cutting, so it’s a benefit for sensitive equines.
  • The cord between the motor and the clipper is quite short – only 5 feet.
  • This isn’t a grab-it-and-go clipper. The separate motor and power systems indicate this won’t be a practical choice if you want to take your clipper to shows or do a quick retouch.
  • These are professional clippers that will need more thorough maintenance to keep them in good condition (as well as repairs will be considerably more expensive).

9. Lister Star Clipper Heavy Duty

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These sturdy clippers are developed for thick coats, and will not get stuck or clog while being used. They are powerful, reliable, and quick – just everything you need for a great tidy cut, especially if you have a horse that isn’t that keen on the procedure.

Features of this model:

  • Holds a consistent speed even in areas where the coat is especially thick. You won’t have to worry about the clippers slowing down in more complicated areas, which can give you an uneven cut. These clippers will literally glide on.
  • Overload switch is a beneficial attribute as it will securely guard the electric motor from damage if the clippers become clogged or stuck.
  • Includes transportation case, blade oil, and instructions. This is a welcome money saver as you will not need to get a separate case to transport your clippers – they are available in their own specially created protective box.
  • Light enough to use for extended periods. Unlike some clippers which are so heavy they leave you with a sore arm, these ones are light enough to use for hours. It’s a great bonus in case you have a whole herd lined up.
  • Can be noisy. If you have a horse that does not seem to like the clipping procedure, you will expect it to be as quiet as possible not to scare the animal. Some customers have reported these clippers to be on the loud side.
  • May vibrate more than some other models. Because they are sturdy clippers, some amount of vibration is difficult to prevent. It may be wise to probe these clippers on a horse who is happy to be clipped so you can see how much the vibration is most likely to influence one that does not like it.

10. Lister Legend Large Animal Clipper

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A solid and sturdy machine, this set is great at powering its way even through thick and matted hair. Its slim ergonomic design makes it comfortable in hand, which is an essential function if you have a particularly large or hairy horse, or if you have plenty of animals to clip one after another.

Features of this model:

  • The motor is really potent. With its 150W, it makes the machine enormously strong. It can keep going all day and will go through the hair effortlessly.
  • Ventilated head and air-cooled blades. This is to guarantee that the parts closest to your horse’s skin do not get hot and create pain.
  • The grip is possible to set in multiple ways. A terrific feature that permits you to change position when you prefer, while still perfectly fitting. It can be challenging to clip particular areas with your hand in the same position, so the fact that you can regulate these clippers will help you.
  • Sound and vibration are kept to a minimum. The electric motor has rubber mountings which help to decrease excess noise. It’s excellent for the horse that is nervous or much less patient during the grooming.
  • Can easily get hot if used on an oily coat. Bear this in mind if you are clipping a horse that hasn’t had a bath in a while! You may require to have a 5 minute break to allow the blades to get cool again before continuing.
  • The price is rather high. As all of us know, you have to pay for quality, and these clippers are not an exception. Consider them as a financial investment as they will certainly last you for many years to come.


Do horses need to be clipped?

Strictly speaking, no. Horses grow long coats in the winter season because they demand long coats in the winter season. A horses’ wintertime coat keeps them warm, stops excessive drying out of the skin, and also repels moisture.

If you dwell in a hot area, and your horse tends to grow an extremely long coat that might be discomfortable during your winter season, clipping can become necessary. In other situations clipping may depend on aesthetic appeals or individual preferences and also might be required for some performances.

Can you do all clipping tasks with the same pair of clippers?

The ideal variant is keeping a smaller sized set of lightweight clippers for narrow locations such as around the fetlocks, under the jaw and in the ear area. Use larger, sturdy clippers for full-body clipping. Besides, it’s always a great idea to have a spare set of clippers in case you are having an equipment breakdown in the middle of a clipping session.

How do you prepare clippers for trimming?

Make sure that the clippers are clean and also well-oiled before you start. Put a thin layer of lubricating oil over the blades and turn them on for approximately half a minute with the blades facing downward so that excess oil will trickle off. Wipe them down before you begin.

How do you take care of the clipper blades while clipping?

Clean and oil the blades from time to time while clipping. Every fifteen minutes or so, dip the blades into a blade cleansing lotion and let them work for a few seconds to wash off dirt and hair. Wipe them dry and then spray them lightly with a lubricating product, such as WD-40. If your clippers have overheated, switch them out with your extra set to give them a possibility to cool.

What’s the best way to clean the clippers after clipping?

Take the blades off and clean them thoroughly with a small brush with stiff bristles. Make sure to remove any stuck hair. Clean the blades with a disinfecting blade wash, wipe them dry and then oil them. Wipe down the body of the clipper. Make sure everything is dry and properly oiled before reassembling the tool and putting it away.

What’s the best way to store horse clippers?

Keep your clipping equipment safely stored in a clean box or storage bag specially created for this purpose. If the device is in danger of being scratched, wrap it in a soft, completely dry fabric before storing. Don’t wrap the power cable around the device. Instead, fold it up “accordion-style” and fix it with a twist tie.

Are some coat colors harder to clip than others?

Light colors, especially white, are tough to clip because every line and mistake become visible at once. Lots of practice, as well as the use of a # 10 blade, can lessen this problem. Horses with a dark coat, particularly roan, are less complicated to clip because the texture of a dark roan coat hides lines and failures.

Is it harder to clip a miniature horse or a pony than a full-sized horse?

Unsurprisingly, all the little nooks and crannies on a mini or a pony make it a little bit harder to do a good clipping work. This is when it is essential to have an excellent collection of equine clippers in a range of sizes.

What’s the best way to clip a nervous horse?

If you can clip another, more experienced horse first in an area, preferably including using of an electric fence, where the anxious horse can see the process and hear the noise of the clippers, it’s good.

When you prepare to clip the nervous horse, start by giving the horse a chance to see and also smell the clippers. Do regular grooming and finish up by running the clippers over the horse with the motor OFF. Try performing a little clipping in a non-sensitive area, such as the shoulder or the chest, where the horse can see it and stay not terrified of being harmed by the unknown things.

You may wish to start clipping the locations the horse will allow for sure (in a symmetrical manner) and keep it at that for a first couple of times until the horse ultimately leave any uneasiness about clippers. Even though your horse will have a special haircut for a while, the time together with persistence you take into the process, will undoubtedly be worth it in course of time.

What can you do if clipping causes you pain?

If you are having discomfort in your arms, shoulders, or back as a result of clipping, then perhaps you have a clipper that doesn’t suit you personally. Try out some different sizes and designs to see which feels the most comfortable to you.

When should you clip a horse?

Generally, equines are body clipped in September, October, or November (but not in Australia!), relying on your specific climate, horse, and riding strategy.

“One and done” isn’t the case with horse clipping either, and you may end up reclipping every 3-6 weeks – or at least doing some touch-ups.

Best horse clippers

If you’re clipping for the cold weather, you can usually quit at some point in February.

Equines that regularly take part in competitions throughout the year might likewise be clipped year-round. Talk to your trainer if you’re unsure what to do.

Are the most effective horse clippers cordless?

Cordless horse clippers are far more preferable because first, you don’t have to clip near an electrical outlet (have you ever before tried to find a spare electrical outlet in a barn?) and second, you can move a lot more easily around your horse.

What are the best heavy-duty horse clippers?

If your horse has a particularly thick coat, you require clippers that will cope with the job. If you have a difficult task, go with the Groomer’s Edge Power Clipper 401.

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Why are horses shaved?

In the world of horses, it’s called “body clipping.” Equines are clipped to reduce huge masses of hair (typically thick winter season coats) to help them dry and cool much faster after exercise.

I was wondering how to body clip a horse?

You are starting by reading this article from the top, so you do not pick the wrong device, which is already half the work. Select the tool carefully in order not to regret clipping your horse later on.

What about horse body clipping stencils?

If you want to clip a specific pattern on your horse’s body, you can utilize a stencil as a guide. Stencilbum has lots of different designs, or you can purchase a customized model. We don’t recommend you to try this unless you’re well-practiced at clipping first.

What about the body clipping a horse in the summer season?

Some people choose to body clip their animals year-round, especially if they live in warm regions. As a rule, equines are clipped only for winter months.

What should I know about horse clipper blades?

Most importantly, be careful while holding them. Though horse clippers are made to be as secure as possible for both humans and animals, they’re still blades that can cause injury.

Horse clippers usually come with two blades, a lower blade (“comb”) and a moving blade (“cutter”) that work together to cut the hair.

Best horse clippers

Hair is fed through by the comb, and the cutter moves and actually cuts it. Blades vary, as do the size of clipping they execute. If you’re not sure what to use, the “number 10″ leaves hair 1/16” long and is considered to be one of the most popular medium blades.

Some clippers allow you to change and adjust the blades, and others do not. Be sure to check the particular model before purchase in case this is essential to you.

Clipper blades demand routine treatment, including sharpening and lubrication. You can get your blades honed at most local home appliance repair service stores. Or you can get your blade sharpener kit and also do it yourself.

What should I know about horse clipper input and output?

When you’re examining horse clippers, you’ll often see “strokes per minute” (SPM) listed by producers. Don’t put too much weight in this number, as manufacturers often determine it differently.

Usually, though, think of SPM as the “speed of the clippers.” The higher the SPM, the quicker the clippers can cut hair. For locations like ears, it can be great to have faster-moving blades that do not pinch hair much during cutting.

On the other hand, the quicker blades move, the hotter they can become. Faster moving blades also may not have the torque needed to go through thick hair like bridle paths or matted wintertime coats. Like most points, input/output can be variable.

What about body clipping a horse with Cushing’s?

One of the side effects of this disease is dense coat, which makes you do the grooming procedure regularly. Regardless of breed, it’s a hard condition to manage. Cushing’s disease can stop horses from shedding their thick wintertime coats properly, resulting in inadequate temperature regulation and discomfort.

The Oster Variable Speed Clipmaster is specifically created for dense coats, that’s why it can become your best choice.

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Body clipping a horse with Cushing’s (also partly) can help with body temperature regulation year-round (not only in the spring). Consult with your veterinarian to see if this is a good alternative for your horse.

What are the best horse clippers for thick hair?

The Oster Variable Speed Clipmaster is designed to manage huge tasks (e.g., clipping a whole barn). This clipper is a powerful machine and also can handle thick, damp, and matted coats effortlessly.

What are the best clippers for horse’s legs?

If you are clipping your horse’s legs, particularly around the fetlocks, every of the recommendations from this review will get the job done.

Note: If you have a cob type horse with extremely dense feathering on the legs, choose the sturdy Groomer’s Edge Power Clipper 401.

Horse clippers vs. dog clippers: what’s the difference?

Even if clippers are labeled for animals doesn’t mean they’re heavy-duty enough to body clip your horse. Lots of dog clippers, for example, are designed for understandably smaller jobs.

Best horse clippers

Yet, various other manufacturers like Wahl make clippers that match to both. Double-check if the clipper you’re purchasing is appropriate for the pet you’re clipping.

If you have horse clippers and want to give your dog a trim with it, don’t hesitate. Just be careful if your horse clippers are super sturdy and the dog you are grooming is little or sensitive. The tool is likely to manage the job.

What are the best mini horse clippers?

Taking your full-size horse clippers to a competition for a quick touch-up doesn’t make much sense. Luckily for those who are always on the go, we present several sturdy mini clippers ideal for taming hairs that are out of place for the show ring or unintentionally got missed in your home clipping work.

Both of these little clippers would be beautiful additions to your horse first aid kit, too!

Wahl Mini Arco Clippers: Weighting at just 4.9 ounces, this model is travel-sized and perfect for your show ring bag. It will provide the final trim demanding for your horse’s face, ears, and legs in a snap. Besides, you should not be worried about the battery life. They’ve got you covered for 45 minutes of cordless power.

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Wahl Super Pocket Pro: One AA battery is all it is required to make this palm-size clipper power up. This device is also adored for being quiet and lightweight at just 3 ounces.

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What are the quietest horse clippers?

If your horse is particularly sensitive to sound, quiet clippers will go to the top of your wishlist. Here are two of the quietest horse clippers with outstanding reviews.

Wahl Arco Equine 5-in-1 Cordless Horse Clipper. It is not only one of the best of our recommendations, but it is also among the quietest clippers on the market.

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Oster Finisher Equine Trimmer. This version boasts an effective whisper-quiet pivot motor built especially for noise sensitive equines. However, this one is only effective enough for local trimmings like face, ears, and legs, but not full body clipping.

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