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Types Of Scissors – Ultimate Guide For You 2021

Haircutting is a very responsible undertaking, and it is worth approaching it using the right tools. A beginner in hairdressing can be easily confused, because there are more and more different kinds and types of scissors in the modern market every day. In addition, it is not easy enough for a novice hairdresser to figure out which scissors to choose for a particular haircut. To make it easier for you to decide on your choice, in this article we have collected all the common types of hair clippers with an indication of exactly what they are designed for and which ones you should choose. You can find in this article both special scissors for professionals as well as for those who want to start cutting hair at home.


types of scissors

These scissors are easy to use and are the most recognizable cutting tool that you will easily find in any barbershop or beauty salon. They are fairly easy to use clippers that are used to shorten the length of your hair. They are also used for trimming. They are equally useful for both the hairdresser and the stylist. This tool is your very first purchase as a hairdresser. Many people start with them, so you should choose the model of these scissors responsibly.

They come in different shapes, lengths, and can be made in different styles. What they have in common is one important thing: they are perfectly placed in the hand and have a convenient ledge for your little finger to lean on.

What makes them different from other scissors is exactly how they cut your clients’ hair. These scissors can cut without bending the hair. They are enviable sharp and new scissors, and with proper care even older scissors, cut hair as if you were cutting butter instead of cutting it. They are very practical and suitable for blunt and straight cuts.

It is worth noting that today, manufacturers have begun to experiment with the format of these scissors. That is why they sometimes become similar to other types of scissors, and often the new scissors resonate with the other variants. However, we are going to talk to you about these variants a little later in this article.

Our top picks for haircutting shears:

  • St. Mege Haircutting Scissors
  • Equinox International Haircutting Shears
  • Utopia Care Tempered Haircutting Shears


type of scissors

You can texture your hair and remove excess volume with texturizing scissors. One-half of these scissors usually has teeth and the other half is a flat blade. There are many factors that determine whether you need to texture your hair or reduce its volume. And the different techniques of using texturizing scissors can help give your hair a more groomed look. Luckily, learning them isn’t difficult at all, and it won’t take you long.

Purchase classic texturizing scissors to texture your hair. These scissors are versatile and can take off up to 40-70% of your hair’s volume in a few quick cuts. They can be used to give your hair a more distinctive texture or to smooth out different levels of cut. These clippers typically have about 25 teeth.

Complement your tool collection with texturizing scissors with large teeth. If you have very thick hair, these scissors will be terrific helpers for you. Keep in mind that they are quite difficult to use, besides they can leave noticeable gaps in the hair, so they can be used only on very thick hair. These scissors can remove a large volume of hair at a time (up to 40-80%) and work with thicker hair than standard texture scissors can handle. Texturizing scissors with large teeth are especially good for curly hair that is difficult to cut with regular scissors. These scissors usually have about 7 to 15 teeth.

Remember that texturizing scissors are not suitable for removing length, and they are not a universal tool. You should only use it when you need to reduce the weight of the haircut or balance the cut.

Most texturizing clippers also have an adjustable handle, so you can adjust it to whatever degree of tension you are comfortable with.

Our top picks:

  • AKUTSU Salon Professional Texturizing Shears
  • TIJERAS 6” Barber Texturizing Shears
  • Dream Reach Salon Professional Texturizing Shears


types of scissors for hair

Swivel scissors are good in the sense that your hands are not strained as much while using them, and you take care of your wrists in the process. This is especially true for you if you have suffered a wrist injury. The other scissors have their thumb rests next to each other, but the swivel scissors have the hole where you put your thumb right on the blade. This allows you to work with them comfortably enough and without too much effort.

Many models of rotary scissors are equipped with special rings that can be removed and put on, it all depends on your own preference. You can also find scissors on the market that will allow you to relax and your little finger, thankfully there are a lot of models and it is easy enough to find the right scissors for individual work and according to your preferences. Swivel scissors can also be used for cutting, filing or texturing.

If you want to feel relieved and not have to strain so much while cutting, we advise you to choose them. Your hands are not particularly tired when using these scissors, allowing you to take quite a few clients for a haircut without too much effort or strain.

Our top picks:

  • Star scissors Professional Swivel Shears
  • Kissaki Gokatana 7.0 Swivel Shears
  • Smith Chu 6.0” Swivel Scissors


different types of scissors

The long blade scissors are similar to the ones we looked at first, but their blades are longer. This is necessary if you want to grab as much hair as possible at once when cutting, which gives a great opportunity to reduce the cutting time both in the beauty salon and in the barbershop. They average six to eight inches in length and are fairly common. It is also ideal for blunt cutting because it cuts off a lot at one time.

Although you can easily find such barber scissors types in beauty salons, it is hairdressers who have found the real popularity. Despite this, professional stylists are also skilled in the special technique of owning such scissors. Scissors with long blades are different in that they give you the opportunity to cut the hair in an even straight line, to prevent the beveling of the surface, which often gives short blades.

However, there is a disadvantage with these scissors – the size and weight. You may find them quite difficult to use, especially if you have recently suffered serious hand injuries. Among other things, if you have small hands, cutting hair with these scissors can be difficult.

Most models of long-blade scissors have a primitive, standard design.

Our top picks:

  • Equinox International 6.5” Haircutting Shears
  • ROUGH STACHE 6.5” Hair Scissors
  • SHARF Professional 7.5” Haircutting Shears


types of hair scissors

It is uncomfortable for left-handed people to work with types of hair scissors designed for right-handed people. It’s not even about some special adjustment of the scissor handles to the peculiarities of the right hand – not all scissors have such adjustment, many are quite symmetrical. It’s about the location of the blades relative to each other.

Right-handed” scissors have the upper blade on the right. We can go into physical and anatomical details explaining why it is uncomfortable for left-handed people to work with such scissors – but it is not even important. The important fact is that you cannot work effectively with right-handed scissors with your left hand.

Non-standard use of a non-left hand leads to rapid hand fatigue and therefore to a lower level of performance. That is why most well-known brands also produce devices for left-handed craftsmen, the difference being the position of the blades – the left one is located above the right one, and the thumb notch is at the bottom.

Our top picks:

  • Ruvanti Professional Left Handed Hair Scissors
  • Purple Dragon 6” Left Handed Scissors Set
  • Purple Dragon 8” Left Handed Scissors Set


barber scissors types

When choosing different types of scissors, it is important to consider a number of criteria.

  • Before choosing a product, it is important to have a clear idea of what haircuts it is purchased for. For example, scissors with small notches on the blades are used for men’s haircuts. They prevent the hair from sliding. Flat blades without knifes promote a gliding cut, which is more often used in women’s haircuts.
  • The material affects the service life and quality of the original sharpening. Metal used for hairdressing tools is high-carbon steel. Alloys with the addition of molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium are used to give the best strength parameters to the product. Nickel and chromium additives make the instruments wear-resistant and resistant to corrosion processes.
  • Proper sharpening is the key to productive and competent work. It is worth paying attention to the sharpening angle, which should be maintained between 38 and 50 degrees.
  • An important parameter is the shape of the scissors and the size of the cutting ends in length. Experienced craftsmen divide straight, surgical, saber-shaped, and ergonomic models by choosing the length of the blades depending on the specifics of the haircut. For many typical and uncomplicated haircuts, models with blades 5-5.5 inches long are suitable. For men’s haircuts and mascara, long blades are used, while scissors with short blades are useful for detailing.
  • The width of the fabrics varies. Wide ones are more suitable for sliding cuts, and narrow ones for stitching and precise cuts.
  • The comfort of use should provide long-term work without fatigue of the fingers and hands.
  • A number of products provide rubber pads in the rings, which are convenient to adapt to thin fingers, which contributes to the overall comfort of the work.
  • It is important to pay attention to the special finger rests. This device greatly facilitates work and reduces hand fatigue. Trying on a stop will not be superfluous. In a number of models, the stops are installed in removable versions.
  • The size of the teeth of the filing scissors varies. Thin and not very thick hair is cut with scissors with thin teeth, and thick curls – with thick teeth. It is better for a craftsman to have both options at his disposal.
  • Left-handed people should choose left-handed products. The difference is that the left-handed blade is placed under the right-handed one, and the thumb rest point is at the bottom. This makes the craftsman’s work much easier.
  • It is necessary to check the condition of the screw tightening. To check it:
  • take the product by one ring and point the blade corresponding to it upwards;
  • take the second ring with the other hand and pull it vertically upwards, almost 90 degrees;
  • Let go of the second ring, under its gravity the blades will be closed, and the degree of their closure will show the desired value. The distance between the clamping screw group of the product and the point of free clamping of the blades should be exactly half their length.
  • When selecting types of scissors for hair according to the material of manufacture, it is important to consider the type of steel grade. The best tool has a hardness index of 58-62 HRC. As the index increases, the performance of the product improves, but at the same time the brittleness of the product increases. Instruments plated with chrome and titanium are used for customers allergic to nickel-containing products. Gilding only gives the product an ornate appearance and does not have any other function.

No matter how perfect the product is, it may need special individual correction to suit the hand of the specialist. That is why it is worth choosing scissors with simple adjustment of stroke parameters and speed of blade clamping and unclamping. To do this, special plastic pads on the rings are used, which prevent slipping of the fingers and allow changing the size of the rings. Professionals are advised to buy expensive handmade products. As a rule, they are more perfect to work with.


scissors types

Can I cut my hair with regular scissors?

If you mean the scissors you usually buy for cutting paper, we don’t recommend it. We do not argue with the fact that they can cut your hair, shortening its length, but they destroy the ends and the hair itself is uneven. And if these problems haven’t changed your mind, here’s another reason: your hair will not cut well, you’ll try to cut in the same place several times, which will permanently ruin the overall picture. If you like to cut your own hair, then do not spare the money and buy at least the most common clippers for cutting.

Is it better to cut my hair: wet or dry?

Our tip: it’s better to cut hair wet, because then you can accurately comb each strand without much effort. That’s why professional hairdressers and stylists spray water on your hair before getting it cut. There are stylists who know the technique of cutting dry hair, but they are quite few, and it is difficult to meet a real master among them.

Can I cut my own hair on my own?

Cutting your own hair has many arguments for and against. It’s a cheap option to get your hair cut, but you won’t be able to provide the same great quality on your own as you would in a salon. Despite this, if you practice a little, you can easily learn to cut your own hair. You just need to pick the right tool for your needs. Be sure to choose well-sharpened scissors and look closely at the model features provided so that you can perfectly match them to your needs.

How many type of scissors does a hairdresser need to work with?

A hairdresser needs a set of professional scissors consisting of at least 5-6 pieces. Such a minimal set of hairdressing scissors is ideal for every craftsman working in a modern salon. It is designed for modern haircuts, which have become technologically more complicated than even a few years ago. Work with scissors from such a set covers all methods and ways of modern hair cuts. Of course, these scissors must also be used correctly, while not considering any of them to be universal.

Can blunt scissors ruin hair?

Cutting with blunt scissors produces an uneven hair cut with jagged edges. In this place the cuticle layer is already damaged. Then such hair just tends to split. Good hairdressing scissors are made of quality steel, which is long-lasting and holds the sharpening well. Thanks to this, the cut is formed fairly even without damaging the cuticle layer.


types of scissors

A professional tool is a complex mechanism, the operation of which is affected by many factors. Therefore, the care of scissors is very important, it will ensure a long service life.

  • Mechanical impacts and shocks should be avoided. Having dropped the product, you do not need to continue working with it – it can be put out of order, and the resulting defect will not be easy to fix. It is better to immediately contact a specialist, who will carefully check and fix everything. In most cases, service centers are able to provide the necessary assistance.
  • Regularly check the degree of pressing of the blades. Too pressed blades not only complicate the work, but also because of the increased friction lead to wear and tear mating surfaces. The same effect occurs with loose clamping screws when unwanted play is created between the blades. In this case, the clamping group fails, and with a seemingly soft stroke there is no possibility of making a correct cut.
  • To hold a tool correctly means to use it competently and to cut decently. For a correct grip you should:
  • Insert your ring finger into the lower ring;
  • Grasp the tool in the palm of your hand;
  • The thumb should rest on the ring and the tool should rest on the relaxed palm.


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