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The 10 Best Professional Barber Clippers for Fades and Tapers (Reviews)

To choose the best barber clippers for fades, first, you need to take into account many factors and goals of purchase. What do you want to get out of the bargain? Think about a model, a color, and some other details. Shall we start?


1. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro

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The Elite Pro is the best Wahl clipper for fades because Wahl has built the most powerful and durable motor right into this haircutting set. Its motor is 15% more effective than conventional Powerdrive high-quality electric motor. Although the electric motor design wasn’t clearly defined, we believe it’s the V9000 as it works similarly to some expert clipper motors around.

This corded device features stainless steel self-sharpening blades. Blades of this type can maintain its immaculate condition longer than the competitors. The cutting blade is primarily made of two opposing blades that are rubbed together when you activate the clipper.

This clipper features 10 Secure-Fit guide combs in different sizes from 1/16 to 1 inch to provide you smooth and very easy haircutting. The combs are made with stainless steel add-on clips that increase efficiency by 70% in comparison with existing Wahl guide combs.

You can quickly determine the combs size because the nameplates are published beforehand.

The Elite Pro is among the most effective clippers for cutting your hair since it has nearly everything you require. It includes a clipper blade guard, large guide comb, and also blade oil. It additionally comes with an 8-foot heavy-duty cord, and an optimal storage case to keep all the accessories in place. It’s a complete set for your DIY cut!

Features of this model:

  1. It has a powerful and dependable motor.
  2. Includes ½ and 1-½ guards for flexibility.
  3. Cuts hair effortlessly without the snag.
  4. Adjustable taper lever.
  5. It comes with additional accessories.
  6. It doesn’t get hot quickly.
  7. It is equipped with a heavy-duty cord.
  8. A bit heavy.
  9. No tapered ear attachments.
  10. It’s quite noisy.

2. Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510

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The Oster Fast Feed is a smooth, adjustable-blade clipper that’s quiet and also effective. It has a powerful silent pivot motor, which can cut through various types and structures. It works on thick, wet, or dry hair.

This is among the very best male hair clipper out there if you discuss durability. It features a sturdy case that seems to stand for several years of work. It can truly boast of its textured easy-grip housing which offers comfort when holding the clipper.

The Oster Fast Feed is constructed with an 8-foot power cord, which is the best size for a hassle-free corded cutting procedure. It uses only three guide combs (1/4 inch -⅜ inch – 1/2 inch) for blending, which we assume is a bit not enough although you can purchase some more to augment the efficiency. It also includes a blade guard, oil, and a cleansing brush for maintenance.

One of the hair clipper’s advantages is its blade top quality. The blade is made of stainless steel, which seems to endure a long period of time. The size of the adjustable blade goes from # 000 to # 1.

Features of this model:

  1. It has a durable housing and blade.
  2. Works on both dry and wet hair.
  3. Runs on a powerful motor.
  4. Easy to grip.
  5. Cuts smoothly and quietly.
  6. The plastic clips fit securely.
  7. Insufficient number of guide combs.
  8. The blade gets hot quickly.
  9. The on/off switch is a bit awkward.

3. Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip

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The 5-Star Magic Clip is among the most effective expert clippers for fades out there. The hair clipper is a prime choice for barbers and stylists who want to acquire an accurate efficiency that experts look to. It weights around 1 lb, which is not that large for an expert clipper.

The Magic Clip features high accuracy zero-overlap blades to give precision and excellent speed. The bare blade is sharp; however, it’s a little bulky to walk around the neck and ears. It can cut buttery smooth and will not heat excessively for virtually 25 minutes.

This trendy hair clipper operates on a powerful V9000 motor that provides 50% more power than standard clipper motors. No demand to change the blades. This unit includes an adjustable lever that allows you to change the taper and also texture comfortably.

This bundle of features in the device is completed with 8 accessory combs (1/16 inch to 1 inch), a red blade guard, and oil. It additionally comes with an 8-foot cord that’s immune from chemicals making it last for an extended time.

Features of this model:

  1. The motor is pretty powerful.
  2. Looks dependable and professional.
  3. Comfortable to hold.
  4. It’s quite easy to clean.
  5. It comes with a beautiful set of attachments.
  6. Equipped with zero-overlap adjustable blade.
  7. Suits for all types of hair.
  8. The motor hums loudly.
  9. May rust after several months.
  10. The guards won’t stay in place.

4. Wahl Professional Super Taper II

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Super Taper II is one of the most effective clippers for fades and tapers in the commercial grade line of Wahl Professional. It is aimed mainly for cutting thicker hair, which makes it suitable for multicultural users. This one weights around 1 pound, so it would take some adaptation when you switched from a cheaper device to this professional hair clipper.

This clipper utilizes V5000 electric motor to execute sturdy cutting for tapers and fades. Compared to standard electromagnetic clippers, the V5000 operates much faster. Nonetheless, it seems to be weaker than the V9000, so you need to oil the motor frequently.

Apart from its top-quality functions, this clipper has excellent aesthetic appeals. It comes with eight color coded combs (from ⅛ inch to 1 inch) that makes it easier to differentiate the size that you want. This clipper additionally features a blade guard, oil, and also a cleaning brush for upkeep.

Like all the other models in the Wahl clippers line, the Super Taper II attributes sharp blades. They’re so durable that they cut through the thickest hair without any lag. There’s a lever that you can use for bringing the blades closer if you want to make a shorter cut.

Features of this model:

  1. Cuts through even the thickest hair.
  2. Remains relatively cool.
  3. The colored combs make selection easier.
  4. It has an excellent ergonomic design.
  5. Equipped with a heavy-duty cord.
  6. Feels durable and reliable.
  7. Produces strong vibration.
  8. It tends to get slightly noisy.
  9. The power is a bit weaker than V9000.

5. Wahl Professional Designer Clipper

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The Wahl Designer Clipper is an expert-level clipper with continuous power for reliable efficiency in the hair salon. It is developed with an adjustable taper lever to blend as well as fade easily. This clipper is able to cut both wet and dry hair and is appropriate for professional barbers and stylists.

The best attribute of this clipper is the ergonomic design, which brings comfort and control. It’s outfitted with a round 8-foot cable to keep it from tangling when in operation. The total kit of items consists of six accessory combs, cleaning brush, and oil.

The Designer Clipper is equipped with a V5000 electromagnetic motor, fairly a powerful electric motor if you’d ask us! The blades have a near-zero overlap to offer an excellent cutting. These blades can last for a long time with proper oil lubrication after each usage.

Features of this model:

  1. Gives a good grip.
  2. Feels stable and durable.
  3. Good ergonomic design.
  4. Fades easily.
  5. Has an adjustable lever.
  6. Equipped with sharp blades.
  7. Won’t pull hair.
  8. Less powerful than V9000.
  9. Operates rather loudly.
  10. It may get too hot quickly.

6. Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer

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The Andis T-Outliner is great for complex outlining as well as fading. It is constructed with a close-cutting T-Blade and fine-cutting teeth to obtain a good fade hairstyle. The shape is contoured to fit in your hand for perfect comfort.

The T-Outliner is equipped with a powerful magnetic motor that operates at unbelievably high speed. It is designed with precision to run silently and smoothly. This makes the clipper optimal for high quality hair cutting.

The blade is made of top-notch carbon steel, which is very reliable. It can be zero-gapped that can provide the closest shave possible. It can also create tight curves and irregular shapes with smooth lines.

The clipper features a sturdy 8-foot cord to give a big space to operate in the salon or at your home. You can also find here a 12-month warranty for your comfort. Nonetheless, it comes without any devices, and the housing can get hot to touch at times.

Features of this model:

  1. This clipper runs quietly.
  2. Gives a close cut.
  3. It offers a 12-month warranty.
  4. Great contoured housing.
  5. It is equipped with sharp blades.
  6. Also suitable for beard shaving.
  7. It doesn’t have any accessories.
  8. It can get too hot quickly.
  9. The blades are a bit brittle.

7. Andis Master Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper

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The Master Hair Clipper is a functional model for outlining and fading. It’s geared up with a magnetic motor that boasts of true power and amazing high speed. In general, the motor runs at 14,000 strokes per min.

The blades are possible to change from 000 to 1 in one movement, offering you as close shave as you want. There’s a button on the side, which is convenient to gain access to just with one hand. The disadvantage is it doesn’t use any devices like other clippers on this list, but it has a higher degree of quality and cutting speed.

This hair clipper is among the most durable models in the marketplace. It features a long-lasting, lightweight aluminum housing, which could be a little bit heavy if you’re going to utilize it for a prolonged period. The blade itself is made of carbon steel, which is quite sharp. With the correct treatment and upkeep, the blades can stay sharp much longer.

To preserve the intensity of the blades, you should oil them after 3-5 cuttings. Many people complain of loud humming noise when they initially used the clipper. To minimize the noise, adjust the screws on the clipper.

Features of this model: 

  1. Has a durable aluminum housing.
  2. It is equipped with an adjustable blade.
  3. Runs quietly with proper screw adjustment.
  4. Excellent for fading and tapering.
  5. Easy to use.
  6. It has incredible speed and power.
  7. There are no any accessories at all.
  8. It’s a bit heavy and bulky.
  9. The blade can rust.

8. Conair Lithium Ion Cord/Cordless 20pc. Professional Clipper

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One of the most lightweight expert clippers on the marketplace belongs to Conair. The Conair Cord/Cordless Professional Clipper weighs 4 ounces, or 1/4 pound. It’s a 20-piece package that consists of the following accessories: 10 guide combs, scissors, comb, cleaning up brush, oil, clips, barber cape, blade guard, and also a storage case.

Conair utilizes professional stainless steel blade modern technology. The blades are set at a specific angle that makes cutting easy for all kinds of hair. You can fine-tune this procedure even more with the taper lever.

A significant problem when using clippers that operate in both cord and cordless modes is that they often underperform when switched to the cordless setting. Remarkably, this isn’t the situation with the Conair Professional Clipper. This system shows no big difference between corded or cordless usage.

Nonetheless, the clipper hardly uses a lot of power as time passes. When new, the lithium battery provides 75 mins of cordless power if you charged it for 3 hours. You can quickly charge the system for 15 minutes and appreciate cordless use for 15 mins too.

Features of this model:

  1. It comes with a generous amount of accessories.
  2. A storage case is included.
  3. It’s super lightweight.
  4. Gives a firm grip.
  5. Has corded or cordless options.
  6. It has reasonable taper lever.
  7. It charges quickly.
  8. It has a short battery life.
  9. It can run very loud.
  10. The unit tends to get too hot to touch.

9. Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip

best barber clippers for fades

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If you’re an expert barber or hairstylist, the 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip could make it to your shopping list! This cordless clipper is made for expert users and provides optimum efficiency. It’s developed with a lithium-ion battery to use cordless operation for no longer than 90 mins per charge. This Wahl item is likewise taken into consideration as one of the most effective barber clippers and trimmers offered in the market.

The Magic Clip is built with high precision 2161 blades that give exceptional speed and ease. It uses a zero-overlap blade to make precise cutting even on curly hair. It includes a taper lever to blend and also fade conveniently, making it one of the best clippers for fading.

Wahl set up a rotary motor right into this unit. The most powerful clippers on the market typically use this kind of electric motor. It’s more powerful and runs easier than the standard electromagnetic clipper motors.

For your comfort, the Magic Clip gathered all necessary accessories, including cleansing brush, recharging transformer, and also oil to keep the blade sharp. This cordless clipper provides eight add-on combs from ⅛ inch to 1 inch.

Features of this model:

  1. It has a powerful motor.
  2. Suitable for textured cuts.
  3. Has long cordless running time.
  4. It’s incredibly versatile.
  5. Runs cool.
  6. Features a lightweight design.
  7. Creates well-blended fades.
  8. Slightly expensive.
  9. A bit noisy.
  10. Blades may rust after several months.

10. WARMLIFE Cord/Cordless Hair Clippers

best barber clippers for fades

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WARMLIFE is another one of the best barber clippers for fades on our list. It comes with six add-on combs (from 3mm to 15mm) and also five free designs to match any hair density. This makes fading and blending very easy.

The hair clipper is constructed with a green lithium-ion battery that works for about four hours. It can function either corded or cordless, depending on your choice. The cordless alternative makes it practical and also risk-free to use when cutting wet hair.

The blade is made of titanium, making it long-lasting and also anti-corrosive. The ceramic movable blade is antibacterial and also anti-allergy, making it much more reliable and secure for children’s skin. The blade has an R-shaped obtuse angle to protect your skin from any accidental injury.

The rotary electric motor of this hair clipper is rather strong. The clipper can cut smoothly with no pinching or pulling.

Features of this model:

  1. Safe to use on kids.
  2. Gentle to the skin.
  3. Runs fairly quiet.
  4. Powerful rotary motor.
  5. Compact and lightweight design.
  6. It has a low price.
  7. The blades get blunt quickly.
  8. Comb attachments don’t lock into place.
  9. It heats quickly.


How to Choose the Best Clippers for Fades and Tapers?

Hair clippers can look the same, but they feature different attributes and functions. When searching for the very best fade clipper that meets your demands, you must take into consideration these points:


Like with any other purchase, you should think about your spending plan. You don’t want to obtain something that strains the wallet, or else you might go broke. Choose a product that you can afford but never sacrifice quality.

Generally, the clippers are quite expensive. They set you back around $50 to $100 or even more. In our evaluations, everything in this list costs below $100.

Grip and Weight

The precision of fades and tapers considerably relies on your ability to operate the clipper with complete control. It can be tiring to hold it for a long time. To decrease the fatigue and pressure from your hands, keep in mind the grip and the weight of the device.

Search for an ergonomic design that gives an excellent firm grip. The clipper shouldn’t be too hefty; otherwise, it would be exhausting for your wrists. The majority of the clippers listed above weight around one pound.

Accessory Combs

Getting that perfect fade takes a lot of work. You need a clipper that uses combs of different sizes so you can create various ranges of fades. For versatility, look for additional comb attachments.

The most effective clippers offer not less than ten comb attachments from 1/16 inch to 1 inch. The high quality of the add-ons also matters. Search for those that are made of durable materials and stay firmly on the blade.

The Blade

If the clipper of your choice does not have extra comb attachments, see to it that it has at least a flexible blade. This type of blade can cut through coarse or fine hair.

The blade needs to have no gapping so you can get a close shave.

The blade can be made of different materials, like titanium, stainless steel, or carbon steel. Titanium isn’t as hard as steel. Carbon steel is the hardest; however, it can cause corrosion when it interacts with other components. Stainless steel is the most effective option because it is as hard as carbon steel and won’t lead to corrosion.

A remarkable challenge of clippers is to sharpen the blade regularly enough to keep it sharp. If you want to avoid this problem, search for a hair clipper with self-sharpening blades. The price of the clipper may be somewhat higher, but it’s worth the cost.

Motor Type

When choosing the very best hair clipper, one of the essential things to pay attention to is the motor type. Hair clippers commonly can be found in different electric motor types: rotary, electromagnetic, and pivot.

Rotary electric motors have great power. They provide stable energy as well as blade speed. They work well for a variety of cuts and run easier than the electromagnetic electric motors.

The electromagnetic or magnetic motors boast of a faster blade speed which makes them suitable for high quality hair cutting. They run quieter and also last longer than the rotary motors due to fewer moving components. They also take in much less power than other motor types.

Pivot electric motors are perfect for thick hair, either wet or dry. They have high power with lower blade speed.

What Is Zero-Gap in Clippers?

Zero-gap means getting the cutting blade closer to the top edge of the set blade or comb. The space between the blades can reach 0.2 mm. This gives you sharper lines and also allows you to get closer to the scalp.

What Type of Accessories Should I Look for?

Many hair clippers supply a lot of accessories, including cleaning brushes, a blade guard, and comb attachments. It would certainly be nice to have a storage case so you can keep every little thing in place.

Should I Replace the Blades?

Unless your hair clipper has self-sharpening blades, from time to time you need to replace the blades. Change the blades if they’re becoming blunt. To prolong the life of the blades, apply oil after 2-3 usages.


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