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The 10 Best Nail Clippers for Cats (Review)

Getting the very best nail clippers for cats is very important for a variety of reasons, yet one attracts attention over the others: pet cats don’t like their nails cut. So you need to make the procedure as simple and easy as possible.

The only way to do that is to find a pair of feline nail clippers that are designed to meet your pet’s needs as well as have expert high quality. With the right set of clippers, you’ll find trimming your fuzzy friend’s nails a breeze. Plus, your furball will thank you when the task is done. Pet cats need their nails cut on occasion.

After a thorough viewing and research, we found a range of clippers that overtop the rest.

So, we present you our selection!


1. Dremel 7300-PT Pet Nail Groomer

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If you wish to clip your kitty’s nails, then Dremel Pet Nail Groomer does the job. Due to its high-quality stainless steel blades, you’ll find cutting nails simpler than ever with this tool.

Because of the one-of-a-kind style, most pet owners have discovered clean nail cuts virtually every time. The tool also guarantees no discomfort for your pet cat with a safety guard that works well.

Features of this model:

  • Quick cutting to make sure no discomfort for our felines
  • Includes a 100% money-back warranty
  • Stainless-steel blades offer fantastic work
  • Sharp blade. Keep away from the children
  • Needs sharpening when cutting

2. Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

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The most effective nail trimmer for pet cats is the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer. Made with extremely high-quality stainless steel, this item uses a straightforward way to help maintain the health of your pet.

Offering an easy way to cut your cat’s nails, the Safari tends to gather plenty of terrific reviews. They make the work a lot simpler.

Features of this model:

  • Makes cutting cat nails much easier
  • Sharp blades guarantee a clean cut and last a long time
  • Locking blades ensure security
  • Light rubber grips assist you to avoid slip-ups
  • Sharp blades that should be kept away from children

3. Epica Pet Nail Clipper

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If you’re seeking a high-quality expert-grade clipper for your pet cats, then the Epica Pet Nail Clipper is the way to go. Their shape offers flawlessly spaced blades to ensure smooth clipping.

There’s also a safety lock to keep the blades secure when not being used. While stating family pets enjoy having their nails cut with these clippers will be a little over the top, we’ve found the procedure went a lot smoother when utilizing the Epica Clippers.

Features of this model:

  • Premium stainless steel
  • 100% lifetime warranty
  • Safety locks help you overcome concerns of painful cuts
  • Anti-slip handles offer much more safety for your feline
  • A little big for tiny breeds

4. Boshel Pet Nail Clippers

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If you’re aiming to clip your cat’s nails, then Boshel Pet Nail Clippers gets the job done. Providing high-grade stainless steel blades, you’ll find cutting nails simpler than ever before with this device.

Due to its special design, most pet owners have found clean nail cuts almost every time. The design additionally ensures no pain for your pet with a safety guard that functions well.

Features of this model:

  • Quick cutting to cause no discomfort for our felines
  • Includes a 100% money-back warranty
  • Stainless steel blades offer excellent operation
  • Sharp blade. Keep away from the children
  • Needs sharpening when cutting

Perhaps this is one of the best nail clippers for cats!

5. INVENHO Pet Nail Grinder Electric Paw Trimmer

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Next on our list is INVENHO’s animal nail grinder. It has a diamond bit grinder tip that makes it more secure as well as less complicated to use than other kinds of tips. You also do not need to worry about changing the tip, or honing it every time.

With this grinder, you won’t have to bother with cutting your kitty’s nails too short, as it slowly and gradually grinds the claw. It has a powerful electric motor that is quiet enough not to scare your cat. There is less vibration with this trimmer, which offers you more control and won’t disturb your animal.

Features of this model:

  • Rechargeable
  • Features a trimmer and a grinder
  • A diamond tip that doesn’t need changing
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Low vibration
  • It takes longer than just clipping the nails
  • Might be too loud for some animals

Perhaps this is one of the best nail clippers for cats!

6. Pet Republique Pet Nail Clippers and Nail Grinder Series

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This professional nail grinder can be used on just about any animal in your home. It’s fantastic for cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, and rabbits! It features three different grinding stones that are interchangeable. There are additionally two different speed settings offered.

The electric motor is relatively silent, less than 60 decibels. Your pet won’t get frightened about how loud this grinder is. It has little vibration, which makes it work much longer between charges. The battery is rechargeable using USB as well as features quick-charging function.

Features of this model:

  • Reasonably silent
  • Economical
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Can be used on just about any animal
  • Three grinding stones
  • Two speed alternatives
  • Grinder heads need to be replaced eventually
  • Could be quieter

7. SHINY PET Cat Nail Clippers

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These great nail clippers from SHINY PET successfully changed our viewpoint on scissor design nail clippers. Clipping nails is simple and easy because of the razor-sharp stainless steel angled blade.

Grippy handles constructed to be anti-slip and ergonomic, which without a doubt offers the very best cutting experience of any style nail clippers we’ve tried.

The bows of the handles are the perfect size to provide a firm grip as well as comfort, also for those who have larger hands. Something that isn’t often the case with scissor clippers.

Made of 100% recycled plastic, they come with a training guide to aid you with your first clipping sessions. It’s for that reason safe to state that these stainless-steel nail clippers tick all the boxes for clipping your pet cat’s nails safely.

We ‘d previously felt that a pliers design provided far better handling as well as cutting performance overall, and we were wrong. These resilient cat nail clippers earn their place for showing us merely how wrong we were. A lifetime money-back warranty is a crowning achievement, providing you the opportunity to try these with no threat.

Features of this model:

  • The stainless steel blade
  • The handle is finished with a rubberized coating
  • For small pets

8. JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clipper

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JW Pet Gripsoft nail clippers are one more outstanding scissor-style clippers that we found to be exceptionally comfy to hold as well as smooth to maneuver.

They’re small enough to be able to cut through your pet cat’s claws with no problem, however substantial enough to hold firmly in position. Though there are some seriously stiff competitors for scissor-style cat nail clippers, these ones boast a precise cut that left us quite excited.

The tilted blades assist in supplying a much better view of what’s going on when compared to straight bladed scissors, and we felt that it offered much better control of the cutting pressure.

Felines’ nails need to be cut in numerous tiny clips, to lessen the risk of cutting too far or damaging the quick; these scissors are perfect for that. They’re small and powerful and do the task of cutting immediately. We’re impressed!

Features of this model:

  • Short length
  • Non-slip rubber handle
  • Very comfortable size
  • Suitable for all cat breeds

9. CleanHouse Pets Cat Nail Clippers

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These cat nail clippers from CleanHouse are ranked as one of the very best in the market according to people’s reviews. They’re offered in several sizes. However, you need to opt for a smaller sized set considering the larger designs are typically made for large dogs.

Once more, they’re built with stainless steel blades, guaranteeing sharpness and durability. We’ll talk more about the different devices used for pet cat nail clipping later, however, enough to say that a pliers style feels much more natural when compared to scissors or guillotine.

The handles are made of a non-slip material. Unless you have enormously greasy hands, you should have no issues. We found the grip to be comfy as well as safe and secure throughout cutting.

They cause not much stress in cutting a cat’s claws, and although it is not as much significant point, they look a bit prettier than the various other options on our list.

Features of this model:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Easy to use safety guard
  • Comfortable grip
  • Suitable for both dogs and cats

Perhaps this is one of the best nail clippers for cats!

10. Pet Republique Cat Nail Clippers

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Take a step from the pliers’ style nail clippers and have a look at one more great example of a scissors clipper.

Though we somewhat like the pliers system ourselves, this claw clipper from Pet Republique is an entirely feasible choice. They’re not quite as sharp as the pliers featured in this review, but they do cut quite potently.

The finger grips have a rubber coating to decrease slipping, as well as they, feel extremely sturdy to use. They seem to be strong enough, so we would certainly expect these to last a long time.

We appreciate that the manufacturer also donates 15% of all their profits to the American Animal Rescue Society. It has a 2-year warranty, which instantaneously gives you an understanding of the manufacturer’s confidence that this product will last. You also get a 1-month money-back warranty, so there’s no threat in giving it a try.

Features of this model:

  • Economical
  • Can be used on just about any type of pet


Types of Cat Nail Clippers

Much like everything else on the market, there are many various types of tools. This is great given that every person has a different level of experience, and also and not every cat will react the same way. Below you’ll find out all about the three most common kinds of pet cat nail clippers.

Grinding Tool Trimmers

Grinding Tool Trimmers

If cutting your pet’s nails makes you anxious, or you are afraid you’ll end up cutting a quick, you must think about using a grinding tool. There are several of them listed in the review section above. An abrasive tool has a small piece of sandpaper that slowly sands down your pet cat’s nails.

These are excellent because they’re much more gradual than both other sorts of clippers you’ll read about. They’re a lot slower and also easy to use for beginners or those who have fussy pet cats. Finally, when it comes to grinding tools, you won’t need to stress over filing the nails afterwards because the device does it for you!

These tend to be a little bit more costly. However, that can be worth it for the pleasure the product can bring you.

Guillotine Clippers

Guillotine Clippers

As you can tell by their name, guillotine clippers look like a guillotine because of the round space you’ll slide your cats nail into as the cutter goes through the circle. The name might appear frightening, yet do not be so scared. Even though these are the hardest clippers to utilize, if you’re experienced, you shouldn’t have a problem!

This sort of clipper will feel similar to a hole puncher in your hand. The blade is pulled by squeezing the sides of the handles. This gives you even more control and is comfortable to hold for more prolonged periods if your pet cat is worried a lot.

If you have a bigger cat, you may wish to avoid guillotine clippers. They’re not sturdy enough to cut bigger cat’s nails as they are created for smaller felines. This type of clipper is more challenging to use as well as provides not really much security.

The clipper will cut off the amount of nail you put into the round space, which increases the chances to cut a quick. If the nail isn’t angled appropriately, you might also end up crushing the cat’s nails. Both of these variants hurt our pet friends and should be prevented.

Scissor Clippers

Scissor Clippers

Scissor clippers are a sort of feline nail clipper that has handles that look like those of scissors, for this reason, the name. These are one of the most comfortable clippers to use, as you’ll have a lot more control due to their particular design.

They are also straightforward to cut with considering that you’ll have the ability to see exactly how much you’re cutting off, unlike guillotine clippers, where it can be tougher to judge what is going on. You’ll also have the ability to utilize scissor clippers on any size cat.

They’re durable, and you do not have to replace the blade that frequently as long as you hone it regularly. Scissor clippers are also much cheaper than other types of pet nail clippers. You do not need to sacrifice quality for price either, which is the most effective on both sides!

Human Toenail Clippers

If you do not have it in the budget plan to get special nail clippers or trimmers for your pet, you can make use of human nail clippers. It may be harder to do the job as human nail clippers are much smaller sized than the ones made for cats.

It can be difficult to operate with, and you may lack control a little bit. If you have no other option, it is great to use human nail clippers, as long as you’re paying extra attention to the quick while cutting.

What are they, and why do we need them?

Although a little obvious, nail clippers for cats are simply what the name suggests, these tools are utilized to cut the claws or nails of your felines. Much like people need to cut their nails to maintain hygiene, so do our furry pals. The problem is felines don’t have thumbs. So people have to give a helping hand to our adorable pet cats.

Why should you clip a cat’s nails?

In days past, people typically solved the problem of sharp cat claws by declawing their felines. In modern-day times, numerous veterinarians and cat owners consider this alternative to be a desperate measure.

Often you’ll discover that veterinarian surgeons will refuse to go through the procedure. This is because declawing causes your pet cat enormous pain and pain leads to wrong habits and continuous worry.

For those people who are cat owners or lovers, we need to prove the fact that cat scratches are a routine danger.

Cat’s feet

Clipping your cat’s nails is a humane and practical grooming approach for decreasing overgrown claws that profits both you and your furball. Though it is not the primary factor for doing so, minimizing your pet cat’s possibility of ruining your furniture is a reason you could wish to cut its nails.

Cutting claws offers convenience for both of you and your pet, especially if you have an active cat. Regular clipping your pet cat’s nails will make your friend get used to it so that, rather than fearing it, it ends up anticipate it readily.

A cat’s scratch can result in infections because of their tendency to contact with surfaces that are not spick-and-span. If fleas attack a feline, its scratch might cause you Bartonella henselae, which is also known as cat scratch disease. All it takes for your cat is to scratch you with claws that are damaged with flea feces.

When cats sharpen their claws, they are generally trying to get rid of the old, external layers of the nail. They don’t always manage to do a great work of this, and it’s particularly true that domestic cats struggle with the process because of the lack of rugged surface areas around the flat.

When they don’t cope with the effective removal of old nails, it can result in ingrown nails that are extremely disturbing for your pet cat. Ingrown nails then commonly cause bad infections that can be very harmful to your animal’s health, wellness and happiness.

Regular cutting makes sure that ingrown nails are prevented, and can help establishing a much closer relations between you and your cat.

Many veterinarians recommend that you introduce your kitty to nail clipping within the first six months of their life. This generally covers the completion of the socialization phase of a kitten’s growth.

Trying to introduce your pet cat to cutting after this period can be a hectic experience for both you and your pet for the very first couple of attempts.

How to clip a cat’s claws

Before we get into discussing how you ought to trim your cat’s nails, there are a few factors to consider beforehand. The following factors will affect how often and how much you cut your cat’s claws with a clipper.

  • Whether your cat has a scratching post. These instruments boost the toughness of your pet cat’s claws.
  • Whether your cat lives indoors. Home pets get much less possibilities to file down their nails normally.

For those who have fully domestic pet cats, it is recommended that you cut your cat’s nails once a week. It is, after all, suggested that you invest in a scratching post or a cat tower that has scratching posts installed.

If you have a scratching post in your house, you will possibly need to cut your pet cat’s nails every 15 days or two.

Hints and tips for cutting your cat’s claws

Acquainting your cat with nail cutting at an early stage is the most excellent way to ensure a comfortable and risk-free cutting experience. Unfortunately, most owners have often skipped this point.

You can reduce the discomfort throughout the first couple of clippings by buying a premium set of feline nail clippers (never use ordinary scissors).

Know the anatomy of your cat’s claws

Mostly cats have 18 claws, which are located with five on each front paw and also four on the rear ones.

A cat’s nails are typically retracted and can be extended by using pressure gently on the top and the bottom of each paw.

You can practice this in a relaxed atmosphere, usually to acquire experience as well as to normalize the conditions for your kitty.

You have to know how to determine the quick in addition to that. The quick is a vital organ that provides your cat’s paw with blood and also has nerves that give the nails strength. It’s equally as sensitive in cats as it is in us humans.

Cat’s feet

Lots of guides will suggest firstly that you have styptic powder on hand before you start clipping your pet cat’s nails. These are good recommendations, especially for those who are new to the technique.

If you are aggressive in your cutting, there is a strong possibility that you will cut this body organ. This will undoubtedly cause blood loss and a lot of discomfort for your pet. The quick can easily be identified by its color, which is typically red tinge or pink color.

If by all means you cut the quick, you can apply styptic powder to aid to stop the blood loss and also eliminate the painful feeling your pet will be going through.

You can additionally apply a portion of olive oil onto your feline’s claw, and it will immediately make the outlines of the quick distinctly noticeable.

Train your cat to be still while its paws are being touched

Felines do not usually withstand nail cutting. Sadly, pet cats don’t enjoy staying still for a long while their paws are being dealt with.

As with most processes, kittens are more suitable to this procedure than adult cats, yet with time older animals come to be open to it. It’s a process that takes patience.

Make the trimming experience not a fight

Pet cats have a superb memory, so as you try to trim its claws use your soft and gentle voice, it may seem crazy, yet it truly does help.

If you turn the situation into a battlefield, it will not get simpler by all means. If your kitty becomes angry within the process, the very best thing to do is to cease the procedure.

After the trimming session, you can make a point of awarding your pet cat for its endurance throughout the nail cutting.

When cutting your cat’s nails with a claw trimmer, it is always best to collaborate with another person. A few pet cats will relax for a 10-minute nail trimming, so having someone ready to help dealing with the kitty while you get to work can considerably speed up the trimming procedure.

Take each nail, and move steadily from one nail to another. If you’re in doubt regarding how much of the nail you need to clip, it is much better to get rid of too little then way too much.

Lastly, keep in mind that feline nail trimming resembles any other work; the technique plays the leading role.

What makes a good cat nail clipper?

Pet cat owners should not be afraid of this procedure. However, they should bear in mind that outfitting themselves with a set of the most effective cat claw clippers provides a better opportunity for a comfortable trim.

Picking the ideal clipper plays an essential role in making sure that the process goes right. There is a range of feline clippers on the market that are designed to cut as well as trim a pet cat’s nails efficiently.

In the absence of sharp blades, you can forget about effectiveness, and also precision. You run the risk of breaking your cat’s claws, which is not an advantage for your kitty.

The very best nail clippers for cats are generally come with durable stainless-steel blades. This makes them last practically a whole lifetime and also lowers the necessity to go and buy a new one from time to time.

Best cat nail clippers

A good clipper for a cat’s nails ought to be easy to use. This implies it must fit to be held as well as to operate. This clipper should fit in hand correctly; it should not be heavy and have a non-slip grip.

They should also have enough safety features. Nail clippers with locking blades are the best considering that they protect against accidents also when the clipper is not being used and prevent the blades from being blunted while kept.

Tips for Clipping Your Cat’s Nails

While cutting your own nails is a quite straightforward procedure, it’s a bit different when you’re helping your fuzzy friend. You do not need to take your friend to the vet to cut their claws. You need a couple of tips to guarantee you do it right. So below are they:

  • Make sure the room is provided with adequate lighting. You need to be able to see rather well to ensure your pet cat is comfortable, and you’re clipping in the optimal length.
  • Give your pet cat treats and award during and also after the clipping. You require to make the situation fun, or your feline will be afraid of the procedure the next time.
  • Always keep the clipper blades alongside the cat’s nail while cutting.
  • Cutting your pet cat’s claws every 3-5 weeks is preferable.
  • Never squeeze your feline’s paws. This will hurt them a lot, and they won’t want to get their nails cut once more.

You can take your cat to the vet and have their nails cut there. However, there’s no reason to pay a hefty sum for that. Get one of the very best pairs of nail clippers for your pet. After the first couple of times, you’ll discover clipping a cat’s nails isn’t all that tough. And also, your furry pal will thank you!

The Consequences of Long Nails on Cats

We’ve heard many times that clipping pet cat nails is a bad decision. Some people state that our furballs who live inside all the time still require their claws for when they go hunting. If this is your opinion, then perhaps you don’t need a set of clippers for your cat. However, we strongly disagree.

In case your pet cats live inside with you, they are not compelled to hunt for food outside. Therefore, we choose to cut their nails. Not only does it help to keep your house in better shape (much less scratching!), but disordered nails can cause troubles for your family pet.

Cat’s feet

Overgrown nails can create a cat pain while walking daily. If you wait till your animal has problems walking due to nails, then cutting them can be difficult, as they can be aching to touch. Your furry friend won’t be happy with you!

If your pet cat suffers from discomfort while walking due to long nails, then it might create a strange walk and lousy pose. This will eventually finish with lots of pain, as well as the possibility of a high vet bill for you.


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