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Top 10 Celebrities With Thin Hair (Instagram Version: 2021)

We can learn a lot from these top 10 star hairstyles for fine hair! Most of us understand how challenging it can be to do hair up or perhaps get it to hold a styling for any amount of time. Why, after that, do celebrities make it look so simple? “Fine” refers to the size of the individual hairs, so it is possible to have thick or thin hair that is fine.

What do celebrities with fine hair have that you do not have? Nothing! Everything you need is a talented hairstylist that will undoubtedly select the suitable hairdo based on thickness and texture and apart from this matching your face shape. Should you have long hair? Short? What shade? Bangs or no bangs?

Below there are ten celebrities with fine hair. Although you may not have the resources they do, you can still learn something from stars about choosing the right hairstyle based upon your hair kind, face shape, and the amount of time you agree to spend with your hairdryer.

Gwyneth Paltrow


With thin hair that accompanies most natural blondes with straight hair, you generally see Gwyneth showing off hairdos that do not argue with her straight locks. Her hair looks best straightened or with loose waves just over the shoulder. Even a sleek styling works well with this hair kind. Straight hair would look beautiful; nonetheless, it doesn’t have to be let grown below the shoulders.

Cameron Diaz

Among the most gorgeous known celebrities with fine hair, this actress’s fine, generally multi-blonde hair looks fantastic short or long. Often she tucks her fair hair back to highlight the face perfectly. Also Cameron often appears with a slightly tousled hairstyle, which immediately makes hair look thicker. The layers on her ends help with this too. Also, different shades of blonde in her hair give it dimension and create the impression of having a great deal of hair. Suitable hairstyling products and accessories will definitely help you with this. Photo of Cameron Diaz from People.com

Zoe Saldana

This Dominican and Puerto-Rican beauty has little natural hair to deal with, yet you would certainly never understand it. She treats her fine hair with Moroccan oil therapy before sprinkling it with volumizing spray and styling with a hairdryer and a round brush. She finishes with a shine lotion. The lighter shades of brown add the volume and also make hair look luxuriant. Zoe Saldana

Michelle Monaghan

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The “Made of Honor” celebrity has fine hair in a refreshing, rich brown color that looks incredible in a short bob or long layers. Her hair is always really glossy, which you can do by brushing a shiny lotion on your hair before blow drying (don’t do this if your hair is thin, or it will certainly look oily). If your hair is thick, you can put the serum to the roots. If not, start spreading it on your hair starting from the ears level.

Kellie Pickler

Among the most prominent celebrity hairstyles for fine hair, Kellie’s thin hair always looks soft and put together. Hair of this fine and thin kind looks best when it is above the shoulders, as we have seen with the asymmetrical cut she showed off a couple of years ago or the short bob she has had just recently. These hairstyles often tend to hold very well with the appropriate products and make your hair look more abundant.

Michelle Pfeiffer

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If you have fine, thin hair like Michelle, the right hairstyle will make a world of difference. Keep hair over the shoulders with subtle layers that highlight the face and also cut layers in the back. Keep strands long as layers throughout will just make hair look even thinner. The key here is precise proportions! Root volumizer, or mousse, are necessary before blow drying, followed by subtle shine lotion used from ear level down and also put together with a volumizing hairspray.

Renee Zellweger

Probably one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood, Renee Zellweger is the star famous for not styling her beautiful hair. Her short bobs and face-framing layers are simple to achieve and make the appearance look very soft. With confidence and a big smile, anyone can wear this hairstyle. Short fine hair a ‘la Zellweger

Diane Keaton

This ageless Oscar nominee looks beautiful at all times. Her polished hairstyle stays pretty unchanged as her signature layered bob that will never be out of style. We like that it looks advanced, however needs minimal effort and means. This hairdo looks excellent on any face at any age! Perfectly stylish haircut from Diane Keaton

Winona Ryder

Her fine, dark hair, has seen both casual and classy hairdos for many years, and all have been suitable for thin hair. If you are excavating her posh pixie cuts from the ’90s, have your hair divided into any layers, spread wax through your fingers, and start picking out the strands before fixing them with hairspray. This will undoubtedly work on an incredibly short cut! If you like her more modern, stylish shoulder-length hairstyle, use mousse before blow-drying and finishing product.

Charlize Theron

This South African beauty is stunning enough that it doesn’t matter what her hair looks like. Thankfully, her hair is gorgeous also. Charlize’s hair is fine and thin, which can look excellent because it is simple to style; it’s merely holding the styling, that is the method! Apply mousse and spray to add volume, use a round brush while blow-drying, style, and fix it with a strong maximum hold hairspray.

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