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The 10 Best Vacuum Hair Clippers (Reviews)

Cutting or trimming your hair is a great way to give yourself more self-sufficiency. It shouldn’t come with the spreading of hair around your house, however. This is why so many people choose vacuum hair clippers over the standard ones.

Vacuum hair clippers can save you a lot of effort, considering that you will not have to clean up after a cutting session. As a result, you save a great deal of time as well. This combination makes vacuum clippers exceptional devices for hectic people.

However, no matter how cool these tools are, you should not purchase one without a proper study. Sadly, busy individuals also do not have enough time to examine all available options thoroughly. This overview exists just for such people. It consists of every little thing you need to learn about vacuum clippers.

Still, if you feel that you do not have time enough for even that, you have the alternative to skip straight to our evaluations of the 10 best vacuum hair clippers available out there today.


What’s the Difference between Vacuum Hair Clippers and Vacuum Hair Trimmers?

When you start thinking about vacuum clippers, you’ll soon encounter vacuum trimmers. These two gadgets, while comparable, have different purposes.

Vacuum hair clippers are designed to cut long hair while vacuum trimmers are meant to trim already short hair. In practice, this suggests typically that clippers aren’t great for close cuts, while trimmers can not handle a lot of hair.

The idea is that you shouldn’t get vacuum hair clippers if you intend to shave off all your hair and even if you want a short cut. Likewise, while your trimmers will undoubtedly succeed with a standard size beard, they will not be a priceless addition to Santa Claus’s bathroom cabinet.

Regardless of this technical distinction, manufacturers are tending to keep up with the market and its particular demands, namely the need to be able to do both – cut close and also work on long hair. This is why many modern vacuum hair clippers include trimming add-ons made to handle close cuts.

How Should You Choose a Vacuum Hair Clipper?

Vacuum hair clippers of today are relatively multifunctional and possess numerous cutting edge attributes. It can be rather frustrating to attempt to sort through their multiple functions. Here are a few elements you need to think about while deciding between various vacuum hair clippers.

Vacuum Function

Two brand names dominate the vacuum hair clipper category – Wahl and Remington – , and they have different approaches to the vacuum feature.

Wahl hair clippers do not have integrated vacuuming ability, but using a vacuum conversion kit can turn the majority of their models right into vacuum hair clippers. In most cases, this means attaching the clippers to your home vacuum cleaner. This gives you a lot of suction power along with more waste collection capacity than you’ll ever need.

Remington, on the other hand, features built-in vacuum function. This implies that the collection chamber and the suction fan are both parts of the same device. This diminishes the trouble of using the hose; however, it also minimizes the quantity of hair you can gather at one go. You might even need to empty the chamber in the middle of your session.

Blade Quality

Even though motors are essential, it is the blades that determine the effectiveness of cutting and also resilience of the clippers.

You’ll find clippers with stainless steel blades and titanium-coated stainless steel blades. Both are fine, yet titanium coating provides more durability not just for the blades but also for their edges.

You’ll also need to think if you’re okay with oiling the blades before every cutting session. The majority of well-known devices require their blades to be oiled, which is why most of them include a bottle of oil. Regular oiling helps to preserve the blades and their edges as well. A few hair clippers will not need oiling; however, this means that their cutting effectiveness will be reduced with time.


It is also a good idea to think about add-ons, guards, and other various accessories. You’ll need to consider your specific demands and then inspect if the given additional features are enough to meet them.

As an example, professional or salon class hair clippers won’t have as many guide combs and other tools since barbers prefer not to have separate add-on sets. Likewise, clippers made mainly for home use may not have a taper or modification lever because that is primarily a professional demand.

REMINGTON: 3 Models of Vacuum Hair Clippers

REMINGTON: Comparison Table

Make and ModelVacuum FunctionNo. of PiecesProduct DimensionsWeight
Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut KitInbuilt183.1 x 7.2 x 10.5 inches1.6 pounds
Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut KitInbuilt189.9 x 7 x 2.5 inches1.6 pounds
Remington VPG6530 Lithium Power Series 4 In 1 Vacuum TrimmerInbuilt103 x 8.1 x 4.3 inches1 pound

1. Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit

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While Wahl products almost always feature external vacuum conversion kits, Remington consistently supplies built-in vacuum functionality. The Remington HKVAC2000A is among its most admired models.

It not just uses built-in vacuum ability but also boasts an extra-large collection chamber. Its overall suction power is excellent as well. This is a dual motor gadget whose motors serve both for cutting and suction effectiveness.

Cutting efficiency is supported by precision-ground stainless steel blades, yet they still need regular oiling, that is, before every session to be truly reliable. The blades are easy to clean too.

This is an 18 piece set with six various guide combs. It doesn’t have a built-in adjustment taper lever; however, it does feature tapering attachments. Bear in mind that the tapering add-ons are tough to use and also not very effective.

In regards to usability, this tool is known as just one of the lightest on the market. What makes it easy to use is its ergonomic hold. At the same time, this is a corded clipper that many of you may not like.

It looks rather attractive, however, with its sturdy plastic housing. The collection chamber is translucent with a beautiful ocean blue color. The device, after all, can be bought in two color combinations – black-blue and white-gray.

The HKVAC2000A is an excellent choice for this money with its affordable price. It is among the best budget alternatives around.

Who is it for If you want an easy to use and wallet-friendly hair clipper with integrated vacuum ability, go for this one from Remington.

Features of this model:

  1. Affordable price
  2. Stainless steel precision blades
  3. Comes with tapering attachments
  4. Separate motors for cutting and vacuum
  5. Good suction efficiency
  6. 18 piece kit
  7. Lightweight device
  8. A cord is 9 feet long
  9. Comes in two attractive colors
  10. Tapering attachments are not flawless

2. Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit

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The Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit is exceptionally well received and rightly so. It is just one of the best cordless vacuum hair clippers offered on the market now simply because it is such an all-round device.

Even though it was launched back in 2015, it still manages to meet and surpass expectations of even the most experienced customers. As an example, it has one of the largest hair collection chambers in the category.

This allows it to handle even heavy hair cutting. At the same time, it has a high power as well. This is truly a rarity with cordless vacuum hair clippers.

Its powerful electric motor does double duty. The first is that it ensures clean cuts without pulling hair, and the second is that it takes care of capturing approximately 90 percent of the cut hair.

Its cutting effectiveness is helped by its blades too. It has titanium-coated steel blades that deliver exceptional cuts without requiring a great deal of power. With its strong motor, you would expect this tool to be somewhat noisy, yet it isn’t. It is a relatively quiet tool that will not frighten your children with its buzzing.

Since it is a cordless device, its operation time is essential. This gadget can hold 60 minutes continuously without requiring a charge. It charges quickly as well, it takes only about 4 hours.

This product is both portable and easy to use. It is rather lightweight and also can be used all over the globe because it supports both the American 110V and even European 220V power systems.

It is a package that contains 18 pieces, making it extremely versatile. The package includes every little thing from barber scissors to 11 add-on guards. Add to this the fact that it has an exceptional ergonomic design due to which you have an incredibly straightforward device.

It isn’t difficult to clean. You can use the offered cleaning brush or rinse the blades in water before keeping them away in the included bag. What’s more, its black and ocean blue color mix provides it an eye-catching appearance.

Nevertheless, there are two areas where this gadget has weak points. The first is that the price of the clipper is rather high. This disadvantage is also hard to swallow because it isn’t extremely sturdy. Frankly speaking, it can be described as fragile.

Features of this model:

  1. Corded and cordless device
  2. 1 hour cordless run time
  3. Titanium-coated steel blades
  4. Good suction efficiency
  5. The large hair collection chamber
  6. 18 piece kit
  7. Lightweight device
  8. Blades need to be oiled
  9. Doesn’t have a tapering lever
  10. Heavy device

3. Remington VPG6530 Lithium Power Series 4-in-1 Vacuum Trimmer

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Remington designed the VPG6530 for the customers who are always on the go. This is the excellent companion for clients who pack their suitcases and spend a great deal of their lives traveling.

This is a 4-in-1 device. It serves as a hair clipper, a nose and ear hair trimmer, a foil shaver, and a detail trimmer. While it is not a typical clipper and even more of a trimmer, this tool can be used for cutting medium size hair. It includes four attachment combs, and its adjustable settings vary from 2mm to 16mm.

With its inbuilt adjustable settings and attachment combs, the gadget is quite capable of dealing with standard size hair; however, if you have much longer, curlier, coarser, or thicker hair, note that this gadget isn’t for you.

While its greatest feature is the ability to offer four different functions, what makes it particularly alluring is that it is very travel-friendly. You can take this product as the gold standard of what a travel-friendly item should look like.

First of all, this is a cordless tool that can operate for 60 minutes without needing a charge. Additionally, it does not take too long to charge. It also has a very convenient LED charging indicator.

It is an extremely lightweight gadget as well. It is probably the lightest device in its product group. It is greatly suitable to deal with in all the traveling that you’d take it with. However, you may face some troubles with how to pack its attachments. While the clipper is sturdy, the attachments appear fragile.

Finally, it is a dual voltage device. This means that you can utilize it in North America and also Europe, Asia, and Africa. All these top qualities make this item immensely easy to use, and also to maintain. The thing is it could’ve had an ergonomic design as it is a bit heavy to hold for an extended amount of time.

Besides, it has a relatively powerful motor. The power helps it cut and also suck hair efficiently. The drawback of this motor is that it creates a great deal of noise. It may be rather irritating if you have a person with you.

Its self-sharpening stainless steel precision blades provide the cutting efficiency. The captured hair relocates right into a detachable collection chamber. The chamber is very easy to remove and even more comfortable to cleanse.

At first sight, this device looks as a very expensive one to you; however, that is so until you think that it is four devices in one. If you look at it this way, it appears almost budget.

Features of this model:

  1. Self-sharpening stainless steel precision blades
  2. Comes with adjustable attachment combs
  3. Good suction efficiency
  4. 10 piece kit
  5. Very travel-friendly device
  6. Extremely lightweight
  7. Charges very fast
  8. 1 hour cordless run time
  9. Easy to clean detachable clipping guard
  10. Not great for very thick, coarse, curly, and long hair

WAHL: 7 Models of Vacuum Hair Clippers

WAHL: Comparison Table

Make and ModelVacuum FunctionNo. of PiecesProduct DimensionsWeight
Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro Hair Clipper #79524-2501External249 x 2.4 x 1.8 inches1.8 pounds
Wahl Clipper Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Haircutting Kit #79434External217.7 x 11.2 x 3.4 inches2 pounds
Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit #79602External203 x 9 x 10 inches2.7 pounds
Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Haircutting Kit #79467External227.7 x 11.2 x 3.4 inches1.8 pounds
Wahl Professional Senior Clipper #8501External72.5 x 2 x 7 inches1.3 pounds
Wahl Professional Vacuum Clipper #8566Inbuilt107.8 x 3.8 x 10 inches2 pounds

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148

External207.7 x 11.2 x 3.4 inches1.8 pounds

1. Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro Hair Clipper #79524-2501

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This is the most advanced hair clipper package on our list and it is among one of the most reputable on the market. It consists of 24 pieces including the clipper as well as blade guard, 13 attachment guards, combs, scissors, items for upkeep, and even a cape.

The build quality of the add-ons, nonetheless, might’ve been far better. The cape seems to be made of the same kind of plastic that garbage bags are. Even more, the scissors included are not so sharp too.

The variety of attachment guards makes this device versatile, but the clippers operating depends a lot more on the blades and the electric motor. These perform well, though.

The blades of the clipper are self-sharpening precision ground, which means that they’re very accurate and don’t pull hair too much. It also means that they preserve their sharpness longer.

On the flip side, this suggests that the clipper can’t be used straight out of the package. You’ll have to attach and oil the blades initially. Besides, these clippers are suggested for the skilled user rather than a first-timer. If nothing else, the presence of an adjustable taper lever shows that.

This item is based on Wahl’s Powerdrive durable clipper electric motor. Therefore, it is not short on power and also can manage very coarse, thick, and curly hair easily.

The gadget is ergonomic and has a comfortable grip. It looks not bad either with a fancy chrome surface. It could’ve had a longer cord, however. The given cable is only 7 inches long. In addition to this, the clipper is quite a heavy one.

The biggest flaw, however, is the fact that it doesn’t have an inbuilt vacuuming function. You’ll need to buy a vacuum conversion kit to turn this hair clipper into a vacuum one. With all the equipment, these clippers are an exceptional buy.

Features of this model:

  1. Self-sharpening precision blades
  2. Inbuilt taper lever
  3. Powerdrive heavy-duty clipper motor
  4. 24 piece kit
  5. Fairly light device
  6. Needs an external vacuum conversion kit
  7. Blades need to be aligned
  8. Blades need to be oiled
  9. The cord could’ve been longer
  10. Build quality could’ve been better

2. Wahl Clipper Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Haircutting Kit #79434

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This is the most up-to-date model from Wahl, given that it was released in 2018. So, it is a modern tool developed mainly for home-usage. It is designed to be as easy to use as possible.

Bear in mind the fact that this device can be both cordless and corded. The cord is used for charging the clipper, but you can utilize it corded if you don’t have time to wait. However, this gadget is unique with its cordless performance.

It has a surprisingly long battery life and can run for 60 minutes non-stop on a complete charge. This is great because a skilled specialist can get three to four sessions within that time.

At the same time, it does take a long time to charge it totally. Further, its charging indicator can be complicated. It starts to indicate but remains this way also when the tool reaches a complete charge. It neither shuts off, nor changes its color.

Like all cordless devices, this set isn’t as powerful as the completely corded gadgets around. This means that if you attempt to speed up your cut, you’ll end up pinching and pulling your hair out instead of clipping it. This is despite its stainless steel precision blades.

Additionally, like all battery-operated devices, this set is also much heavier and bulkier than it could be. This can hinder you from using it as you’ll discover your arms tired more quickly than expected. At the same time, this is a dual voltage device that suggests that it is ideal for globetrotters.

This tool isn’t meant for experienced users since it does not have an adjustable taper lever. Moreover, it includes 12 attachment guards. They may appear lightweight to you if you’re a skilled professional.

This clipper is rather easy to cleanse, which is a definite advantage. The whole clipping guard is removable, allowing you to upkeep it easily.

Features of this model:

  1. Corded and cordless device
  2. 1 hour cordless run time
  3. Stainless steel precision blades
  4. Dual voltage device
  5. Easy to clean detachable clipping guard
  6. Doesn’t have a taper lever
  7. Not as powerful as traditional corded clippers
  8. May pull hair if goes too fast
  9. Long charging time
  10. Charging status display could’ve been better

3. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit #79602

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Wahl presents this as their ideal haircut package for advanced home usage. According to the manufacturer, it has the finest electric motor, finest blades, and also finest guide combs.

Speaking about the motor, the clipper features an industrial power electric motor that has 15% more power than another best option from Wahl – Powerdrive electric motor. The extra power ensures that no hair is caught and pulled by the blades. However, all this power provides a lot of noise too!

Also, it has self-sharpening precision blades along with an adjustable taper lever. Apart from the top quality of the blades and taper lever, this hair clipper can handle many hair types. However, before you use the device, you will certainly need to adjust and oil the blades.

In regards to the guide combs, this set has something that none of the other ones have – stainless-steel clips for guide combs. It prolongs the life of the item since plastic attachment clips tend to lose their hardness gradually.

The fact that this one has steel attachment clips means that it is a very long-lasting device. The plastic that the guide combs are made of is also much stronger than the one you can meet in other combs. Even more, the guide combs have a big nameplate for simple identification.

This clipper has a heavy-duty industrial cord, which has a fairly huge length of 8 feet. It also features a 9-inch convenient plastic case for effortless transportation. It is rather hefty, though.

All of this shows that this is an expert level item. Let us mention, that even though this clipper can be utilized in the house, it will certainly require a particular level of ability from the user. You’ll also need to buy a vacuum conversion kit separately to transform this clipper right into a vacuum hair clipper.

Features of this model:

  1. Self-sharpening precision blades
  2. Inbuilt taper lever
  3. Industrial power motor
  4. 20 piece kit
  5. Secure-Fit guide combs with stainless steel clips
  6. 8 feet industrial heavy-duty cord
  7. Comes with a 9-inch premium plastic case
  8. Blades need to be aligned
  9. Blades need to be oiled
  10. May be too advanced for home use

4. Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Haircutting Kit #79467

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Usually, professional barber quality implies a lot of power along with a great deal of noise. With the Self-Cut Haircutting Kit # 79467, Wahl made a try to prevent this trouble. They’ve based this item at an ultra-quiet motor that also supplies expert level power.

Broadly speaking, they have done well, but that does not mean that this item is whisper-quiet. It still creates quite a bit of sound, just not as much as ordinary barber clippers.

The power it provides, however, shows that this clipper does not snag or pull hair. Another useful function is that it has self-sharpening, precision ground blades.

Along with 22 pieces in this set and the adjustable taper lever, it is an incredibly functional clipper that can meet a wide variety of requirements. The 22 items in the package include 12 attachment guards and also taper guards for the ears. The quality of all the add-ons and attachments might’ve been much better, though. As soon as you manage them, you may think them to be a little lightweight.

While this item isn’t compact, it is still more convenient than the majority of its counterparts. It is also a lightweight gadget and has an 8-inch sturdy cord.

As with the majority of Wahl hair clippers, you can give this one the vacuum ability by getting a conversion kit either from Wahl or a third party manufacturer.

Features of this model:

  1. Self-sharpening precision blades
  2. Inbuilt taper lever
  3. Ultra-max power Heavy Duty
  4. Fairly quiet device
  5. 22 piece kit
  6. 8-inch heavy-duty cord
  7. Lightweight device
  8. Needs an external vacuum conversion kit
  9. Sturdy device
  10. Build quality could’ve been better

5. Wahl Professional Senior Clipper #8501

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Not everyone can deal with hair clippers meant for professional use. However, those who can often tend to avoid the less advanced, underpowered hair clippers. If you’re such a person, the Wahl Professional Senior Clipper # 8501 is made just for you.

This is a barber class product that is meant for usage by experienced specialists. It is based at a potent electromagnetic V9000 motor that guarantees high power. There is no hair type or length that it can not handle.

An important thing is that you can regulate its power output. There is a power screw on the tool that can be tightened up or loosened with the help of a Phillips screwdriver. Once again, this is an expert performance, and it is seen mainly in salon class tools.

Even if you use this device on optimal speed, the motor does not heat up and can hold the most extensive usage. Beware, though. It can be rather loud at maximum level of power.

The motor is located inside a steel case that is hard and can go through rough conditions. You’ll hardly find hair clippers more resilient than this one.

This hair clipper is intended for the hectic barbers, which implies that it is ergonomically designed. It is surprisingly light and also compact. Its small size and light weight mean that it’s comfortable to handle it for a prolonged period of time.

This clipper is universal, since you have all the necessary attachments. The set consists of one of the most basic add-ons in the form of 6 attachment combs, a red blade guard, a cleansing brush, and a bottle of oil. The precise taper lever additionally boosts its convenience; however, a separate attachment kit will still do you great.

In case you are an expert, with this clipper you will undoubtedly have not only to attach the blades accordingly; also don’t forget to oil them before every session. This is the most significant problem. Its professional designation implies that it is not as simple for home usage as many other consumer-focused products.

One more substantial imperfection is that you’ll need to buy an external vacuum conversion kit to make it a vacuum hair clipper. This extra cost can be problematic because this clipper is quite an expensive one to start with.

Features of this model:

  1. Built for use by professionals and experienced hairstylists
  2. Inbuilt taper lever
  3. Professional level V9000 electromagnetic motor
  4. 8 feet industrial heavy-duty cord
  5. Extremely compact device
  6. Very lightweight device
  7. Can handle very thick, coarse, and curly hair
  8. Blades need to be aligned
  9. May be too advanced for home use
  10. It may be essential to buy extra guides for maximum versatility

6. Wahl Professional Vacuum Clipper #8566

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A barber class device is all about power; however, keeping that power, you’ll likewise get weight and also noise. Consequently, if you want an expert-level hair clipper, you have to resolve yourself to the fact.

If you’ve already done that, the Wahl Professional Vacuum Clipper # 8566 may be right in your wishlist. This clipper demonstrates true power. It is geared up by the manufacturer’s electromagnetic V9000 motor.

It is one of the most powerful hair clipper electric motors around now. This is why it can handle any haircutting task. It can manage unbelievably coarse, long, and thick hair easily without overheating.

The self-sharpening steel blades are also incredible. However, as with all professional-level clippers, you will undoubtedly need to adjust the blades right out of the package. You’d better oil them regularly as well.

The device also has a built-in flexible taper lever which is supported by six offered attachment combs. These contribute to this tool’s convenience. This clipper, though, can do much more than that. You can get the boosted performance if you have your own collection of barber add-ons.

Besides, this clipper happens to be the only professional-quality Wahl hair clipper that comes prepared for vacuum conversion. All you will need is a vacuum cleaner because the requisite hose and the double vacuum adapter are included to the package.

The hose isn’t ideal, though. It is not so sturdy and short. It also tangles very quickly, and you’ll have to spend a lot of time trying to straighten it out. At the same time you may discover that the cable is too short if you do not have the appropriate configuration at home. Considering that dislocation of the electric outlets is not really an issue for hair salons, the given cord is only 7 feet long.

Nevertheless, you can charge the clipper and then detach the cord. If you wish to attach it to a vacuum cleaner with the hose, you’ll need to do that anyway.

Its expert-level design suggests that it is not simple to use in your home. The tool is hefty and you may soon get tired if you’re using it on yourself. Such weight is due to its steel housing. Fortunately, you’re obtaining durability and hardness. The housing, however, is quite ergonomic and also very easy to grip.

The biggest problem with this product, apart from its need of a vacuum cleaner, is its expense. This is the most expensive device on this list. It would be difficult to find a more costly hair clipper anywhere. Still, as any skilled specialist would undoubtedly tell you, it worth its price.

Features of this model:

  1. Built for use by professionals and expert hairstylists
  2. Corded and cordless device
  3. Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  4. Professional level V9000 electromagnetic motor
  5. Long-lasting metal housing
  6. Can handle very thick, coarse, and curly hair
  7. May be too advanced for home use
  8. The provided hose is too flimsy and too short
  9. The cord could’ve been longer
  10. You may need to buy extra guides for maximum versatility

7. Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148

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The Wahl 5-Star Magic can produce precise blends and fades for any hairstyle. That’s due to the zero overlap blades and also the taper lever comfortably located on the device. You can expect this kind of convenience in a device for professionals only. It’s a great clipper for the home barber.

Wahl has been providing barbering devices for decades. In all the best salons and barber shops, this company has made its mark. It’s available for professionals, but amateurs will love it, too. The Magic is undoubtedly a 5-star clipper.



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